HOLLYWOOD WIFE: Episode 21 – The End


(She’s a crzy strpper)

From TC

?Episode 21?

Khristine’s POV

So how did you feel when you worked with Angelina Jolie in your last movie??’..i asked Brad and he smiled..

‘Uhhh it was okay by the way and besides Angelina is my sweetheart’..he replied..

‘Hey i was in the movie too??’..Jeremy interrupted but i shunned him off..

‘Not now Mr J a star is talking’..

‘I’m a star you idiot!!!,I’m Jeremy Lawson the greatest actor of all time!!!’..he screamed and i laughed..

Now it knows how it feels to be berated..

‘Yeah I know how you feel Mr J but I’m speaking with your cousin,I’m not interested in you’..I blurted and he groaned loudly..

I chuckled a little and then sipped a little bit of wine only for me too see the flight attendant passing seductive glances at him..

Well why do I care??..

Oh i do care??..

Why is she looking at my fake husband that way??..

‘You’re both funny,Jeremy you’re calling your new wife an idiot and you Khris call him Mr J??’..Brad admitted and i gulped hard…

Jeremy and I have been so busy bickering with each other that we didn’t pay attention to Brad not knowing that we aren’t a real couple..

‘Uhhh well I normally call him Mr J since I met him so i guess the name stuck’..i lied..

‘Hmmm okay well it looks like we’re almost there’…

Ten minutes later


Welcome to Spain the Land of R0mance


I read the airport sign aloud and before i could go any further Jeremy stopped me..

‘Here have this’..he said handing me a face mask..

‘Why??’..i asked and he pointed to the a group or journalists waiting for God knows who..

‘Now you know’..he replied and i nodded…

We got into the private limo and drove off to the Conora Palace Hotel..

‘Ohhh let’s get that Jeremy,ohh my God is that the Vatican,ohh it’s so pretty look at that!!’..i exclaimed as the car zoomed past every interesting figure…

‘Ohhh please shut up Khris I’m tryna grab a little nap before i go to the movie set’..he said..

‘You’re leaving me alone,in Spain?!!,what am i going to do i don’t even know anywhere here!!!’..i cried out and he laughed…

‘You’re a strpper Khris so you’ll figure it out!’..

Jeremy’s POV

An Hour Later

Khris and i got to hotel while my cousin Brad went on his own way to where i don’t know…

I opened the door to our suite and she started screaming ..

‘Oh my God this place is like a mini heaven!!!’…

Mini heaven?? .


‘Well if it was a Mini heaven you wouldn’t be able to see it Khris’..I teased and she frowned..

‘Well I would be in h*ell fire Mr J,helping the devil to build your prison’…

‘What the h*ell did you just say?!!,did you just insult me?!!’..i screamed…

‘Yeah i did’.

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