It’s another opportunity to benefit from what nature has to offer as we look at this home remedy for COMMON COLDS, COUGHS & SORE THROAT

?Common cold is an infection of your nose and throat caused by viruses.

?Symptoms of common cold, which usually appear one to three days after being exposed to a cold virus include:

?Runny nose
?Nasal congestion
?Sore throat
?Watery eyes
?Mild headache
?Mild fatigue
?Body aches, and

?Do you know that Garlic and Honey have been used as medicinal remedies for thousand of years and make a very potent combination together when consumed?

?By combining honey and garlic, you make it more tolerable to eat raw garlic in high quantities.

?Honey is also loaded with health benefits and the two together can keep your immune system operating at its best.

Garlic is a powerful Immune-booster. It is very effective against nasty bacterial, viral and fungal infections. The antibiotic qualities of garlic appear to be a direct result of the allicin produced from raw, crushed garlic which can be destroyed by cooking.
Therefore garlic is best consumed raw!

Honey also has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties, so when you combine the two, you’ve got a great aid to help you fight sore throats, colds or the flu.


?24 Garlic cloves
?1 cup of Honey


?Peel the garlic cloves and put them in a medium-size jar.

?Add honey to just cover the garlic and then set it aside until the honey tastes strongly of garlic for about 2days.

?Take a teaspoon every few hours or whenever necessary to relieve cough, sore throat and so on.

?You can also take this remedy to boost your immunity.