Written by Gbemi writes

Chapter 31

“So it is true” Arabella said as she sat beside John at the shooting site where the ongoing present will take place.

“It was quite a big thing. Gerald and Christina were really inlove with each other.

They were about to get married but the accident occurred and while his sister d!ed, Christina has been in a coma ever since”John informed her.

“Poor thing. I hope she will wake up soon” Arabella said the first thing that came to mind.

“You know that if she wakes up then it’s an end for your relationship with Gerald?”

“What relationship? Stop saying nonsense” She said as she turned away from him.


“I know for a fact that you two have something going. You don’t know how to lie Ara”John told her softly.

“We don’t have anything going on. I need to put more make up on”She said as she turned to leave only to be pulled back by him.

“Be careful Ara. I don’t want to see you hurt by him. If Christina should wake up, there is a possibility that Gerald might go back to her.

Prepare your heart for it”He said still holding onto her hand.

Arabella couldn’t give a reply because her hand was pulled out of John. They both turned to see Gerald glaring angrily at John.

“We need to talk and in private”He said this to Arabella but he was still glaring at John.

“I understand. I will leave you two alone. So you don’t have to glare at me like that.

See you during the shoot Ara”John told her as he left them alone.

Arabella stood not saying a word. If he wanted to talk, he should be the one to begin first.

“Why did you leave without saying a thing?”He asked beginning the conversation just like she wanted him to.

“Apart from us, we have the whole AD team with us. Am an important figure just like you an important figure.

If I should come out of your room in broad day light can you imagine the scandal it will cause us both?”She asked.

“I didn’t think of that. Am sorry”He said apologising and also surprising Arabella.

“There’s no need to apologize. “she said remembering John words about Christina.

He hadn’t told her that he liked or loved her, he only desired her body and also wanting the same thing.

She had mistaken desire for love and had slept with him only for reality to come knocking on her door.

“About last night. We should……” Gerald stopped when he noticed Arabella moving away from him.

“About last night. Let’s pretend it never happened”She said Suddenly.


“It was a passing thing for us. We were lusting for each other and finally let our desires take over. It was the best…..”

“Shut up Arabella!” He yelled cutting her off

“Why? Am just saying the truth” She replied.

“And what truth do you know?”Gerald asked.

“That you only slept with me last night to pvnish me for lying.

I knew there was something off when you said you forgave me but I should have known that a man who hold a grudge if someone dare lies to him will certainly take revenge”

“So you think that I slept with you last night just so I will punish you”he asked

“Isn’t that it? What other reason would you have for sleeping with me?” She asked opening the way for him and also expecting him to tell her the one thing she so desperately want to hear

“What other reason could it be that wanting to punish you. You are right, I slept with you just to punish you for your lies” He said confirming her worst fears.

“So I was just another lady who was warming your bed right?”Arabella asked feeling very hurt and used.

“Of course. You are just one of those ladies that I use and…..”He didn’t get finish his words because she slapped him on the face

“I told you never to h!t me again or did you forget how I punished you for it the first time ?”He asked looking very angry and scary.

“I didn’t and you don’t have to worry. I won’t be touching you ever again !”She told him fiercely.

“Well you won’t have a cause to touch me cause as of today! You are fired. I don’t want to see you at the house.

The contract is on so you will keep on working as the model but as the nanny.

I don’t ever want to see you at my house or close to Fiona again!”He told her before walking off, leaving her there all by herself.


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