By Mary Ann Adams

*Annie’s pov*

The next morning…..

I woke up feeling disturbed and worried about Camille. I couldn’t sleep well due to the things she said and the way she acted.

Her words===“Stay away from me, you mon$ter!”=

Am confused and curious at the same time. What made her say those words to me. Did I perhaps do something wrong?
I don’t even remember doing anything wrong so what could be the cause?

She have been acting really weird. Am really worried, I don’t even know what to do. Am still hurt about yesterday. She couldn’t talk to me. Couldn’t open up to me. Instead, she called me a mon$ter, she told me to stay away from her. How great!

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It was both painful and annoying at the same time. I don’t know what she is going through but can’t she at least tell me? Aren’t I her best friend. Didn’t we make it a duty to tell ourselves everything. Then what went wrong? Why is Camille trying to avoid me?

I tried to stop these thought but I couldn’t, God knows am trying.

“Oh, you are awake” A masculine voice said and I turned to see manuel seated on a chair in the room looking at me.

“Yeah” I said and sat up on the bed.

After Camille told me to leave yesterday, I had figured she wanted her own space and she definitely don’t want to see me.

I just walked around the hotel thinking and when it was evening time, I couldn’t go back to the hotel room. Maybe it because I don’t want camille to shout at me, call me a monster and look at me like am some kind of villain.

I went to Manuel’s room Instead and he didn’t mind me staying with him for the night.

Manuel also came for vacation. He stays in California and apparently, from what he told me, he comes from a rich family and his parent wants him to get married to his dad’s business partner’s daughter.

He doesn’t like her and the pressure was too much so he sneaked away to L.A for break and peace of mind.

His parents aren’t aware of his whereabouts as he had made sure he destroyed every mode of communication possible.

“You still look worried, is it about yesterday?” He asked me and looking at his caring face, my heart couldn’t help but skip a bit.

Oh no, no, no. Annie doesn’t fall in love and definitely not with a guy that is going to be engaged very soon.
He is like the nicest and good guy have ever met. He didn’t agree to sleep with me. Instead, he took me out on dates and shower me with Care.

“I don’t even know how to feel…am just, I dong know if I should use the word, sad”

Manuel stood and came to sit beside me on the bed.

“Babe, don’t be. The thing is your friend is going through shits she can’t tell. There are different type of people, some are the type that shares their problem with others while some just choose to keep it to themselves and suffer but hurt their loved ones instead and I believe that is the category your friend fall under. She is scared to say her problems out…”

I interrupted him.”but what could camille be possibly sad or depressed about. She have the perfect husband, the perfect life. She lacks nothing. Then what is it exactly?”

Manuel half smiled. “No one is perfect. Even roses have thorns. Just give her time, she will find around okay?”

“I hear you” I nods.

“Now, keep that sad face away and tell me what you want for breakfast”

“Nothing…for now, am fine. I might just go to bed again…”

“Really, now?” Manuel raised his brows.

“Fine, Just order for anything…I would gladly eat…”

“Now, That is the spirit”



After eating, I sat with Manuel as silence sets in.

“Annie…” he called softly.


“Let talk about us..”

“Us?” I asked. I wanted to add, “is there an us” but I decided not to.

“Yeah, have known you for only a few days..but I must confess, I like you.”

“Hmm okay?” I don’t know how to handle confession well. It sucks!

“I mean, I think I have fallen for you, Annie”

“Manuel, you have a fiancée”

“We aren’t engaged yet”

“But you would soon be”

“If I don’t want that to happen, I won’t..it you I want Annie”

Okay, that actually gives me cringes.

“You don’t even know me” I said trying to find excuses.

“Have known you well”

“You don’t. You don’t know anything about me. You only met me few days ago and now, you are in love with me?, not possible”

“Babe, it is. You have to believe me. I haven’t confessed to a lady since like…”

I interrupted,”Okay, I agree with you. It very much possible. But I don’t do love, relationships and stuffs like this..you gotta understand me okay?”


“Just leave it like that..you would go back to your fiancée very soon. You don’t need me but we can continue been friends alright?”


“You Okay with that”

“Okay sure….” he nodded.

“Good!, am going to go check on Camille after some time..I hope she won’t shout at me today..”

“She won’t..” Manuel assured and I nod

“I hope so” I say.



About an hour later, I stood in front of the room breathing in and out.

I hope she is cool now. I can’t afford to see her the way she was yesterday. Even she won’t talk to me about what is bothering her, she should at least not shut me out of her life.

I slowly opened the door and thankfully. It wasn’t locked. I entered but couldn’t find Camille in. Maybe she is in the bathroom, I was surprised to see her luggages that was at one corner of the room isn’t there again.

I saw a paper on the bed and walked towards it then picked it up and read the content.

===+Hey, have left. Don’t bother looking for me=====

What the..fk! Why didn’t she tell me? She just left without informing me when she clearly knows, we are going back together.

Good job, Camille!


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