HIS SIGNATURE – Faith Lucky: Episode 21-30


………. Episode 21………

By: Faith Lucky
?Rachel’s pov ?
Donald and I were having so much fun. Seems like he has changed completely to a very nice person.

We stopped by an ice cream shop. Vanilla was my favourite while Donald liked chocolate.

We took our scoop each and licked them with Delish. It’s really yummy and cold.

I looked up to see Donald with a scoop of ice cream before my lips.

“Open up… “He said.

I grinned.
“Don’t bother. “I said and took a scoop from his ice cream with my spoon.

I wouldn’t want to get a taste of his mouth. It’s like an indirect kss and it would be am cheating on Alex.

He smiled wryly and took the spoon into his mouth licking the ice cream.
“Where next? “He asked when we were outside the ice cream shop.

“Uh… The museum would be nice. “I suggested.

“Alright then. “He said.

I took the helmet and put it on before getting on the scooter. We rode to the museum in silence.

We arrived a moment later and got down.
As we walked towards the building, Donald tried to hold my hand but I was too quick to resist his touch and sent my hands to clasp with the other hand.

Donald opened the door for me and we went in.
We had a self tour of the museum and it was very intriguing. I thought Donald alot of this about our city and showed him many adventurous persons illustrative to Christopher Columbus.

When we were done, Daniel and I walked to the exit.
I bumped into a huge guy hurting my arm. He didn’t even stop to apologize. He glared at me and continued walking.

Donald rushed to him and threw him a punch.
The huge guy smiled and made a signal with his hand upward.
Who was he calling?

Donald and I turned to see three guys with chains on their neck.

They were on for us.

The huge guy said somethings to them in a strange language.
The three guys grabbed Donald and I and led us outside. Donald was trying to get free but it got worst when he was given a weggy by the guy holding him.

He gr0aned.
I tried so hard to suppress the laughter inside.

They led us to the parking lot.
Oh, we’re in so much trouble.

I glanced at Donald and he gave me a signal.

He sent his leg back kicking the guy holding him at his manh00d. The guy winced in pain and fell on his knees.

I struggled free and began running with Donald. The three boys ran after us.

It was funny and Donald and I couldn’t stop laughing.

We ran to the scooter and hopped in and Donald scurried off.

?Alex’s pov?
I kept knocking on Rachel’s door for almost and hour and then I was sure she wasn’t around.

Where could she be?

Today’s Sunday and am guessing no work..

I sat on her porch waiting endlessly..

?Rachel’s pov?
Donald took a pause few blocks to my house and we burst into laughter.

“Those guys are sick! “He said inbetween laughs.

“That weggy part was the funniest.. “I said and laughed.

“When I punched him, his face felt like a rock or something.. “He said.

I smiled and alit.
“I’ll work home then. “I said removing the helmet.

“Really? Won’t you rather stop in front of your house? “He asked.

“No worries. You better get home and attend to your mom. I’ll try to visit when am chanced. “I said.

I handed him his helmet and brushed my hair with my fingers.

“Thanks for making my day Rachel. You’re still as glamorous as you were during highschool. “He said.

I frowned.

“Bye Donald. “I muttered walking away.

Why would he say that?
Did he lose his memory or what?

Why is he pretending and acting like he didn’t humiliate me before?

He must be insane.
I chuckled as I stood infront of my house.

“Alex! “I gasped.

He was sitting on a stair with his head lowed.
He looked up and smiled a bit.

“Where have you been Rachel? You got me worried when you weren’t returning my calls. “He said.

I approached him.

“Uh.. Sorry. I just went out with a friend. We had alot to catch up on. “I said.

“All those talking has left me famished . Come on, let’s go have dinner. “I said trying to drift his mind from asking me more about ‘my friend ‘.

He nodded and took my hand as we went into the house.

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