HOLLYWOOD WIFE: Episode 1 – 10


(She’s a cr@zy str!pper)

??Episode One??

Jeremy’s POV


’We are expecting your wife Jeremy, when are you going to get married??’..Dad asked as I ate a piece of lasagne..

‘Oh Dad you know I’m busy with my movies and all, I’m an actor remember and besides I’m just 29 so marriage is a no go for me’..I replied in a sarcastic tone…

I’m Jeremy Lawson..

The biggest action movie star in New York..

The blogs normally call me the HOLLYWOOD KING since I’ve bagged twelve Oscars in a row…

‘You have to get married or your mother and I would get one for you!!!’..Dad screamed banging his hands on the dining table..

‘Okay fine Dad, there’s someone I’ve been seeing’..I lied..

‘Really?!!,you should have said so a long time ago!!,I would like to meet her’..he replied..

‘B..b.. but’..

‘No buts Jeremy,bring the girl home and that’s final!!!!’..he cut me short and walked away..

Why is he doing this to me?!!
Where am I going to look for a fiancee?!!..

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