“Velveeta how is my baby girl doing? Grandma Gemma asked

Yeah a lot has happened within the years. Velveeta was able to secure a job as a maid in the house of the richest man in Germany Luther King who will be returning today after leaving the country for two years

Though she had never seen him before but they have spoken countless times and they become a great friend.

And of course not to forget, she had given birth to a baby girl which she named Veetannie”

HER BOSS SEASON 2. Thingscouplesdo

“Grandma Gemma, she is asleep” Velveeta answered with a smile

Grandma Gemma is the grandmother of Luther, she was the one who took Velveeta in despite knowing that she was pregnant.

“Grandma Gemma I hope Mr Luther will accept me and my baby

“Don’t worry Velveeta, Luther is a nice man, he wouldn’t mind” Gemma answered

” I hope so” Velveeta muttered


Few moments later six exotic cars drove into the big compound,

The cars parked at their front, the bodyguards which were twenty in numbers came out first and Velveeta gulped down nothing

Few bodyguards rushed to the car which was yet to be open and they opened it,

A man stepped out of the car majestically and Velveeta almost gasped out

“Wow? Velveeta gushed at the handsome sight she was seeing

Grandma Gemma smile as she saw him

“My grandson’ Grandma Gemma called and Luther smile

Grandma” Luther called and walked to her

“Grandma” he called and pulled the old woman into hug

“My grandson

They disengage from the hug and it was then Luther finally notice Velveeta

“You must be Velveeta right? Luther asked with a smile

“Yes,I am” Velveeta replied

Luther grinned before pulling her into hug,

“I finally get to see you, never knew you are this beautiful” Luther said as they disengage from the hug,

“Thanks, she replied shyly

“Call me Luther”!

“Huh?! She said in confusion

“I mean we are friends, but you never call me by my name”

” I_

They heard the cries of baby from inside”

“Please excuse me,” my daughter is awake”

“Ok, let’s go together” I wanna see how beautiful my daughter is”

“Ok as you wish” Velveeta laughed and they walked in together

Grandma Gemma watch them with smile on her face

“I just hope they continue like this, who knows they might end up together” she thought squealing like a kid.



Velveeta came out of her room with the crying Veetannie”

She has tried feeding her but she rejected the breastfeed

“What is wrong with her? Luther asked as he saw her crying

“I don’t know Luther,I have tried to feed her but she kept rejecting it

“Really? He asked and she nodded

“Then what could be wrong?” He asked and Veetannie cried out more loudly

Velveeta kept pacifying her but it seems the baby wasn’t ready to stop as her wailing increase

“Bring her, Luther said stretching out his hand

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah”, Luther answered and Velveeta gave the baby to him

Immediately the baby was given to Luther, the baby stopped crying

Everyone eyes widened in suprise including Luther

“Wow! Seems your daughter loves me Velveeta” Luther said with smile as he kept looking at Veetannie lovingly

“Yeah I think so, since she could stopped crying in your hands it means she likes you”

“That’s a great achievement, and sincerely Velveeta, your daughter is beautiful and cute just like you, Luther winked

“Are you trying to flirt with me? Velveeta asked dramatically

“Anyhow you call it darling” he winked again

“You are really, I just don’t know what to say, Velveeta rolled her eyes

“Hi Veetannie, am Luther, your new daddy” Luther said smiling at Veetannie who giggled in return

“Oh oh!! See you daughter accepted me ” Luther said looking at Velveeta

“In your dreams” Velveeta snapped playfully




Daddy! Daddy!! Six years old Veetannie ran to meet her father whom had just arrived from work

“My little d’vil” Luther said picking her up and she giggled happily

“How is my baby doing? Luther asked and pecked her two chubby cheeks…


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