I pretended to be mad at Kelvin for agreeing to
the sudden journey without my knowledge. He
apologized and explained that his dad was o in a
hurry to see us. I accepted his apologies and he
tried to bribe me by volunteering to pack my bag.
I informed Attorney Berry and my foster parent of
my urgent journey. My foster parent were happy
for me and Attorney Berry promised to look after
the company in my absence. Kelvin and I had a
big diner and saw a movie before we eventually
called it day. We slept early in order to make
early journey that awaited us.

At exactly 9:00am the next morning, We were
already on our way to Abuja. The flight was
smooth and peaceful as I slept soundly
throughout the flight. Kelvin allowed me rest and
he did nothing to wake me until we arrived Abuja.
He blew breeze into my ear and said “Sleeping
Beauty, we are here”
I slowly opened my eyes and discovered that we
were in Abuja already. I threw a fist at Kelvin for
not waking me up and he grabbed my hands. He
playfully hit himself with my hand and told me to
hit him as much as I wanted. We both laughed as
we head out of the plane.
Kelvin caused a scene at the airport, he swept
me off my feet immediately we got down from the
plane. I pleaded with him to put me down but He
reminded me of his promise and payed no
attention to my plea. Without considering the
crowd filled with reporters and lots of people with
cameras, Kelvin carried me to the tinted car
provided to pick us up. I opened my mouth and
stared at Kelvin as he settled beside me in the
back sit.
“I’m a stubborn husband, I know, you do not have
to tell me” Kelvin said and we both burst into
I wrapped my hand around his neck and said ”
thank you for loving me like this” before I claimed
his lips. We kissed and made beautiful promises
to each other through out the drive home. Kelvin
was more of a best friend than a husband.


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