“I remember the last time you carefully picked out your dress for work, and that was when you were meeting Jeffery in his office for the first time, anything special I should know about?” Amaka asked as she toweled her body, she just finished having her bath and Jane was already getting dressed for work.

“Well… Not that it’s any of your business but I’m meeting Jeffery after work today”

“Hmmmm sounds like someone is about to get some” Amaka danced around Jane, making her giggle.

“No it’s not like that, we are just meeting for drinks and also to talk about what happened two days ago at the lounge”

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“Oh that reminds me has Michael’s wife put to bed?”

”Amaka! Of course she has, remember I told you that same night when Jeffery called to inform me?”

”Oh sorry I must have forgotten, she gave birth to a boy right?”

”Yes she did, at least you remembered that part’

”What ever, so after your discussion with Jeffery, what next?”

“I come home and sleep, do you want me to help you get something on my way back?” She asked mischievously feigning not to understand what Amaka was driving at.

“You know that’s not what I meant silly, but then I will leave you alone”

“Good because we will be late for work if you don’t get dressed on time”.

Throughout that day at work Jane kept trying to avoid Katherine who was always wanting to talk to her about Jeffery. At lunch Katherine came to sit with her and Amaka but Amaka was quick to tell her off.

“Why are you sitting here?” Amaka asked Katherine rudely.

“Because this is where I want to sit” Katherine replied Amaka defiantly.

These two never liked themselves from day one and they don’t hesitate in showing their hate towards each other.

“Well you can’t sit here, go find yourself another table to sit”

“Says who?” Katherine asked getting ready for a fight with Amaka.

“Me?” Amaka said as she stood folding her arms and waiting for Katherine’s next reply.

“Well girls, I don’t think we should fight over this, we can all share the table besides there’s plenty of room to contain us all” Jane said, trying to intervene in order to avoid a face off between Amaka and Katherine.

“Jane this girl is not going to sit with us, let her go and find somewhere else to sit” Amaka replied not taking her eyes off Katherine.

“Amaka please let’s not fight over this, let’s just eat our food and go”

After what felt like forever in Jane’s eyes, Amaka finally sat down, though it was reluctantly but Jane was grateful all the same. The last thing she wanted was for both of them to get into a fight and revealing her secret of dating Jeffery to Vivian.

While at the middle of lunch, Jane’s phone rang it was Jeffery calling her. The moment she saw the caller ID she quickly turned the phone upside down on the table.

“Won’t you take your call Jane?” Katherine asked with so much interest.

“Yeah won’t you take your call Jane?” Amaka said backing Katherine up.

“Uhmmm… It’s not important I will call the person back after lunch” she replied staring daggers at Amaka who refused to look at her face.

“Or you could excuse yourself and go take the call outside?” Was Amaka’s response who was having fun from putting Jane on the spot.

“Oh I know who is calling you” Katherine beamed.

”Really you do?” Jane asked in fear

”It’s a stalking ex right? We all get one of those sometimes”

“Really? You do have exes who stalk you?” Jane asked

“Yeah yeah, who doesn’t?” Katherine answered with a roll of her eyes.

“Well I don’t, not everyone dates psychopaths” Amaka said as she stood up to leave the table.

“I never said I date psychopaths, besides it takes only a psychopath to know a fellow psychopath!”

“Chill out girls, let’s not start another fight. Katherine I’m sorry, I’m very sure Amaka didn’t mean it that way, right Amaka?”

“I’m not doing this, I’m off to my desk Jane” And with that, Amaka elegantly walked to the elevator making sure to sway her ass just in case Katherine was watching.

“Why doesn’t your friend like me? Did I do something to offend her?”

“No you didn’t, I’m sorry for Amaka’s behavior I’m sure she will come around”

“Well if you say so, so how is Jeffery doing?”

Her question caused Jane to choke on her water “how do you mean? I…. don’t understand”

“Oh sorry I meant to ask if you had seen or heard from Jeffery recently?”

“Oh, no I haven’t seen him or heard from him since after he signed the contract” Jane lied trying to look believable.

“Oh okay, please when you do see him, would you let me know?”

Jane sat there, confused staring at the girl who has suddenly become so obsessed with her boyfriend and all she wanted was to tell her to back off and stay off her man but then she couldn’t do that. So she decided it was best to leave before she ended up doing something stupid.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going back to the office Katherine”

“But you aren’t even finished having your lunch yet?” She asked a little confused.

“Yeah I know but I just remembered I have to call my psychopath ex back, you see he was actually the one calling earlier, and if I don’t call back he is going to start stalking me and then follow me everywhere and then force me marry him”

”You are not making any sense Jane”

Even Jane wasn’t making any sense to herself, but it was either she left or she was going to do something stupid.

”Yeah that’s the thing about my ex, nothing about him makes sense, I have to go now bye” She made a quick dash for the elevator before Katherine stopped her.



At the close of work, Jane decided to call Jeffery.

“Hey there pumpkin, how have you been?” came his deep husky voice

“Good, how was your day?”

“It was okay, still at it though, I have a couple of things to do before I call it a day. How was yours? You are done with work I presume?”

“Yeah I am, you remember we are meeting today right?”

“Yeah I haven’t forgotten, I was actually calling you earlier to know if my driver could come pick you up?”

“Oh yeah about that, sorry I couldn’t pick your call then but not to worry because I already ordered for an uber”.

“Hmm sounds like you already have a place in mind?”

Jane could hear sound of papers being shuffled at the background, she could tell he was busy but was still making out time for her. Every time, this guy just keeps giving her reasons to like him more.

“Jane, are you there?”

“Yeah yeah, uhmm actually I was thinking of coming to meet you at your office and then we can go somewhere together”

“Okay that sounds like a plan, there is this new relaxation spot that just opened not too far from my office, I heard it’s a really cool place to hangout and they bring artists to come play once in a while. Maybe we could go there”

“Alright then”

“I even heard Simi will be playing tonight”

“Really? We are so going there I’m on my way”

Jeffery couldn’t help but laugh at her eagerness sometimes. He decided to quickly finish up the remaining work he had left before she arrived.

Thirty minutes later he was done with work and since Jane hasn’t arrived yet, he decided to put a call through to his mom. He was supposed to be meeting up with her after work at Michael’s place. She has been helping out Anita since her delivery so she was always at their place most of the time.

“Hello mummy, good evening ma”

“Good evening my son how are you?”

“I’m fine thank you mummy”

“Okay that’s good, are you still at the office?”

“Yes mom, I have a couple of things I need to tidy up before leaving”

“So that means you won’t be coming to see us like you planned?”

“About that, I don’t think I can make it today, because when I leave the office I have other engagements to attend to”

“Hmmm this boy and engagements, I just hope engagement ring will come out of one these your numerous engagements?”

“Mummy when I said engagement what I meant w..”

“I know what you meant, don’t teach me English my friend, what I do also know is that there are women involved in these supposed engagements”

“Mummy I think you are..”

“I’m what? You see how Michael decided to be responsible and get married? Now he is a father but I don’t know what the problem is with you and Dele, it’s as if all my prayers are not working, abi you both have decided to remain Lagos bachelors for life?”

“Mummy I have told you I will get married when the time is right”

“When Jeffery? When exactly is the timing going to be right? Or don’t you want to have a beautiful son that will look like you just as Michael’s son looks like him?”

“Mummy the boy isn’t even up to a week old and you already know who he looks like?”

“I bathe him every day remember? And don’t try to change the subject”

Jeffery always hated moments like this; when his mother gets on and on talking about how he needs to get married, one would have thought that after the scare of losing him she was going to back down a little bit, she didn’t. Instead she only went on a few weeks break and came back with a full swing.

“How is Jane?” His mother asked

And as if to answer her question, Jane walked into the office in a breath taking black gown and a pair of heel pumps that made her look bossy in an appealing way.

“She is fine, I have to go now mom, I will talk to you later”

“Wait before you go, why haven’t you asked her out yet? I know you like her”

If only his mother knew the half of it, but then he wasn’t about to let his mother in on his business with Jane especially not with her standing in his office looking this stunningly beautiful.

“Mom, I have to go now, tell Anita I will call her later. Bye”

He hung up and then gave his full attention to Jane.

“Hey boss”

”Boss?” she asked confused.

”You look bossy in your outfit” he answered as he walked up to her and pulled her into his arms for a hug and then a kss. ”And sxy as he.ll”

”I take it that you like it then?”

”I love it”


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