Pinky Preshy Chioma

Episode 81

Martin’s Pov:

“What’s wrong with you Lucas? Must we all go to that hospital to see Kimberly together?” Idris cried out.

“Why shouldn’t we? Why shouldn’t we go check on Kim huh?” Lucas defended.

“Lucas I told you that I was busy with stuffs and that I want to go swimming but you insisted we come to the hospital” I said with annoyance.

“Why shouldn’t we go see her? She’s your girlfriend afterall or am I making things up?” He snapped.

“You won’t be the one to tell him who he is in a relationship with or not Lucas so quit this stupidity all because you like that girl for our friend” Idris shouted at him.

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“I don’t get it Idris.. why are you so against the innocent poor girl huh? What has she ever done to you for you to hate her this much?” Lucas said as I scoffed in disbelief.

“What did he do to her that you have to sound like we are beating her up already Lucas? What’s with this stunt you are pulling?” I asked.

“You are unbelievable.. you should be the one dragging us to go see her and not the other way round.. you should be the one concerned about her not even me” He said

“And now that he is not why are you being so pesky? Can’t you just let us be or better still go see her on your own… We mustn’t go with you to see her if she’s so important to you” Idris replied.

“What’s wrong with you Idris? Is this because you don’t have a girlfriend? So you are just jealous of Martin here” Lucas mocked.

“Lucas?” I turned to him with annoyance.

“What? Isn’t it obvious that that’s why he doesn’t want to see you and your girlfriend Kimberly together? Does it look like am lying?” Lucas joked.

“Jealous you say? You know I can get any girl of my choice if I want but then the truth is I don’t like that Kimberly girl for our friend Martin” Idris replied sharply with anger.

“Will you guys stop this? We are already going to the hospital that you so much want us to go Lucas so please keep quiet cos am driving” I said as Lucas sighed.

“I wonder if you ever loved that Kimberly” Lucas chipped in.

“How does that concern you Lucas? If you so love that girl so much then go for her” I snorted.

“You know I loved her even before you got to meet her but then she fell for you instead” He mumbled.

“Then get over your loss man and stop acting like a freaking kid who is after a cup of ice cream” Idris laughed.

“Idris just stay out of this! I know you hate her but we love her… Martin and I do” Lucas said.

“Speak only for yourself Lucas.. don’t say anything on my behalf” I stopped him halfway.

“Whatever!” He muttered.

Shortly, we got to the hospital and I pulled over right in the garage.

We got down from the car and headed right into the hospital and straight to Kimberly’s ward..

“Hey Kim” Lucas called out Kimberly smiled broadly at him.

He hugged her tightly before I walked to Kimberly.

” Hi” Idris managed to say as she waved at him.

“Hey babes” I managed to say but she slapped my hand off staring at me with so much hatred.

“What happened babe? Are you ok? Did something happen?” I asked in confusion.

She continued glaring hard at me with flames of hatred in her eyes as she looked at me.

“Kim did something happen?” Lucas asked.

Kimberly stood up and landed a dirty slap on my cheeks.

They gasped in shock and surprise.

“Kimberly?? Why are you being rude?” Idris couldn’t hold himself any longer.

“Stay out of this Idris! You have no right whatsoever to interfere here so keep off” she said rudely.

“I’ll be waiting in the car” Idris managed to say as he stormed out of the ward.

“I’ll go with him” Lucas replied as he followed him as well.

Now I was left with only Kimberly in the ward.

“What happened Kimberly? I really want to know why you are so angry with me?” I asked trying to keep my cool.

“How could you do that Mart? How could you do something like that?” She broke down in tears.

“What are you talking about? What do you mean?” I tried touching her but she screamed so loud and I withdrew.

“I still don’t understand you Kimberly.. I really don’t get what you are saying” I said.

“You don’t understand what am saying right? Of course you won’t understand.. you won’t understand how I feel because you can’t get your mind off that thing” She cursed under her breath.

“You are getting me confused the more Kimberly.. tell me what thing are you talking about?” I scratched my head in confusion as I asked her the question.


Kimberly’s Pov:

I stared at him with annoyance as he keeps pretending like he doesn’t know what am talking about.

“You don’t know right? So tell me Martin why did you have to go to that girl’s hospital ward?” I shouted as he gulped hard.

“What girl are you talking about?” I could see he is guilty even from the sound of his voice.

“You don’t know who am talking about huh? Who did you go to meet at St Mary’s hospital? Who did you go to see there?” I screamed so loud.
“I… I… I am so sorry about that Kim but I just had to go see her cos she was also very down at the hospital” He stammered.

“Who is down at the hospital Martin? Why are you so concerned? Isn’t she the same girl that sIapped you in school? Why would you go to see Arya?” I screamed on top of my voice.

Just then his cell phone rang aloud….

I peered into the scream… It was captioned “Sofy”
My eyes widened in shock…..


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