(Ten months later)
During the tenth month of my pregnancy, I was in
my delivery week. According to the doctor, it
takes longer or shorter months to deliver a set of
twins. In my own case, it was longer month.
All the plans for my delivery had been made, the
nursery was set and the materials needed were in
place. I could not wait to hold my bundle of joy.
I was about to take my bath one Sunday
afternoon when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach.
I held at the door and called our to Kelvin.
Before Kelvin could join me in the bathroom, a
river of water gushed down in between my legs.
Kelvin held me from behind and asked what was
wrong. I looked at him with panic and said “my
water just broke”
Kelvin jumped out of the bathroom and rushed
back, he became restless as he helped me into a
free dress before he rushed out to call his mom.
Loretta and my mother in-laws rushed in with
Kelvin after few minutes. Kelvin carried me into
the car while others got the stuffs I would be
The pain was becoming unbearable as we drove
down to the hospital. Kelvin held my hand and
told me everything would be just fine. I held unto
his words but the pain made me loose hope.
We arrived the hospital and Kelvin carried me in.
The nurses and doctors rushed at us immediately
and I was rushed into a private ward. Kelvin was
allowed to come with me while everybody else
was shut outside.
The room was filled with lots of doctors and
nurses. It got to a point that I became so hot and
I requested to take my bath. My request was
denied by the doctor in charge. According to him,
I was due for delivery in less than ten minutes.
Those minutes were the most painful minutes of
my life, the pain I felt was immeasurable. I held
unto Kelvin and told him to pray for me as I
pushed with the whole of my strength.
Time checked 4:10pm, the loud scream of babies
filled the room. Though I was weak, I stood up
and stared at my babies, I was over excited.
Kelvin kissed me all over as he held the babies
tiny fingers. The babies were cleaned up and so
was I before I was allowed to feed my kids with
my dry b00bs. I felt like jumping to the sky and
telling God “thank you” when I watched my
babies suck from me. I had the fullest idea of the
joy of motherhood. Nothing could be compared
with that Joy.
After feeding my babies, I fell asleep due to the
amount of energy I lost.
“Mom? Dad? You are here? Come and see your
grandchildren” I said to my parents as I tried to
show my babies to them. I was so happy to see
them after a long time. Though they were standing
in a distance, I was so happy to see them. I
showed my babies to them and urged them to
move closer but they only stood fixed and waved
at me.
I was confused, I called out to them again and
said “mom, dad, won’t you say something? I miss
You so much, do you miss me?
Are you back to be with me finally? Please say
something, your silence is killing”
“we are proud of you” my mom said with her
charming smile.
“forget all about us and be happy baby”
My dad said and they both turned their backs at
“no, I can’t! I can’t live without you. Please come
back. Please!! !!!!!”
I screamed as I watched them leave.
“Nancy… …baby? Are you okay” I heard Kelvin’s
voice from afar.
“Mom… .. Dad.. .. Don’t go, please come back” I
repeated the same statement till I eventually
opened my eyes and saw the present.
It was just myself, kelvin and the babies.
I was so shocked as I remembered my dream.
Kelvin held me to himself and asked if I was fine.
“this is the first time I will be seeing my parent in
my dream”
I said to him and he held me closer to himself.
He told me not to worry and just be happy. I
smiled to myself when I remembered my parent
Nothing could be more encouraging.
“Take a look at our product baby. They make me
want to cry”
Kelvin said and we both held our babies.
Everything about them was cute, including their
tiny little fingers.
I kissed my babies and kissed their father before I
looked at the ceiling and said “rest in peace mom
and dad”
Kelvin realized I was finally accepting the fact
that my parent were no more. He kissed my fore
head and took me into his arms.
We were like that until the door was flung open.
Everybody rushed in. My foster parent, my dad,
Jordan and my in-laws.
“my cute grandchildren”
“My handsome god son”
“My bundle of joy”
“my future hope”
“my future heart breaker”
Those were the words coming out of my families
mouth as they met my kids for the first time. The
room was once again filled with happiness and
I went on my knees and said “ITS BEEN YOU
GOD! ”