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Chapter 21

“What are you saying Fiona? Its not funny” Arabella said quickly trying to feign ignorance.

“You are Ara. I know that you are” Fiona said as she brought out a book she was holding.

On seeing it Arabella snatched it from her. This is the book where she writes all the song she compose.

She knew it was risky bringing it here but she can’t do without it.

The book is like a second part of her and she never likes to part with it.

HER TRUE IDENTITY : CHAPTER 21 – 30. Thingscouplesdo

She had hidden it somewhere in her room. How on earth did Fiona find it.

“Am sorry Bella. It was when I still wanted you to leave. I searched your room looking for something that I can use to make you leave and so I found your book”

“It was the thing I wanted to return when I saw you and uncle that day”Fiona explained.

“But I look different from the Ara you all know” Arabella said to her.

“You might to people who are not your loyal fans but to me you can’t.

Your glasses and hair should do the trick” The little girl said as she pulled off Arabella glass and drew out the ribbon binding her hair.

“See! You are Ara”Fiona said and Arabella layed her hand on the little girl head.

“You really are a smart child”Arabella said and she smiled at her.

“Well it was easy to figure out. Your outing to places we didn’t know of.

I over heard a conversation which said that you are working in my uncle company.

So I knew where you went to all the time and hearing you sing now made it clear”Fiona said to her.

“Am sorry I lied to you all”Arabella said the first thing that came to mind.

“I don’t mind at all. I like you more knowing that you are Ara”Fiona said.

“You don’t like me when am Bella?” She asked.

“I like the both of you and since you the same. I like you”Fiona said earning a smile from Arabella.

“But my uncle. He wouldn’t like it if he finds out”Fiona said

“I know. I will tell him soon” Arabella replied not knowing when the soon will be.

She is glad knowing that Fiona knows her secret will she feel the same way when Gerald know the truth?



She stood at the airport with Nina and John and also with the advertising team.

It was time for the trip and just like John told her to do. She had made up an excuse about her mom illness.

Gerald had told her to leave and Fiona had promise to keep her secret for her.

They had arrived at the airport very early but they were told to wait due to the model that was arriving late.

“Who is this model that is keeping everyone this late”Nina muttered.

“Someone pretty important”John replied

“You’ve been quiet the whole time. Its so unusual”John said starring at Arabella.

“Am just wondering why mom decided to host us all?”she said.

“How did you know about that?”Nina asked as she stared at John.

“You two did a good job at hiding it and my parents also did a great job by hiding the fact from me but somehow have found out and i wonder why they decided to have us in their precious house when they hardly invite people in there”Arabella said.

“Probably to hook you up with someone?”John suggested only to recieve a glare from Arabella.

“And you will be the perfect candidate for it right?” Arabella asked and he shrugged.

“I won’t lie but there was a time when your mom wanted me as your suitor”He said

“That’s unbelievable “Nina muttered.

“It is “John said and no one had to tell her because she knew that her mother is capable of doing so.

“All right everyone. He is here. Sorry for keeping you all late” Some one from the advertising team said and as she turned to see who the model is. Arabella panicked.

“Why is he here?” Nina muttered as the three of them stared at Gerald.

“He clearly told me he wouldn’t show up when I asked him weeks ago. So why is he here?” John said.

“This is bad Ara”Nina said.

“Take it easy. Right now she is Ara and not Bella. If we are careful about things then no one will get to notice”John said as everyone began to head to the plane.


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