Episode 61

Christiana saw herself fueled with anger after she dropped the call on Ochen and she noticed she forgot her bag in Bale car.
She heaved and went to his office but saw it locked, then she called up Bale but he didn’t pick up.

“Why nau? And I don’t have any money with me to get something for Regina to eat, she said to herself and her phone began to ring again.
She checked and saw it was her mom calling,
“Oh my God! She exclaimed and picked the call.

“Mommy good morning, Christy said.
“Christiana, tell me something, have I been forgotten or what? Jendyose asked.

“No mommy please don’t say that, I’m so sorry, Christy said.
“Because I don’t understand anything anymore ever since you relocated to the capital, I see myself begging to call you, Jendy said.


“No mommy, actually I was planning to come see you this weekend and mommy, there is good news, Christy said.
“What is that? Jendy asked.

“Mom you won’t believe it, I saw my baby, I’ve found her, Christy said.
“You mean? Jendy asked and Christy smiled.

“You mean you found your baby? Jendy asked again.
“Don’t worry mom, I’ll be with you soon with her and I’ll tell you everything. I’m at work now mom, I’ll call you later, Christy said.

“Oh my God! Please give me the chance to talk with my granddaughter okay, Jendy said.
“I will mom, I’ll call you later, Christy said and dropped the call and hurried back to the class…….


Cynthia family refused to believe all Mukasa told them about Cynthia,
“My sister has always been faithful and loved you alone, even though you cheated on her with a small girl yet she didn’t leave your side, is this all you can repay her with by stabbing her in the back because she’s dead and not able to say her own part of the story huh? Her brother asked.

“What part of the story will she want to say when its obvious? I know nothing I will say now will make sense to you, but if you want, I’ll take you to the station so you’ll hear it yourself, Mukasa said.

“And where is this Achen? She also need to answer to me why she kept the news of my daughter de.ath from me, her mother said.
“You mean Achen? Who do you think Cynthia was cheating with? Pius is Achen husband and he is the one your daughter was shamelessly sIeeping with and Achen is aware of it. Now if it were you will you be interested in Cynthia anymore? Mukasa asked and Cynthia family foo lishly looked at him.

“Enough of all this, take me to the station, Her brother said.
“With all pleasure, let’s go, Mukasa said and went in to change up.

Soon Ochen saw some strange people leaving the house with Mukasa and Bale was not seen with them.
“Where could that idi ot be because he’s not at home, Ochen said to himself and drove off from where he parked……..


Throughout the break period, Christy didn’t see Bale around the school and she began to panic when his number was switched off.
Ochen noticed the same thing too and he decided to go in to talk with Christiana himself.

He asked help from the teachers and he saw Christy feeding Regina in the class. He calmly greeted the head teacher ahd Christy was so surprised to see him,
“Hi, he said and touched Regina calmly on her cheeks.
“Welcome uncle, Regina greeted.

“Thanks darling, Ochen said and looked at Christy who took her glance on him and faced Regina to feed her but he held her hand.
“let me do it please, he said getting the plate from her which she didn’t want to fight It to avoid embarrassment.

“You shouldn’t be here, Christy said looking at him.
“You mean I can’t visit here? He asked.

“You know what I mean, and are you here because of Bale? She asked and Ochen smiled at her.
“Uncle I’m filled, Regina said.

“Alright baby, have some water, Ochen said and gave her to drink.
“Thank you, mommy thank you, Regina said and Christy nodded touching her hair.

“I’ll go pee pee outside, Regina said.
“Wait I’ll go with you, Christy said.

“mommy I can do it, Regina said and ran outside and Ochen looked at Christy.
“She’s lovely, he said.

“Yes she is, she replied coldly and he heaved.
“I’m sorry for what I said to you the other day, I shouldn’t have, he said.

“Is that why you came? She asked.
“Eemmm i called you this morning and I did that because i care, my brother is up to no good, and i should warn you about him. He knows about Mukasa, he said and Christy smiled.

“That’s because i told Bale about him, she said.
“I see, did you also tell him Mukasa house address even before You found out Regina is your lost daughter? He asked.

“What do you mean? She asked.
“Bale already knew about Mukasa and where he stays. Yesterday evening he was at Mukasa place and I’m sure they are both planning something, especially on how to take Regina from you, he said and Christy shook her head.

“Who’s paying you to say all this crap? She asked.
“You call this crap? He asked.

“Of course it is, now if you don’t mind take it elsewhere because its not welcomed. What has come over you Ochen? Don’t forget its your brother you’re sta.bbing at the back this way, and for what? She asked and Ochen shook his head.
“Is that what you think? He asked.

“Bale is changed, give him a chance to prove it to you because I’m tired, whatever differences you have with your brother settle it and stop meddling me with it. I have to go find my daughter, excuse me, Christiana said and left Ochen there sitting down…….


Some minutes to the closing time, Bale drove into the school and Christiana excused herself to meet him outside,
“Hi Christy, he said and pecked her.
“where did you go to all through today? He asked.

“Sorry i had an emergency call i had to attend to, and also i saw your bag, he said.
“Yea i forgot it in there, its a good thing the head teacher lend me some money to get Regina lunch, she said.

“Oh I’m sorry about that, I’ll pay her right away, he said.
“Don’t bother, i have some coins in my bag, and welcome back, she said.

“Thank you, I’ll go rest for a while before the bell rings, see ya later, he said and Christy smiled waving at him and let with her bag.


Few minutes later, Bale was already driving with them home when Christiana brought out the discussion.
“I spoke with my mom today and she was so happy to hear Regina on phone. She pleaded if we can come see her tomorrow, Christy said.
“Tomorrow? He asked.

“I told her to relax till weekend but she refused, she’s so eager and i understand, she replied.
“So do you want to go tomorrow? He asked.

“If it is possible then i don’t mind, she replied and he nodded.
“No problem then, he said.

“Really? Thank you so much, Christy said and pecked him and Bale looked at her smiling.
“I like that Christiana, don’t worry soon it will just be the two of us and there won’t be any pest anymore, all your attention and love is mine and no body else, he said in his heart and looked at Regina smiling at her.

“Are you also excited to meet grandmother tomorrow? He asked.
“yes, grand mom promised me a lot of things, she replied.

“Awnnn so sweet, please Make sure you bring your mom back to me okay, she might forget to come back here, he said and Christy laughed.
“That’s not possible, we will be back after the weekend, she replied………


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