By Mary Ann Adams

**Harry pov**

Call me stupid, call me dense, call me foolish, Call me all sorts of names cause I deserve it.
I left Camille to her fate and went for my meeting.
I wonder how she is…,okay, am just joking.

Am currently in GoodLife hospital waiting room , I cared less about the contact.
Someone’s life is at stake. Avery wasn’t happy with this but there was nothing she could do.

I asked her and John to go for the meeting. I don’t care if I don’t the contract.

Avery had insisted she take camille while I go for the meeting but I had declined.
I don’t know why I did that but I want to save Camille.

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I restlessly walked around the waiting room. Camille is in there and am so worried.

A lot of what if crossed my mind. Oh God, nothing must happen to her.

Why was she bleeding? What exactly is wrong? I need answers. I fking need answers.

I raked my hand through my hair frustratedly. I am tempted to go inside the ward but I decided to wait.

My phone kept beeping. Messages from Avery.

**you are needed*^
**The contract would be given to someone else*
*where are you?*

I sighed and switched off my phone. Right now, Camille matters more than anything else.


Some minutes later….

The doctor came out and I hissed a sigh of relief.

He told me to see him in the his office and my worries increased. He has a sad look on.

Hope it not what am thinking. I hope not. I will just wait for what he has to say.

I sat opposite him in his office and tension filled the air.

“Are you related to the patient?” Was the first question he asked.

“Ye..yes, am her…boyfriend” that was the first thing that came to my mind.
“We came for vacation” I added even though I know it not important.

“Okay. Were you both aware she was pregnant?”

“Pregnant?” I furrowed my brows.

Seeing the doctor’s gaze on me. I quickly said. “Yes..yes, I know”

My throat clenched. So camille is pregnant. But wait…

I faced the doctor. “You said ‘was’ Did something happen?” I asked worriedly.

“She had a miscarriage”

“Wait, what? How? When? Where?”

“You have to calm down please. And you shouldn’t be like this. You should comfort her and don’t make her think about it. It not the end of the world. You guys can work things out again”

“Camille “ I muttered.
“But what caused it?” I asked.

“There are lots of causes of miscarriage. No embryo developed. Molar pregnancy, partial morale pregnancy..it can Also be stress, fall and so on” The doctor explained.

“Oh jeez! This is too much”

“Just be calm okay? This is the period where she needs you the most”

“How is she right now?” I asked.


“Can I see her?”

“Sure , you can” he nodded.
“I will prescribe some drugs for her to use and please make sure she rest well.”

“Got it” I said and stood up and exit the office.


(The Ward)
I stare at Camile as she slept. I was seated on a chair beside her watching her every movement.

I can’t believe she was pregnant. For Asher?. Of course for him. He is her husband after all.

I felt a sharp pain in my heart but I ignored it. Why is she in La? Is Asher aware?
The thoughts crossed my mind but it not my business.

My gaze went to Camille again. No doubt, she is a very beautiful woman.

My eyes moved to her small pink lips and I gulped down nothing.

I tried to recall the night. Did I kss her? The power of Alcohol. Remind me not to ever drink again.

I feel bad for her tho. How is she going take the news is her having a miscarriage.
It certainly is not any woman’s wish for that to happen to her.

What of Asher? How will he take the news? Will it cause problem in their Marriage?

A lot on my mind right now and the worst and annoying part is that it none of my business.
I should leave before she wakes up. I brought out my phone and switched it on but didn’t check or attend to messages.

When I leave the hospital, I would do just that.
I looked at camille and unable to control myself again, I slowly pecked her forehead for a long time.

Realizing I don’t have the right to do that, I quickly disengage.
“Am leaving now. Hoping you would be fine” I mumbled and stood up.

I turned back and was about leaving when a hand stopped me.

“Stay with me , please” I heard her say she turned to see her holding my right arm but her eyes still closed.

This made me remember that night. Her words.

**’make love to me please**’

I try to free my hand but she held it more tightly.

“Harry, it’s you right?” Her eyes were still closed.

“You care about me?” She asked.

I said nothing and stared at her closed eyes.

“I don’t care about you. You have an husband!” I said inwardly.


I said nothing still but watched her closely. A tear slipped off her eyes and I felt the urge to wipe it off but I didn’t.

“Stay with me” She mumbled.

I manage to remove my hands from hers and stared at her.

Is she dreaming? Her eyes is wet with tears and closed.

I said, “Am sorry but I can’t”

With that, I turned and left the ward immediately. It’s for the best.

I finally got the time to check my phone. Most were messages from Avery.

I clicked on it and started reading. I got to the last message she sent.

It was just 4 words and honestly , it was painful.

From Avery- We lost the contract.


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