HOLLYWOOD WIFE: Episode 11 – 20


From TC

(She’s a crzy strpper)

?Episode 11?

‘Maggie!!!’..i called as i entered Louigi’s palace..

‘Khris where have you been and why aren’t you in your uniform??’..she asked and I smiled broadly..

‘I have something to tell you Maggie,I don’t want anyone to hear about it,can we go to your office??’..i said..

We both walked inside and I sat down in front of her mahogany brown desk..

‘Okay I’m listening??’..she said and I smiled..

‘I’m getting married Maggie,not like I’m getting really married but pretense-married,to someone you adore a lot,Jeremy Lawson’..i muttered breathlessly and she gasped loudly…

‘Oh my God Khris!!! How and why are are you….’..she tried to say but I cut her short..

‘It’s a fake marriage Maggie,He’s paying 4 million bucks to act as his wife,honestly i don’t want to do it but I need the cash and if I do this then I won’t be poor ever again and I won’t be a stripper,I’m going to be a Hollywood wife Maggie’..I explained and she laughed…

‘Ohhh I’m not against it Khris,it’s just like in the movie meant-to-be,the boy hires her to be his wife and then they both fall in love’…

‘Ughhhh that’s not possible I’ll never fall in love with him!!’..i screamed..

Jeremy’s POV

I got back home from the set and asked Albert if Khris was still home and when he said No I groaned..

‘What do you mean by she ran away??,she can’t run away?!!’..i screamed and he shrugged his shoulders..

‘i tried my best Mr Jeremy but she was too smart for me’..he said..

‘Everyone is too smart for you cause you’re dumb’..i muttered and walked into the house..

Dinner was already on the table and I sat on the dining table,ate a piece of the apple pie and waited eagerly for Khris to come back home..

I just hope the b!tch didn’t run away..

She’s such a wild person…

My phone rang and I checked who the caller was..

It was Keegan,and old friend of mine..

?:Hey Jeremy there’s trouble’..he said..

?:Uh uhh what’s the problem??’..i asked…

?:Remember that strpper you told me about?,the one which you said you’re going to hire to marry you??’..

?:Yeah what about her??’..

?:Well she’s in the club,drunk and about to strp n@ked…



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