By Mary Ann Adams


The next day…

I slowly opened my eyes as my body felt numb and leaden.

I managed to get up from the bed and saw Annie in front of the mirror making her hair up.

“Hey, good morning” I greeted rubbing my eye.

“Morning to you too” Annie uttered and continued with what she was doing without sparing me a glance.

I sighed and dragged myself to the bathroom. Removing my cloth until I was stark nked, I started bathing.

Abruptly, I stopped as I remembered something.

Last night…wait, what happened?, what the he.ll happened last night. I closed my eyes trying to remember.

Wait, I couldn’t sleep, I left the room for the pool, I entered and started swimming only to realize I had company. It happened to be Harry, he was drunk. Was saying words I don’t seem to understand. Then, he kssed me….

I paused my thought and touched my lips. He kssed me!
Oh my God! Why didn’t I stop him?, why was I just so dumb to allow that happened. I could have stopped it, I could have pushed him away, $lapped him or anything but foolish me didn’t.

After he kssed me, what happened? I tried remembering but I couldn’t anymore. How did I get back to the hotel room?

Did he perhaps….., I checked my body to make sure he didn’t rappe me or anything.

Then how the he.ll did I get to the hotel room?!. I need to see him. He needs to stay away from me. We need to stop seeing ourselves.

He is my husband’s boss for Christ sake and even if Asher is a dickhead, it doesn’t seem right for me to be with him or go near him.

I hurriedly took my bath and exit the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist. Annie was still styling her hair.

“Going somewhere?” I asked her.

“Yeah. Date with Manuel” she answered.

“Okay, need to be somewhere too” I said before I could control my self and she looked at me immediately.

“Where?” She inquired curiously.

“Erm, Just somewhere around. Don’t worry about me” I retorted.

“Your moves and talks these days are suspicious..Eyes on you”

I rolled my eyes and said nothing as I made to dress up.

“And done!…am off girlie. Have a nice day” Annie announced and I simply nods while she exit the room.

I put on a Red trouser and white turtle neck and looked at myself in the mirror.

I feel like am getting more uglier and pale. I gaze my fingers on my face slowly and cussed silently.

I took my eyes off the mirror and looked at my bare finger. I have gotten rid of my marriage ring and dumped it somewhere.

The ring doesn’t deserve to be on my finger. A ring that is full of lies, mistakes and disappointments.

I just want to get rid of the marriage of a thing. For now, I have something else to settle.



I stood in front of Harry’s room contemplating whether I should knock or not.

I raised my hand up to knock and the door open making me flinch back in fear.

Harry who have come into view eyes widened as he wasn’t expecting to see me.
I wasn’t expecting myself to be here either. Like what the fk am I doing here?

He raised his brows questionably and I gulped down nothing as my breathing suddenly stopped.

“Hello?” He waved his hands in front of me and I blinked.

“Uh…,hi…I mean hey” I stammered nervously.

“What’s it?” He asked coldly.

“We need to talk” I finally said.


“Us” I blunted out.

“Us?!” He asked.

“Not us…like I mean….can I come in?” What the he.ll am I even saying?.

“No!” He answered immediately and I kept shut wondering why he acts so cold.

“Since you have nothing to say, am going to leave now…” he said as he closed the door and walked out.

“Why did you kss me?” I asked and he stopped walking, his back turned to mine.

“I need answers please?, why the he.ll did you kss me? Why am I always meeting you? Why don’t you want to leave me alone?, why do you keep appearing everywhere?…”

“I don’t know what you are talking about”

I continued anyways.”Why did you pretend you didn’t know me. Why did you deny it?..Not like I want you to but why?…You had sex with me, remember? and you do know I am married yet you kssed me and I…..”

My words were cut shut as he moved closer to me and placed his hands on my mouth and hurriedly opened the door to his room and dragged me inside.
He closed the door behind me and faced me.

“What the fk is wrong with you?”

“Everything is wrong with me!, i feel like you are stalking me!..why else are you everywhere…”
“And don’t you dare deny not knowing me”

He started moving closer to me while I moved backwards. I stopped when my back hit the wall and I gulped down nothing as Harry pinned me down to the wall by placing one hand on the wall and then looking at me in the eye.

“First of all, why are you so concerned about all these?” He asked and I didn’t even have the time to think about his words as him being too close to me is driving me nuts.

“That night..Was a mistake, you need to get that in your head. I was drunk and you were drunk and if you could vividly remember, you asked for it. You practically forced me into it. Secondly. You are married, to my employee, and even if you are not, I still don’t want to have anything to do with you, you aren’t even my type….”

The words pierced my heart as he said them ..

He continued anyways, “About last night, I was drunk, and I had no idea you were the one with me. If I had known, why the hell would I want to have anything to do with someone like you”

‘Someone like you’ the words rang in my ear. That doesn’t sound pleasant.

“And am not stalking you. You just happen to be everywhere” he said and looked at me.

“Just stay away from me..,Camille, let just avoid ourselves okay?”

He moved away from me and I breath out as I was about breaking down.

“That is it, you can leave my room please….”

It was at this moment i wish the ground can just open and swallow me.

I could feel his gaze on me as I dragged myself out of his room. I closed the door hardly behind me and the tears dropped.

I couldn’t even say anything!


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