Episode 51

Everything happened so fast, and Pascal was besides himself with regret.

Why did he bother to wait to hear whatever tale Jeremy had to tell? Why didn’t he do the needful as soon as he noticed Jeremy was threatening Vivian?

By the time Pascal raced to Vivian’s sides, she was already bIeeding from a cut the kn!fe gave her.

“No Pascal! Why did you come out?” Vivian asked in fear as she clutched her stomach where bI?õd was oozing out from.

Jeremy panicked for a split seconds as he saw Pascal appear from nowhere, but he soon acted out of the extreme nervousness.

HOUSE OF THORNS : EPISODE 51 – THE END. Thingscouplesdo

He noticed Pascal was more focused on Vivian, and since he wasn’t paying him attention, he needed to strike before it was too late.

Pascal felt a sharp pain just as he tried to dodge the blow in the last second.

He had been too engrossed in his assessment of Vivian’s condition that he forgot about Jeremy.

A corner of his eye had caught Jeremy po.uncing on him, but a few seconds too late.

Pascal had tried to dodge the blow, but the kn!fe managed to hit him on the left hand he had lifted up in an attempt to shield his neck with, from the attack.

He became more agitated than he had ever been all his life. How the hëll did this manïac get the balls to attack him? He thought angrily, as he charged at Jeremy with too much anger.

Since he was nursing the feeling of letting her know someday that he liked her, since he wanted her to see him as the Pascal she had always known, he really didn’t want her to know he was the reason Jeremy easily gave her the divorce.

But with Jeremy daring as much as making him see his bIood, he was going to make him get what he deserved, before being taken away, even if it meant Vivian knowing who he truly was; she was going to know later after.all.

And just like he deserved, Jeremy was soon sprawled on the floor, screaming in pains as his two limbs had been literally detached from the waist joint.

He was bIeeding from the cuts he got on his mouth when Pascal gave him several hook kicks.

By the time Pascal was able to stop himself, by the time he remembered that Vivian was still blêêding profusely, and needed to be attended to, Jeremy had become largely unrecognizable.

His mouth had tripled it’s size, his nose bIêêding as a result of the impact of Pascal’s fists on his face and his eyes crimson red.

It took the last yelp from Vivian before she passed out to tame the bêast that had taken over Pascal’s usually calm self.

He hurriedly got a hand cuff off his pocket, cuffed Jeremy to the gate and was on his way out of the house with an unconscious Vivian, when he ran into Mrs. Bradford at the entrance of the house.

“Jesus! What happened to my daughter?” the frantic mother asked as she rushed to take a closer look at her daughter who was already looking so pale, she doubted if she was still alive.

“She got attacked by that lunati!c when I took Samantha to the restroom. I need to take her to the hospital ASAP, please get Daisy and Samantha.

The people who would take Jeremy away are on their way” he informed her in short sentences before he dashed out of the compound and into his car, without waiting for her to give her opinion.

Mrs. Bradford couldn’t keep herself from shouting in fright and shock as she ran into the house.

She had seen the bl?õd that trailed Vivian and Pascal, but her heart wasn’t prepared for the sight that she beheld in the living room.

How Pascal got help to put Jeremy out, she didn’t know, but she was thankful that he lay cuffed to the entrance gate, unconscious, and she could just pick the two children out of the house as quickly as possible, to go join Pascal in the hospital.

She strapped Daisy to her back swiftly, and was stepping out of the room where she met Samantha playing, when some men in special uniforms appeared.

At first, she panicked when she couldn’t find Samantha, but when she recalled that she hadn’t locked the room, she tried to find out why the room was locked, and behold, the child was inside, struggling to build a train out of the building blocks littered on the.floor.

The men introduced themselves as men from the Special Secret Services, and told her they were there to get the man in cuffs, as per the order of their boss.


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