Ryan who witnessed what happened seconds ago in his car froze entirely

She was just standing over there, she smiled at him while he waved at her

So how?

With reddish eyes, Ryan started the car, and drove off in a frightening speed
Ryan’s car suddenly screeched to a halt just few inches away from a pole

It was a dangerous one, just a little more and he would have ran right into the electric pole

Ryan hit his fist hard on the steering, he lost them!

He totally lost track of the van!!

Ryan had never felt so helpless and confused in his life like he felt right now

He was the type who never get fazed in front of danger and always calculates his next movement craftily but in this case when it had to do with Louise, he found himself totally helpless and confused

His mind ran over all scenarios he could ever think of
Who could have k!dnapped her?
What situation was she in at the moment?

But one thing Ryan was sure of was that, the person or people responsible for this would taste h’ll on earth before he sends them off to their creator.

He brought out his phone with slightly shaky hands and dialed a number which got connected at the second ring

There were some background noise coming at the other end but Ryan didn’t care

“Bro….Louise got k!dnapped”

Dylan who was about strolling into the conference hall in the enterprise halted

wasn’t Louise his brother’s newly girlfriend who he was so much in love with and wasn’t Louise Georgia’s family friend?

Dylan thought with narrowed eyes

His voice sounded husky

“Few minutes ago, I lost them bro”
Ryan folded his fist tightly, staring into space

Dylan chuckled
“You Ryan need to pull yourself together and deal with those peasants, you’re Ryan, ain’t you? and the Ryan I know never backs down from saving the people he loves, so are you gonna sit back there and cry in helplessness or are you gonna protect your girl?

Ryan shut his eyes for a while and when he reopened them, a new fire was burning in his eyes and he looked dangerous at the moment

After the conversation with Dylan, Ryan typed into his phone and in less than a minute, he got messages

Then, Ryan smiled, an evil smile that didn’t reach his eyes


Meanwhile, Dylan put back his cell phone in his pocket and walked into the hall, were all the company’s shareholders were seated and amongst them was his grandpa

Garfield was already waiting but deep within him, he almost jumped up for joy when his boss came in

He had been waiting like someone sitting on a hot coal ever since Dylan’s grandpa got there with his cold and intimidating demeanor, even though old.

Garfield was infact shocked when he was notified that Dylan’s grandpa had planned to remove him from seat

How could someone be so cruel to his own flesh and blood just because he went against his own wish in choosing the girl he loves?

Rich people’s lives could be frightening
Garfield shuddered

On a second thought, Garfield knew that tonight’s meeting was going to change a lot of things and he knew it was all for good

His boss, Dylan Donovan was about to change legacy, he hadn’t been working and plotting relentlessly ever since the day he woke up from coma, for nothing.

Striding in with power, Dylan sat on the seat only meant for the CEO of Donovan enterprise while his grandpa sat opposite him, looking at his grandson menacingly

“What impotent for a young man to come before the presence of his elders without proper acknowledgement and even an apology for arriving so late!

A man flared up, he looked to be around his late sixties and was the next biggest shareholder aside from Dylan, while his grandpa was the biggest shareholder, at least that’s what they thought or it seemed to be but things were about to change.


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