MARRIED TO MR POPULAR : Season 2 Episodes 1 – 10

?Married To Mr Popular?

(Couple’s R0mance)


Episode 1

By: Faith Lucky.

Bethel’s Pov:
“I have a car! I have a car!” I heard myself scream and opened my eyes to discover I was saying it in my dream.

I sat up on the bed and cupped my chin in my hands.

Remembering last night’s incidence almost made me scream out loud.

Oh, God! I have a car! A brand new Bugatti!

The thought of it alone played jingle bells in my heart.

I covered my face with my palm and giggled. He even pecked me!

Seriously, I dreamt of it. Yes, the whole image returned to me in the dream. I was so overjoyed last night and didn’t even know I’d be able to sleep.

Shortly, the door opened and as expected, Ryan came in.

Huh? He wasn’t alone. He was with three people.

“Good morning, ma’am Bethel” the three strange faces greeted with a little bow.
They were two women and one man.

“H-hi” I replied, feeling surprised.

They smiled and followed Ryan to his wardrobe.

“Here. Take everything out” he told them after opening the wardrobe.

They nodded and set to work, bringing out all the clothes from the wardrobe and putting them in a bag they came with.

What’s going on?

I left the bed immediately.

“R..Ryan” I called as I drew closer to where he stood and he turned to look at me.

“Um…Good morning” I remembered I had to greet him.

“Hi. Good morning” he replied a little Breezily.

“Um…what’s going on? Where are they taking your clothes?” I asked and he cracked.

“I’m changing my wardrobe. Its something I do every week” he replied, but I was still a bit confused.

“You’re…changing your wardrobe?” I asked.

“Yeah – new clothes will be brought in later in the day.”


“B…But why?” I asked curiously and he shrugged.

“I don’t repeat clothes, Bethel” he replied and went over to the table where his laptop was kept.


I scoffed and looked at the strange faces as they continued packing out the clothes.

So, the rumors were true? Ryan doesn’t repeat clothes? He changes his wardrobe every week!!!


I turned to him as he faced his laptop which he was now operating.

“Ryan” I called again, but he didn’t turn to look at me.

“Um…I really wanna thank you for the gift. I…I didn’t expect it. Thanks a lot” I said and saw him smile.

“You’re welcome” he replied and closed the laptop, then turned around to look at me.

“Although, I still think you owe me a gift” he added and walked away.

I turned immediately and found him walking out of the room.

Oh! That’s true. I didn’t give him a gift. But, do I really have to?

Urgh! Bethel.
What gift could I possibly give to him? ?

I took my bath and got ready for school and went downstairs for breakfast immediately.

After eating, I went out to the parking lot and saw my new baby waiting for me.

Gosh! This car’s damn too cute.

I smiled as I approached it and Lana came running behind me.

“Bethel!” I heard her call and turned to see her scuttling towards me.

“Hi” I said as she finally got to where I was.

“Um…I don’t mean to delay you. But, I heard one of the maids say that car over there belongs to you and I just wanted to know if it was true” she said and I chuckled.

But hold on; how did the maids get to know about this?


“Uh…yes, its mine. Ryan gave it to me yesterday” I replied and she gasped.

“Oh, my God! Are you kidding me??? It’s so cute.” She said dreamily, making my head two.

“Thanks” I blushed in a smile.

“Come on, babe. You need to take a picture with this. Go on and stand close to the car. It won’t take long’ she said as she brought out her phone.

I giggled and went to stand next to the car.

Hm. This feels so good.

She turned on her Camera and took about four five to pictures.

“Thanks baby” she beamed as she stared into the phone.

“You’re welcome”.

My driver who was already waiting for me in my usual school van, saw what was happening and came closer.

“Ma’am Bethel..”

“Good morning, Josh.” I cut him off.
“This is my new car. So, from now on, you’ll be taking me to school with this” I said and handed the car keys to him.

He looked shocked and wanted to ask questions, but I didn’t give him a chance to ask I walked into the car.

Oh, my baby!!!

It was so cool and felt just like a house.

Josh got into the driver’s seat and started the car and soon, we were on the road.

Geez! This car is bae!

I couldn’t even tell if we were on the road or not because it made me feel like we were driving on air. It was incredible!

“Congratulations ma’am” Josh said, looking at me through the mirror.

“Thanks Josh” I replied happily and opened my phone.

Gosh! I don’t think I’ve been this excited in years .

I had already told Nicole about it last night and she was anxiously waiting to see it today in school.

Oh, Ryan!
I love you for this.
After a while, we arrived in school and even the security men at the gate were already drooling on the car as we drove in.

Josh kept going until we got to the front of the building and that was when he stopped.

I opened the door and came out of the car and found what seemed like the entire school to me, staring at me.

Nicole who has been waiting outside for me, came running to me immediately.

“Girlfriend!” She squeaked and ran into my arms.

I giggled and embraced her.

“Oh, my gee! Are you kidding me? Is this the car?” She asked in shock as she went round the car.

“Yes, Nicole. This is my baby” I said with a childish look

“Awwn. Oh, my God! Its so beautiful, Bethel. Its cute!” She exclaimed, making my cheeks turn more red.

I looked around and noticed all eyes were on me. Students were running out of their classes to look at the car and some were even taking pictures of it.

“You’re so lucky, Bethel. I feel like sleeping in it” Nicole said and I laughed.

Just then, a car drove in and stopped close to mine and I glanced at the window and noticed it was Blair.

I folded my hands and waited for her to get out of the car and she did – slowly.

She paused after closing the door and looked at the car in front of her. Shock and bemusement was large writ on her face.

“Hey, Blair”, I waved at her.

“What happened? Why didn’t your dad drop you off with his Bugatti?” I asked but she kept mute for a while, obviously carried away.

“He…had to go somewhere…important”, she replied absent mindedly.

“Um…Bethel, is this yours?” She asked and I scoffed.

“Of course. What does it look like to you? My husband gave it to me yesterday as a valentine gift” I said with a smirk and her eyes dimmed.

“He…He did?” She asked, stupefied.

“Yes, Blair. And just so you know, its the latest model.” I paused and moved closer to her.

“You know, Blair, people like us, we don’t brag with things that belongs to our fathers, we actually prefer to own them ourselves” I stated and turned to leave but stopped and looked at her again.

“Actually, I’d have loved to give you a ride, but I wouldn’t want my car to get stained with tears. And just a piece of advice, tell your dad to stop bringing that old cargo to school” I concluded and walked away, with Nicole following me behind.

“I love you, Bethel”she said and hugged me when we got to the passage.

I chuckled and played with her hair.
Well, that serves Blair right.

We finally got to the class and throughout out the rest of the day, my car was the talk of the entire school.
After school hours, Nicole told me she wanted to have a taste of the car and as a result, she decided to follow me home. Besides, she said she also wanted to see what the Winthrop mansion looked like.

I also had marriage classes to attend and that was the reason I couldn’t study with Kyle after school hours.
“Oh my God!” She gasped into her phone as we sat next to each other in the car.

“Have you seen this, Bethel? You’re already a celebrity!” She exclaimed and I collected the phone from her immediately.

Oh, my!

My pictures were all over on the net.
They were the pictures I had taken this morning with the car.

Lana; she was the one who had taken the pictures.

How come they spread so fast that different websites were carrying the news already with the headlines:


“Mrs Popular!” Nicole screamed and hugged me tight.
I couldn’t help but blush.

“You’re so lucky, Bethel. I wish I were in your shoes” she said dreamily and I tweaked her nose.

“Keep dreaming, Nicole. But, keep my husband out of your dreams” I glared.

“Woahhhh. Look who’s becoming a husband fighter.” She teased and I slapped her on the arm.

We got to the mansion and she couldn’t hide her astonishment as she kept looking around.

“This is paradise, Bethel! I can’t believe you live here” she beamed and I laughed.

I gave her enough time to go round the house and she kept jumping like a baby.

She took selfies at the garden, by the pool, and at the parking lot which she said looked like a place where cars were sold.

When she was done, I took her into the house and unfortunately, met Judy in the sitting room watching a movie.

She scrawled her eyes at me as I entered and I ignored her and took Nicole to the room.

“Oh…my…gee! Don’t tell me this is the room you share with Ryan?” She asked abacked as we entered into the bedroom.

Well, what do you think?’ I shrugged.

“Oh, Bethel! Its super cool! It looks just like a King’s bedroom!” She exclaimed and I laughed and sat on the bed.

“Did you see that?’ She asked and rushed over to the table which had bundles of money kept on it.

“Is this how carelessly he leaves his money? This money is capable of changing a complete family!”

I laughed again. This girl’s such a drama queen.

“Seriously Bethel, how do you feel staying in this room with someone like Ryan? You’re so lucky, girlfriend. I wish I were born in your place” she squeaked and I rolled my eyes at her.

Then, she went over to his wardrobe.

“Is this his?” She asked, her hands already placed on it.

“Move away from there, Nicole. Don’t play with that” I warned but she still went ahead to open it.

“Oh, my God!!” She gasped.

Just like he said, new clothes had been replaced in the wardrobe.

‘Check out these jewelries, Bethel! I’m pretty sure they’re capable of buying an entire country!!” She shrieked in excitement.

“I’m warning you, Nicole. Ryan might be home any moment from now. Get out of there!” I rasp but she still didn’t listen.

She took up some of the jewelries and adored them.

“How can a guy have so much jewelries???” She asked and after a while, closed the wardrobe and came to me on the bed.

“Oh, girlfriend! You’re so lucky. I wish I had a mother who would force me to get married to someone like Ryan”. She said and I laughed.

“You’re crazy” I told her.

“Um…Bethel” she coughed and sat properly to face me.

“So, um…you and Ryan, you haven’t…had your first night, right?” She asked and I flinched.

“What? Hell no!” I replied with a repugnant look.

“What do you mean hell no? You guys are married, Bethel! He deserves it” she said.

“Well, I’m not ready for it, Nicole. Gosh! I can’t.”

“Are you kidding me? You’re nineteen, baby! Why are you starving this young guy? Who knows if he’s stopped having s3x since you two got married”

“Well, I haven’t had s3x my entire life. So, its no big deal” I rolled my eyes.

“You’re naughty, Bethel. Well, let me warn you; Ryan’s a s3x freak and you’ve starved him for far too long. By the time you two start having s*x, he’s gonna deal mercilessly with you” she said and I hit her on the head.

“You’re crazy, Nicole. Get out of my room” I blurted and she laughed.

“Besides,” I said
“What if I get pregnant? Haven’t you thought of that?”

“And so what? You’re married, Bethel. And you’ll be done with High School in less than two months from now. Besides, do you know what it means getting pregnant for Mr popular? Oh, my geeee” she exclaimed and hugged me, making me laugh.

“I understand you, Nicole. And I don’t really mean to starve him. But, I’m just scared. What if I get pregnant for the wrong guy? What if…”

“Are you crazy?” She cut me off.
“What are you trying to say, Bethel? You’re married to Ryan already!”

“I know, but…” I paused and sighed.

“You know we were kind of forced into this. So…”
I paused again as an idea suddenly flitted through my mind.

“Oh my God! Nicole!” I exclaimed.

“I think I have an idea”.

“What idea?” She asked curiously.

“I…I think I’ve gotten a way to know if Ryan and I are really meant to be”.

Her eyes gleam.

“Really? How???

“The love signs!!” I chimed.

“Love signs?”

“Yes! I’ll ask for three signs and if Ryan gets to pass all of them, then I’ll know we’re really meant to be and this entire marriage stuff wasn’t a mistake!”

“Woahh. Does that work?”

“Of, Nicole. It does. Mum has used it before”.

A short silence stepped in.

“O..kay. So, what are the signs?” She asked and I cleared my throat and adjusted on the bed.

“Well, first, tomorrow morning, I want him to make me breakfast” I said and she scoffed.

“Are you joking or what? How on earth do you expect Ryan of all people to specially prepare breakfast? I’m not even sure he has ever handled a match stick before”.

“Well, that’s the point, Nicole. You’ll ask for things that seem almost impossible. And if really he’s to pass the test, then the angel of love will make him do all that” I enthused.

“Angel of love?’ She chuckled.
“What the hell is that? That’s supersti…”

“Fine! Just shut up, Nicole” I cut her off.

“Okay. First sign acquired. So, what’s the second sign?” She asked and I smiled.

“you know, Ryan doesn’t repeat clothes. But tomorrow, I want him to repeat the same clothes he was putting on today” I replied, remembering it was a red suit.

“Wow! You’re something else, girl” she said and I giggled.

“And finally, I want him to buy me a gold colored necklace.

“If he’s able to carry out these signs, then I’ll know we’re really meant to be and no matter what happens, we’ll always end up together”.

“And…will you sleep with him after that?” She asked and I shrugged.

“Maybe” I replied and we laughed and fell on the bed together.

Judy’s Pov:
I stood outside the door and listened to the crazy ladies conversation.

Hm. Love signs.


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