Ashely! She’s the real boss?

???Season Three????
??? Chapter Eleven????



I was pissed off because I couldn’t find my Gold diary, the one dad had bought for me as a sweet sixteen birthday gift.

I asked maids to search for it in my room but they’re just useless. I angrily stormed out of my room when they told me, they could find it in my room. I was about to leave the mansion after making up my mind to go back to the school and look for it.

I met mummy on her way in, she was with a lady probably her late fifty. She’s beautiful tho, she was staring at me awkwardly and scoffed. I hope she’s not a nanny because I’m having a problem with my current nanny, that old hag’s difficult to deal with.

As I was talking to mummy even after making attempt to call her by her name, I composed myself because of the visitor.

“Who’s she?” I inquired. The woman smirked. I wasn’t pleased by the aura.

*whoa! She’s actually a replica of Odette. Poor thing, she’ll soon lose her only daughter.*

Dmn it!

“Mummy this woman can’t work here and that’s final.” I said after a minute of argument,yet she refused to let her go.

*who the heck is this btch? She’s not even afraid of her mother.*

I moved toward her, I snapped my finger at her face and she abruptly focused her icy gaze on my.

“Exactly Neddy. if mummy has made a phony promise to you, I’m sorry she’s going to break it right now. You can’t work here and you and I know the reason why you can’t work here.” I patted her shoulder gently and whispered in her ear.

“Mere looking at you, I could see you can’t wait to kill me. Since Odette isn’t your match, I’m not even a match for you. If you don’t want to die here get lost.” I moved away from her.

“Wh, what are you talking about ma’am.” She shuttered.

“Ashley are you out of your mind? You don’t have any right to tell me what to do, I’m your mother.” Mummy yelled and I rolled my eyes.

She’s become soft everyday. An idea bumped into my mind. “I have the best idea.” I thought.

“Whoa! You passed Miss Neddy, you really passed my test. You’re hired as my personal maid. I was just pulling your legs, it has been a while I played with commoners.” I framed the lie and smiled innocently.

“A aah, I was damn scared. You really did a good job fooling me ma’am.” She smiled delightedly.

* I thought she knew my motives for coming here. What a relief?* I rolled my eyes as I read I mind.

“Ashley what was that for?” Mummy took a seat exhaustedly and glared at me playfully.

“I’m sorry my love.” I pouted out. “I love you mummy, I’ll do everything to save you.” I smiled and pecked her cheeks then her forehead.

“I love you too silly child, no one knows what going on in your mind. You love getting on my last nerves but you’re forgiven today.”

“Before you step on tiger’s tail you should think of way to deal with its teeth. Welcome Miss Neddy.” I patted her shoulders and went back to my room.

Phone conversation ?

? Anel, I’m pretty sure she’s an imposter. ?

? you think so? When I’m happy you didn’t send her out because if you do she might makes another plan that you’d never find out. ?

? should I tell Dad? I don’t really know what has come over Odette. She’s becoming soft everyday. ?

She chuckled over the phone ? if you want to see other side of Odette, try to play dirty games with her love ones. If anyone hurts kyle or you… G©sh that person is in for it, Odette would surely kill that person. ? I sighed.

? then, I guess it gonna happen soon. I know that Neddy would do something stupid one day. ?

? that’s the spirit. ?

? have you found out the person that sent the flowers??

? not really, kyle told me it’s Kennedy. Arthur and I are still working on the case. ?

? okay then, see you tomorrow.?

? bye honey? I hung up, I dropped the phone beside me on my the bed and I picked my iPad to play my favorite game magic tiles.



Immediately she left the class in hurry she left her book behind. I picked it up from the from and made attempt to run after her but she’s gone. I kept it in my backpack and went home.

I was about to sleep but I couldn’t. I haven’t listened to her voice today. I turned on my laptop on turned on her song. My anonymous singer, I think I have to start looking for her. She’s still the reason why I chose to tolerate Ashley craziness.

After listening to her voice on YouTube. I opened my backpack and brought the Gold Book out. The cover was made of gold.

I was admiring and at the same time, I’m curious to know what’s in it. I turned to the first page and read. Her Dad and mummy photo was attached to the first page.

“Wow! She resembles her mom.

Odette and kyle fairtale ?

“Gabriel don’t trespass it’s her diary. I’m just gonna return it tomorrow.” I put it inside my backpack and zipped it with reading anything.

Knocking ?

“The door isn’t lock, mummy is that you?” I called out. She twisted the doorknob and stepped in.

“Yes, you are about to sleep?” I shook my head and sat up.

“Oh…uh, well, I gather information about the anonymous singer.” She sat beside me on the bed.

“Did you find her?” She shook her head vigorously.

“Nope, in the history… Only Mrs winston has such an amazing voice. But I’m dubious could her daughter be the secret superstar?”

“Ashley Winston, yeah her voice is pretty good but I don’t think she sings. If Mrs Winston is the anonymous then why am I seeing her in my dream? Mummy I don’t think so.” I shrugged my shoulder.

“You think so?”

“Yeah, Ashley never attend music class.”

“What if she is? Don’t worry I’m gonna meet with Mrs Winston tomorrow, I’m pretty sure she’s going to help. Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“What if Ashley’s the secret superstar, do you think she’s going to accept you. You told me you guys fight a lot.”

“I’m not going to accept her either, that lady is a dev1l. I’m just hope she’s not.” I rolled my eyes.

“It’s all right, Mrs Winston and I need to talk.” She chuckled.

“Good luck then.” Just her name alone, I’m already infuriated.



I was able to stole the key to the mansion. I alighted from the taxicab and walked to the backside.

“Home sweet home, I can’t believe it that I once lived in this mansion.” I unlocked the door and walked in through the backdoor.

Everywhere was cleaned, tidy. Her cars was still there. I unlocked the door using the main key. I stepped inside the living room and slumped to the chair.

“Once I kill her then everything will be mine.” I burst into delighted laughter.

I stood and went to my mother’s room. Her door wasn’t lock. I ambled in and glanced at the dirty room. Everywhere was untidy.

I’m here for something, so I have to look for it and go back to the mansion.

I opened her wardrobe and searched for it but I couldn’t find it. I searched everywhere, including the drawers but I couldn’t find one.

I saw a ring on the drawer and picked it. I admired it, I placed it on the drawer but it fell and rolled toward the mirror. I rushed after it but it was gone. I bend to look for it, I stretched my hand under the standing huge mirror but it never reached.

“Shit! Where is the ring.” I stood back on my feet and dragged the mirror.

“My g©sh! There was a secret door in my front.

I twisted the doorknob but it didn’t budge as I pushed it. I moved back to the drawer and searched for the key. I found it and rushed back to the door. I unlocked it and walked in. Everywhere was dark, I moved my hands until I found the lights button.

I on the lighted and what I’ve been looking for was staring at me. Different portions. I moved toward the open cabinets.

“Love portion, sleeping portion, p©ison, most p©isonous portion.” I read out and grabbed the p©isonous portions.

“Gotcha! I smiled delightedly. “Body portions. It’s enough to turn someone to smoke in two days, just a drop can ruin your skin.” I dipped ’em inside my pocket and picked few things I’d need in future. I drew the mirror to its right place and walked out of the room.

I descended the stairs just about to walked out, someone spoken.

“Who are you?”

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