Crypto lost over a trillion dollars of values in this year’s market crash.

Here’s what you need to know.

This market crash is causing many investors to panic and sell their bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for fear that they will lose money.

That is the number one mistake in becoming an investor. Emotions should never determine your buy and sell.


The value of cryptocurrencies will rise again, just not immediately.


If you want to get rich from digital assets, you need to be patient. There are many examples of investors who bought bitcoin in 2009 when it was worth less than $1 per coin and have become millionaires today because they held onto their investment through all the ups and downs since then.

There are also many examples of investors who sold thousands of bitcoin for $1 or less to now regret it.

The question is, which side of the coin do you want to be on?

So, if you’ve invested in crypto and held on, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

The bear market doesn’t mean your investment is going to zero. It doesn’t mean you’re never going to see a return on your money.

And it doesn’t mean crypto is dead forever.

The bear market is not the enemy.

As Warren Buffett famously said: “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”

This advice is especially true for crypto investors during bear markets. A bear market can be an opportunity for you to buy more coins at a cheaper price than before.

But why would anyone want to buy more coins now? Well, there are several reasons why the bear market is not the enemy — it’s an opportunity!

Don’t run in fear. Instead, reframe your mindset and see what a bear market can do for your portfolio and your wealth journey.


The goal of every Trader and Investor is to make a profit, and that’s why everyone wants to see the market green. The truth is, a lot of Traders and Investors have lost lots of money in this recent crash, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make money in the bear market.

In today’s article, I want to open your eyes to understanding the basics of the bear market; that is, how to make money in a bear market. You can make money and become rich even when the market is red. I will share with you a proven strategy to build wealth by taking advantage of the bear market…Are you ready for this? Now leave whatever you are doing and read this article to the end.


The bull market becomes fascinating when Cryptocurrency reaches an All-time high, which means everyone is in green and everyone is in profit. When we talk about the bear market, it implies everyone is in red and everyone is at a loss.

Now, what are the Bull and Bear markets?

In my definition, the Bull market is when the value of an asset rises and a Bear market occur when the value of an asset falls for a sustained period.

When there is a crash in the demand for assets, one of the most powerful emotions that leads to the worst investment decision is “Fear”

Fear of missing out on the opportunity and Fear of losing money. When there is a critical drop in the market, people become scared and sell off their position at a loss.

A Bear market may look like it will last forever because it’s very boring to most people, but it always comes to an end which will eventually turn into a Bull market.

The best way to avoid this emotion in decision-making is to acquire a wealth mindset and factor in a proven technique and the risk in it no matter what happens.

I was talking to one of my students yesterday, and I told him that if you want to make money trading and investing in cryptocurrency you should have the right mindset and learn how to wait and buy.

Now here are some of the mindsets I want you to adopt and succeed in the crypto industry.


I learnt a lot from Crypto Casey and most of what I have learned, my experiences and my thoughts to make you have the right mindset and be successful in your investment are what I will discuss with you in the remaining phase of this article.

1: We are early in the crypto market.

If you have this mindset and know very well we are early in the market, I do not see the reason why your emotions will control you.

However, in the long-term run, the cryptocurrency market is always in an uptrend so thinking you have lost your money because of the recent crash and selling off your position at loss is not the right thing to do and that doesn’t guarantee that you have the right mindset.
Moreover, make sure you can afford to invest before you start putting money away.

2: Crypto is the key to financial freedom.

Without being told, you know very well that a lot of profit can be made in the cryptocurrency market, the market cap for the crypto industry as of March 2022 is above $2 trillion and becoming a dollar millionaire is very possible.

Having the mindset that crypto is the key to financial freedom is essential in your trading and investment journey.

3: Crypto is a lifetime opportunity.

A lot of people still doubt cryptocurrency may be because of their bad experienced or lack of understanding of the technology that powers it ( The Blockchain Technology).

Believe it or not, crypto is the future of money and it’s a movement that will cause a recognition that will affect every area of our lives. Knowing about it now is a great opportunity you have.

4: Consistent Investing system is the key to success.

For you to be successful in any market you must have a proven strategy that works, and whenever you found this perfect system that works, double down on it and scale.

Implementing a proven strategy in your trade and investment will lead you to success. Read below to discover the two proven strategies you can accept to build wealth in the bear market.


1: Implementing Dollar-Cost Average (DCA)

Dollar-cost average is when you are constantly putting an equal amount of funds into an investment based on your decision and regardless of the price.

This strategy can be used both in the Bull and the Bear market, but the difference is that, in the Bull market, you acquire less for more and in the Bear market you acquire more for less.

Let me explain to make it clearer for 13yr old child to understand, let’s say you are frequently investing $50 in Solana every week regardless of the current price of Solana, what happened is that it will help you decrease your exposure to price volatility.

As a crypto trader and investor, you learn to agree on what project to invest in, the amount, the regularity and the method to follow in your investment.

In crypto investing, regular investing practice will lead you to success, adopting the DCA strategy in this Bear market will enable you to acquire more for less by financing a steady amount over time and this will help you accumulate compound wealth in the next Bull market.

2: One-time Investment.

Most of the time, influencers, traders and many experts told you to buy and hold for the long term, which is a perfect strategy but the question is, what is the right time to buy?

It has gotten to the point where you have to learn how to wait and buy. In the bear market, people get scared and sell off their position, some get bored and turn their interest elsewhere forgetting it’s the best time and opportunity to become rich in the industry.

A one-time investment in the bear market will make you wealthy in the next Bull run and depending on the amount invested.

I learnt something every time I watch Reno Omokri’s video “The best prediction of an event is the past event.”

Let me take you back to price history. In March 2020, BTC is as low as $3800, and if you have invested $1000 in Bitcoin as of then, right now is another bear market may 2022 it will be worth $9500 which is almost 10 times profit despite the dip, if you are not in the long term, as the market picks up in Nov 2021 you will earn $18,000 which is 18 times profit.

In March 2020, a $1000 investment in ETH at $86 low would have been $31,300 in May 2022, and at Nov 2021 pick, it would have been $56,600 which is 56 times gain.

The same applies to another coin. Bear markets always come to an end and while waiting for the next bull run, try to take advantage of the bear market.


I hope you have seen the need and ways to take advantage of the bear market and how to make money in a bear market?