HIS SIGNATURE – Faith Lucky: Episode 11-20


…………….. Episode 11……….

By: Faith Lucky
?Rachel’s pov ?
I was in my room hugging my pillow after the awful breakfast with Alex. He really can’t cook but I still enjoyed it.

Was this thing am feeling…?

My imaginations was running wide alright but I just have to get my sh*t together… I mean, we barely just met.

Speaking of Barely… I haven’t gotten his signature yet.

And my manager sounds really serious over the phone.

I can’t get fired… Its my only source of living.

Oh, now I remember the plan I cooked up earlier in order to get him to sign the documents…

Am gonna play naughty, if Alex sees me misbehaving and ruining things, he might sign the documents in anger and ask me to leave angrily.

But… Where do I start from??

The kitchen first…

?Maria’s pov ?
I was busy chopping the onions I would use to make a delectable meal for dinner when Rachel walked into the kitchen.
She loves snooping around.

“Maria.. Can I help you wash the dishes? “She asked

I stared at the few plates in the sink.

“Okay, but please leave them if you get tired. “I said.

She smiled broadly.

I went back to chopping the onions. After a while, I heard the loud noise of a plate shattering on the floor.

I turned suprised.

“What happened?! “I half yelled scared to death.

“I scrubbed the plate and it refused to be spotless so I got rid of it. “She said with a smirk.


“Please let it be if the stain refuses to go. “I said looking at her suspiciously.

Is she unwell?

I turned back to what I was doing.

After a while, I heard another ear splitting sound of plates shattering on the floor.

I turned and figured out all the plates in the sink were in pieces on the floor.

Rachel wore a smile but quickly frowned when I looked at her.

“They slipped from my hands.. “She chipped before I could begin.

“Rachel! Did you not understand any word I said?? “I fired pretty furious.

“Oops. “She said.

I was very angry.

Am so reporting her to mr Alex.

I walked pass her out of the kitchen while she trailed behind me.

i looked around for mr Alex but he was no where to be found.

“Once I find him, you’ll be in big trouble. “I said and left for the kitchen.

I’ve never been so angry in a long time.

?Rachel’s pov?
I laughed hard as Maria left angrily. Being annoying is really fun.

But my plan didn’t really work.
Where’s Alex??

He must be around but am just curious.

I wonder how it’d be if I go check on him in his room.

Will he be mad??

I left for the stairs walking slowly as I still wasn’t sure of his reaction.

I walked through the hallway looking out for the door of his room.

I finally stood before it thinking of how to knock.
Hope I won’t be intruding.
Besides, what am I gonna tell him??

I turned to leave when I heard a not- so loud voice.
I placed my ear back on the door eavesdropping.

I heard moans coming from the room.

Who’s having s*x in there? Or maybe its just noises from a movie.

My curiousity is limitless. I touched the door knob and opened the door a little. I peeped in my head looking into the room.

I saw Alex sitting up on his bed… He was backing me.

Soon, I heard a lady’s gentle laugh. Fingers with fixed nails crawled up Alex’s bare back. My eyes widened.

The lady came into view… She was n@ked and the lady that came few days ago begging Alex for a second chance.

What.. They made up??

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