The next day, Dylan arranged a press conference

Press companies?
Oh man, there were whole lots of them, more than you could ever think existed in the outskirts of LA and the whole city

The question is, which press company would want to miss out an opportunity like that?


A conference where, the almighty Dylan Donovan was gonna be the interviewee and they were gonna be the interviewer?

Oh please…..they weren’t going to miss out on such conference even if they get calls from home telling them their houses are getting burnt down.

The only press companies who missed were those that weren’t connected enough to get a pass

Cameras rolled and flashed, mics were raised to only one lips but because it was Dylan who set up the conference, there wasn’t any form of disorganization, no reporters trying to cloud around him nor trying to shove their mics down his throat like they always do

Instead, they were all seated on conference seats far from the stage where Dylan sat with various mics bearing the companies name on it

Garfield sat beside him, his face serious and serene like his boss’s.

Reporters were to ask their questions one at a time

Reporter 1: Mr Donovan, to be sure we got informed correctly, this conference is about the alleged engagement between you and miss Summer, right?

Came Dylan’s curt reply

Reporter 1: So my question is, would there be any engagement soon or should we stub out any hopes on that?

Looking straight from one camera to another to make sure they all capture his serious expression, Dylan spoke

“Stub out your hopes because there isn’t any engagement, not now, not ever”

Whispers erupted amongst the reporters seated as they asked each other questions in hushed tones about the striking revelation

Reporter 1: Thank you Mr Donovan, that’s all from my side

Reporter 2: Mr Donovan, was there a kind of ahh um…. fallout between you and miss Summer for you to make such declaration?

Then as if the reporter thought of something, he added quickly, ‘or was there no relationship to begin with?

“Good thing, your brains aren’t just passive in your skull, to have a fallout, there must be an existing relationship and I and miss Summer had nothing of such”
Dylan said with a frown marring his handsome face

Reporters didn’t miss out the opportunity of capturing each priceless expression Dylan made

Reporter 2: So what you’re saying is that miss Summer and you…..um the next question is,……

The man reporter changed his words when he received a glare from Dylan, wiping off the beads of sweat on his forehead, he proceeded

The next question is, you attended the grand celebration party with miss Summer and it had quite brought out whole lots of different assumptions concerning the two of you and…..

Dylan cut the reporter short
“That was simply me attending a business celebration party with my secretary which of course I know you all know I wasn’t the only man who came with their female secretaries or assistants, got me wondering why in my case, it was presumed or rather assumed differently”

Dylan’s voice thundered and some reporters shrank in their seats feeling jelly under his intimidating gaze.

Some present there were among the rumour initiators and they knew that if Dylan was to look into the matter personally, they would kss their job goodbye and they could only pray that he forgets about it

“Well I would repeat here incase some brave people who are actually brainless would initiate any further rumour about me having anything to do with miss Summer, I DO NOT, SHE WAS MY SECRETARY AND THAT WAS WHY I BROUGHT HER TO A BUSINESS PARTY, I hope that was clear enough”.

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