IN A TEN YEAR OLD BODY: Episode 31-The End

????In a 10 year old body????

(???She’s 23 but 10, she’s trapped???)

??By Authoress B????

??Episode 31??

Damon POV
“What are you doing here Melissa?” I asked.

“Hmm, is it wrong that I came to visit my lover?” She asked.

“I think I should make things clear to you, we aren’t dating anymore and I have my own girl now” I replied..

“Damon! You should know that you can’t lie to me, I know you still love me!” She said and I scoffed.

“I was actually staring at my beautiful girl pictures, care to see them?” I asked and showed her I and craziee pictures.

She suddenly burst into laughter and walked in, then sat down. What’s so funny?

“Damon! That’s silly, even if you wanted to trick me, you should have gotten someone older and not a kid” she laughed.

“I have had just enough of your nonsense and I will appreciate it if you leave right now” I glared.

“Damon, I am really sorry about what I did. I didn’t mean to cheat on you” she said and I laughed while she stared at me probably confused.

“What’s…what’s so funny?” She asked.

“You are funny Melissa, I actually appreciate the fact that you cheated on me cause I lost interest in this relationship since a long time ago and craziee made me feel true love” I replied.

“Craziee? Didn’t you say she was…..was…your cook?” She stuttered.

“Well, she’s no longer a cook, she’s now my girlfriend. Now if you would excuse me” I said and left for my room.

If I was told that I would get over an heartbreak so soon,I would have denied the fact, this is all possible because of craziee.

I so much love her and I am missing her so much, I can’t call her right now, she would still be on the plane.

But Melissa, why does she have to come here? I now hate her! I don’t want to see her around!

Craziee POV
I alighted from the cab that I had taken from the airport. This is definitely the place that Damon told me to come to.

I knocked on the door and the door opened to reveal a woman probably in her early fifties.

“You must be Vivian” she said In a questioning manner.

“Yes and you must be Dr Stella?” I asked.

“Yeah, come in” she said paving the way for me to come in.

“Vivian, feel at home, we will start your therapy tomorrow” she said and I sat on the chair.

“You definitely have some secrets” she said.


“You don’t need to tell me but you really have to let it go, no matter what it is” she said and I nodded.

“I will try” I replied.

“Good! I prepared your room already, that’s your room over there” she said pointing to a room.

“Thanks” I mutyeted before walking into my room.

The room was great, not as huge or beautiful as my room in Damon’s house but it was good.

I settled into the room and started staring at me phone. Isn’t he going to call? Or did he forget about me so soon?

Should I call him then? No! No! He’s gonna think I miss him, well it’s not like I don’t miss him. I miss him like crazy but I won’t call him

Damon POV
The flight must have been over by now. I should call craziee, I dialed her contact but she didn’t pick it up.

Ugh? She usually picks up call early, what’s wrong? Is she busy with the the therapy already? Maybe so.

Vivian POV
Wait a min! He’s not going to call again? I was trying to wait a while before picking the call so he won’t think I am too anxious about picking his calls.

But instead the call ended and he’s not calling back. Fuck him! I went to the bathroom and took a nice bath, I changed into something simpler and went out go meet Dr Stella.

“Hey, just wanted to come call you, dinner is ready!” She said.

“You shouldn’t have disturbed yourself doing this, I could have cooked” she said and the door opened to reveal a guy.

“Mum” he said and hugged Dr Stella.

“Here is the girls we have been waiting for, Vivian” Dr Stella introduced.

“She’s so little, can I call you a kid, kiddo?” He asked and I closed my eyes.

Do I really have to deal with this again?

“I am not a kid and don’t try teasing me” I said.

If not for the fact that his mum is here, I know what I would have done to this guy.

After dinner, I went to my room and saw Damon missed calls, 15 missed calls.
I smiled knowing that he definitely missed me.

I was about to call him when a knock interrupted, before I could even ask who was at the door the person walked in.

It turned out to be Joe, Dr Stella’s son. He walked to me with a smile and sat beside me on the bed.

“Trying to call who?” She asked.

“My….my boyfriend, I guess” I replied.

“You are definitely kidding me, no one is gonna date a kid like you” he said and I grabbed a pen.

“Do you wanna know why he dated me?” I asked.

“Yeah” he replied.

“This is the reason” I said and jumped on him biting him and tearing his clothes.

I am not going to have mercy on this guy, I am going to kill him totally.

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