Episode 41

The bell was heard for lunch and the kids were excited,
“You can’t write Regina, shame! A girl said with her tongue out and ran outside, while Regina sat quietly looking at them as they laughed and ran out one by one.

Christiana hurriedly helped the head teacher in marking the classwork they gave to the kids and the head teacher noticed it,

“Wait, are you in a hurry to go somewhere? The head teacher Asked.
“Yes that’s right, she replied.

“Okay you can go if its that important, the way you are marking the books you might make a mistake, she said.
“Really? I’m so sorry about that I’ll be careful next time, Christy said.


“Is okay, you can go, she said and Christy thanked her and left to the next class.
She got in and met Regina all alone in the class with her head covered on the desk and she slowly touched her.
Regina raised her head up and saw her,
“You came? She asked and Christy nodded and draw a seat to sit down.

“I promised i will, Hungry? Christy asked.
“No I can’t collect anything from you again so that my daddy won’t beat me again, Regina replied.

“Your dad beat you? But why I only wanted to help why should he do that when you were starving, Christy said.

“Aunty please don’t give me again, he told me he will smell my mouth when I come back from school, Regina said and Christiana looked at her surprised and shook her head.

“That’s serious I must say, so can I see your bag? Christy asked and she shook her head.
“But why? I want to help you, i promise I won’t laugh at you, Christy said and Regina almost cried when Christy took the bag from her.

Christiana saw that and gave her back the bag and she embraced it tight looking at her,
“Tell me Regina, why are you so scared? She asked.
“Because I don’t know anything, people always laugh at me, Regina replied.

“I understand and its okay for you to be scared, but what you said is wrong, you know a lot of things darling all you need to do is learn, Christy said.

“But I don’t know anything, I’m always backward and answer wrong questions in class and everyone will laugh at me, Regina said.

“Honey if you let me I can help you stop this, but first I need to see your book, I need to see your performance so I’ll tell your weakness, Christy said and Regina shook her head still holding her bag and her teacher walked in..
“Welcome ma, sorry I got into your class, Christiana greeted.

“Its no problem, why do you keep bothering yourself over that girl? She’s a failure, the teacher said and Christy jaw dropped.

“Ma isn’t that too harsh on a small girl like her? Those words won’t help her either but will make her not to believe in herself, besides is it not our place to bring out the best in children like her? Christy asked and the teacher sighed.

“I don’t want to be rude please, but I beg you I don’t like this in my class. I hope it won’t be because of her we get to have problems, can you please give me privacy in my class?

You’re too early to start interfering in my job, just let me do my thing, the woman said and Christiana heaved and looked at Regina.

“Can I at least give you money for snacks? She asked and Regina shook her head.
Christiana nodded and got up,
“Sorry about that madam, Christy said to the teacher and slowly left the class.

The teacher hissed loudly after Christy left and angrily looked at Regina who slowly returned her head back on the desk.
Christiana went out walking on the field and felt so bad.

“Regina need help, and no matter what I must help that kid out, I pray someone too will show kindness to my daughter wherever she is now, She silently prayed and watched the kids playing around…………


Achen drove down to a bar and gulped down some bottles of alcohol as she already planned every strategy she will carry out in her head.

She smiled and gulped down another and her phone began to ring.
she looked at the screen and saw it was Mukasa calling and she picked up but said nothing to him,
“Hi, how did it go? Won’t you say something to me? Mukasa asked and Achen began to laugh which made him confused.

“You know what dear Mukasa, I really love this show, this will go down big time, she said.

“Are you okay? I mean are you drunk or something? He asked when he noticed the change in her voice and she laughed.

“I am just celebrating Mukasa common, its a happy day for me so let me celebrate, she replied and saw tears rolling down her cheeks and she wiped it.

“It really hurts Mukasa, especially when it came from a friend, the $tab and betrayal goes deep and makes you look like a complete fool, it should have been anybody not my friend, she calmly said.

“I’m so sorry about that, I had no idea myself, they both made a fool out of me, Mukasa said and she smiled.

“Don’t worry, I will end this myself and when I’m done, I won’t care about the consequences, she said.

“No no no Achen don’t do something rash, just let me know what you’re planning to do, he said.

“Don’t worry, I can take care of myself and i don’t need your help when you’re not done helping yourself, bye, Achen said and dropped the call on him.

She stood up taking her keys with her and drove home immediately.

She checked the time and saw Princess will be back from school soon, she heaved and made a call immediately.

“Yea its Achen speaking, please can you deliver my daughter favorite food now? I’m too tired to do anything now, she said.
“Okay ma’am, we will be there soon, a voice was heard.

“Thank you, Achen said and dropped the call looking at herself in the mirror and saw her eyes were swollen and red.
She threw her hair backwards and cleaned her eyes.

“Be strong for your daughter, she’s the only important one in your life Achen, she said to herself and left to have a shower………..


Achen words sank deeply in Mukasa that he hated himself and saw himself useless,
“Now anyone can talk to me even Achen who i do help in the past is making mockery of me whenever she wants. Why is life so cruel?

This isn’t fair to me at all, he said as he remembered after working for hours he was paid so little and asked to shut his mouth or get kicked out from the job.

To ease the anger in his heart he decided to call Achen but got more bittered when he heard her reply.

“Whatever you want to do Achen its strictly your business now and I’m not a part of it any more and i don’t care! he angrily said and deleted her number from his phone……..

Princess returned from school and Achen Carried her touching her hair,
“How was school today love? She asked.
“Fine mommy, I had a big good in my book, Princess happily replied.

“Awwwnnn my baby is so intelligent, Achen said pecking her and a tear dropped from her eyes.
“Mommy are you crying? Princess asked touching her face but she shook her head.

“No baby why should I? I have your favorite food here ready For you, come let’s shower go first, Achen said forcing a smile and carried her to her room……….


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