Episode 21

Written By Authoress Buky

“Hey Pete wait!” Zoe yelled running after him and he sighed stopping.

“What is it?” Pete asked and she smiled holding her chest as she stopped in front of him.

“Why are you running away? Am I a ghost?” Zoe asked and tilted his head one side, he still doesn’t get why he is so uncomfortable towards her.

“Get to work” Pete said coldly and turned to leave.

STRANGER FROM THE WOODS : EPISODE 21 – 30. Thingscouplesdo

“Stop trying to act cold, it doesn’t look like you” Zoe mocked and grabbed his hands, he went stiff for a moment and stopped looking at her hands on his.

“Let go” Pete ordered and she rolled her eyes.

“No, common we should leave” Zoe said stubbornly and pulled him along with her.

Pete shut his eyes slowly, he allowed a woman control him, and he is even speechless again.

“God Why?” Pete whispered as he let her pulled him away.



Alice watched as Wendy walked out and sighed, she turned and saw Pete staring at her.

“Is there something going on?” Pete asked, Alice touched her bag and made to walk out but he held her back.

“You can share it with me , you know that”

“Alice!” Zoe called rushing to them and Pete made a frustrated face and turned away from them.

“Hey Zoe, what up” Alice smiled,

“Am good, where do you live?” Zoe asked

“Bijarim, are you heading the same way?”

“Of course! I stay with my kid brother who is in college, I think fate brought us together, what do you think Pete?” Zoe asked staring at him and he cleared his throats.

“Alice , am off” Pete said in her ears and made to leave but Zoe threw her hands around his neck playfully.

“I got ya man” Zoe laughed.

“Please don’t do these again, get off me!” Pete groaned trying to pull away, but she was kind of strong.

Alice just watched the drama with a smile

Zoe pulled Pete with her outside the Restaurant and Alice followed behind, Pete was yelling for Zoe to stop but she wasn’t bulging.


Soon they were standing in front of their houses and Zoe pouted sadly

“I will have to leave you guys here” Zoe muttered , Pete just glared at her with a tired look.

“You leave across?” Alice asked her.

“Yea, see ya tomorrow, good night Alice and You too Pete” Zoe winked and touched Pete face which he moved away quickly.

“Good night” Alice said and Zoe crossed the street to her apartment.

Pete breathed out in relieve and started fanning his face with his hands.

“Alice am doomed” Pete said and she laughed.

“Seems you guys already got along on her first day” Alice said And his eyes widened.

“What! Along? In your dreams, I just hope I never come across her tomorrow or I might pass out”

“You are funny” Alice bursted out laughing.

“Am not, I am damn serious, so you were saying something these morning” Pete said getting serious and Alice smile faded.

“When you are in love with some one how do you feel?” Alice asked and he stared at her confusedly.

“Are you just asking about love?” Pete asked unbelievably.

“I can just leave if you can’t answer me” Alice threatened and he held her hands immediately.

“No I will, actually you feel like you have no control over yourself again, you will always Want to become selfish, you feel like you are been soaked in water when you are with someone you love” Pete replied, actually all he was talking about was her.

Alice mouth opened and didn’t know what to say, these was exactly how she always felt around Javier, could it be that she was in love with him already?.

“Really?” Alice asked.

“Yea, who is these about?” Pete asked and she smiled.

“A cousin of mine, she has a friend which they are well close, my cousin has been doing things with these guy who seems to be showing the same affection.

But her friend opened up that she loves the guy. My cousin don’t want to hurt her friend but the guys keep coming close to her and she didn’t know she was falling slowly for him. These started causing a problem between the two friends, what can you say about that?” Alice spoke out all at once that Pete was starting to suspect.

“Is these really about your cousin?” Pete asked and Alice eye ball shook.

“Of course, we talked last night and she wanted an advice” Alice lied and Pete smiled.

“OK. tell your cousin that the heart can’t be controlled, if her friend is in love with a guy who is in love with your cousin, then that friend doesn’t have that right to get angry, and your cousin shouldn’t hurt herself” Pete replied.

Alice smiled and hugged him immediately, his body went stiffed and he swallowed getting all sweaty.

Alice broke off from him still holding his hands.

“Thanks Pete, you just saved me from that girl” Alice said and Pete broke into a nervous smile.

Alice suddenly felt someone pulled her away from Pete and she gasped, she turned and saw Javier glaring at Pete and holding her arms.

“Javier?” Alice called slowly looking all perked up and her face became red.

“What are you still doing out by these time?” Javier asked coldly still not taking his eyes away from Pete who glared back at him.

“I..I.. I was just about to go in,” Alice muttered licking her lips.

“Get in”

“Wait, you can’t just barge out and control me as you want, I am not a kid okay!” Alice snapped taking her hands from Javier and he stared at her, His eyes was red .

She glared at him and walked away from them.

Pete stared after Alice and in his heart he came to a conclusion, Alice was talking about herself.

“What are you doing with her?” Javier asked and Pete stared at him coldly.

“It Is none of your business, and she is my friend I have every right to be with her!” Pete snapped and Javier ruffled his hair, he doesn’t know why he is mad right now, maybe seeing Alice getting all touchy with Pete got him mad.

“You are really ¢razy” Pete muttered.

“I like her okay, so stop getting all cozy with her” Javier said and Pete hands went cold immediately.

“But you said you don’t like her”

“I know, maybe I was not decided, but truth be told, I like Alice , so just stop” Javier said in a husk voice and walked into the house..

Pete eyes shook and he smiled sadly before also walking in, he has to hear from Alice first.


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