By Mary Ann Adams

*Camille Pov*

“Camille, you are just going to stay here and think?!” Annie uttered.

“I don’t want to go out or anything. Just let me be”

“You don’t expect me to do that..you are not in a good mood and am just going to let you be?. No thank You!. Let go out and get your mind off it. Staying indoor won’t help you” Annie told me.

“Annie. I don’t want to okay” I said burying my face in the pillow on the bed.

“At this point, I might just call Asher and let him know…”

I sprang up immediately..”What!, No..don’t..am going to tell him myself”


“Annie, if you dare tell him, we are no longer friends……”

She raised her head up in surrender. “Sure, I won’t…but you need to cheer up. Common, it not the end of the world. Let’s do it this way. We are going to go out. Just you and me and I promise, by the end of today..you would have a smile on your face”

“Annie..I..” I tried protesting but she interrupted me.



“Please…” she blicks her eye lashes giving the puppy face and I rolled my eyes.

“Fine!” I grunted.



Some hours later
I was back at the hotel with Annie after a whole day of fun. She is write. I did smile and the miscarriage is out of my mind.

We were close to our hotel room when I sight Harry coming out of the room beside ours.

Wait, what? His face held an expressionless look and I was a find myself staring at him as I had stopped walking.

He stopped on his track on sighting me too and we both stared at ourselves for as long as I could remember.

The sound of Annie clearing her throat brought me back to consciousness and I flinched.

“Earth to Camile” She said staring at Harry who have looked away suspiciously.

“Uh..!” I blinked.

“You zoned out…” She said but I wasn’t listening as I returned my gaze back to Harry.

He looked at me. His face was still expressionless and almost immediately, he walked away till he was out of sight.

“Camille!!” Annie shook me and I stared at her questionably.

“I don’t understand. Do you know him or something”

I laughter hysterically “know him…of course I don’t know him..I mean..I …I..just..like, you know” I stammered playing with my fingers nervously.

Annie doesn’t look convinced. “Common, you have to gist me” she dragged me to the hotel room and locked the door behind her and then faced me.

“Now, tell me, who is he?”

“What do you mean..who is he..He is a human being, he is a man…”

Annie chuckled staring at me amusedly, “I don’t mean that ma’am..you were staring at him so deeply and he was doing same too like you guys knew each other”

“I don’t know him okay..he just look familiar” I said, raising my voice a little.

“Okay..chill. It not up to that.”

“Whatever…I just want to shower now and go to bed”

“After you….but Camile, the guy is so so cute..I think am going to….”

I looked at her alarmed and widened my eyes. “Annie!” I shouted and we both burst into laughter.

“Men is going to be the death of me” Annie muttered.



New York……


It the day. Scarlett’s wedding with my father. Mere thinking about it makes me cringe.

Harry texted me yesternight to tell me not to attend the wedding. I know you must be wondering, am not going.

I mean, am not going as Chloe. Am going to disguise myself and attend the wedding as a different person entirely.

I was dressed in a long blue gown which was so unlike me and I had make over changing my look. I tied scarce then I wore glasses.

I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled comfortably.

“Perfect!” I winked at my reflection and carrying my phone and bag, I exit the room.

About 20 minutes later, I was at the church the wedding is going to take place.

It is going to be on Tv and am very sure I won’t be recognized.

Am going to ruin the hell of a wedding. Scarlett have bewitched my dad and I won’t allow tie him down to her forever.
I need to stop her and ruining the wedding is the number 1 Step for now.

The church was peaceful when I entered as just the priest voice could be heard. He was currently preaching.
I went to a vacant seat in the back and sat down. They should just get everything done for Christ sake.

Some camera men and woman were at a corner taking pictures.

I bowed down my head and closed my eyes. The scarf was covering my face. I can’t wait for the priest to get it over with. I have a wedding to ruin for Christ’s sake.


After some minutes, the bride entered and all eyes followed her.

I rolled my eyes. Here comes the devil’s incarnate.

My dad was at the alter smiling foolishly as he watches Scarlett approach him.

Scarlett got to the alter and stood in front of him. My dad smiled and held her hand.

Eww!, this is so disgusting to watch. I could feel Scarlett’s smile beneath her veil and I held the urge to get up and walk over to her and beat her black and blue.

I don’t regret beating her the day she came over to the house. She tries that again and am going to disfigure her face this time around.

The vows started and am sure my ear is going to stop functioning if I continue listening so I juts stylishly brought out my earpod and connected it to my phone listening to music.

When I was sure the vow have ended, I disconnected it and the words I was waiting for the priest to say, he finally asked.

“If there’s anyone who doesn’t support this marriage should say it now or be silent forever”

The church was quiet as he said this and I smirked devlishly and made to stand up but the woman beside me who I didn’t notice all this while beat me to it.

She was also wearing a long gown and scarf and wearing a sun glasses.

“Yes?” The priest looked at her questionably.

“I don’t. As long as I am alive, this wedding isn’t going to hold!” She said boldly and the congregation started murmuring amongst themselves.

I was shocked too and opened my mouth in awe.

Well, I wasn’t expecting this….


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