What you eat directly affects your overall health and also affects your blood sugar levels.

Keeping your blood sugar levels controlled is one way to stay healthy, whether or not you are diabetic.

One way to control your blood sugar levels is by eating food that does not raise your blood sugar levels quickly.

Green plantains are example of food that will not cause your blood sugar to spike.

For Blood Sugar

Get some unripe plantains,
slice them with the back.
Add enough water to the quantity of the unripe plantains you wish to boil in a day.
Do not peel the back, just wash and boil them.
When ready, remove the green back and eat the plantains. Then drink the boil water which you’ve used in boiling it, preferably you can drink the water throughout the day.

Eat this 3 times a day for one month, then check your sugar level. And for faster result, be consistent in eating unripe plantains.

Note : change of diet is a must to managed and control your sugar level.

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