TO LIVE FOREVER: Episode 1 – 10

? To Live Forever ? ? Prologue ? Written by Tamara Blair Claribel Johnson is a beautiful, intelligent and the most popular girl in Forcados High School. Every girl wants to be her friend and every girl are jealous of her. But Claribel isn’t what everyone think she is,on the outside,her life seems to be … Read more

HOLLYWOOD WIFE: Episode 21 – The End

??HOLLYWOOD WIFE?? (She’s a crzy strpper) From TC ?Episode 21? Khristine’s POV So how did you feel when you worked with Angelina Jolie in your last movie??’..i asked Brad and he smiled.. ‘Uhhh it was okay by the way and besides Angelina is my sweetheart’..he replied.. ‘Hey i was in the movie too??’..Jeremy interrupted but … Read more

HOLLYWOOD WIFE: Episode 11 – 20

??HOLLYWOOD WIFE?? From TC (She’s a crzy strpper) ?Episode 11? ‘Maggie!!!’..i called as i entered Louigi’s palace.. ‘Khris where have you been and why aren’t you in your uniform??’..she asked and I smiled broadly.. ‘I have something to tell you Maggie,I don’t want anyone to hear about it,can we go to your office??’..i said.. We … Read more

HOLLYWOOD WIFE: Episode 1 – 10

??? HOLLYWOOD WIFE??? (She’s a cr@zy str!pper) ??Episode One?? Jeremy’s POV . ’We are expecting your wife Jeremy, when are you going to get married??’..Dad asked as I ate a piece of lasagne.. ‘Oh Dad you know I’m busy with my movies and all, I’m an actor remember and besides I’m just 29 so marriage … Read more