THE HUNTED HOUSE 2: Episodes 1 – The End

The Hunted House 2!

Written and composed by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 1.

Mrs Jadeshola and her daughter Mary had walked a long distance trying to find a road where they can finally get a vehicle to take them home. All through their trecking they’ve not seen any house, all that surrounded them was bushes upon bushes. She had begun to regret why she allowed the driver divert from the main road. She started to recall the event of the day.

They have left home quiet early, so as to get to Rumofa village on time. Mary was excited as she was visiting her father’s village for the first time in 16years. Her father has died when she was a baby and her mom had told her that she went to the village for the burial with her but Mary does not remember any of it and so the joy she had when her mom finally announced to her that they were going to the village cannot be explained.

They had chattered the car at the park, because they wanted to be comfortable and also arrive on time.
Mrs Jadeshola would have driven her car but she was not too familiar with the road anymore and the long distance to the village would affect her and so they decided to take a cab.

The driver had driven off the major road into a bush part which he claimed was a shorter and faster road. Mary had told her mom she would prefer that they continued on the express but she told her not to worry that since the driver was familiar with the road they had nothing to fear. And so she kept quiet and they drove along.

Trouble came when the speed of the car started reducing and the driver had that confused look that showed he didnt understood what was happening. Finally the car came to a stop in the middle of no where. The driver had done everything within his power to get the car back on motion but to no avail. The weirdest thing about it is that he could not even figure out what was wrong with the car.

He apologised to the woman and her daughter and told them he has to go into town to seek for help.

”And how do you intend to get to town”? Jadeshola asked? Do you know how many hours we’ve been driving in this Bush part? Its more than three hours in case you dont know, how long do you think it will take you to treck out of this bush to get help? ”She asked frustrated.

”Well madam, what do you want me to do? We just can’t stay here and do nothing na. The only thing I can think of right now is go and look for help.”

Mary: And what will we be doing when you go and look for this help?

”Just sit in the car and wait for me. What else can you do?” The driver said as he picked up his phone and purse and walked into the bush.

Jadeshola quickly grabbed her bag and looked for her phone, she needed to make a call but unfortunately there was not a single sign of network. She looked from front to back, left to right, there was no sign of anyone, even the driver had disappeared. The whole place was quiet as a grave yard. It was just her, Her daughter and the birds of the sky. She quickly asked Mary to sit inside the car and lock the doors.

They both got into the car and pinned the doors down. She checked the time it was almost She held her daughter close to her and said a short prayer.

Jadeshola: Dear Lord, please keep us safe and take us from this bush and I swear, never again will I try to pass a short cut in my life ever again.

”Amen” Mary answered slowly as she held on tightly to her mom.

It begins…….

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