Episode 1

Written by Faith Lucky

I turned on my bed and the blaring sound of the alarm woke me up. How come it’s 5pm so soon?

I had laid on the bed to take a short rest at 4pm and it feels just like two minutes ago.
Oh, God! My head ached a lot and my eyes were heavy.
Mother wouldn’t let me sleep the whole day, assigning me to different chores. And now she’s finally gone to the store, not even my alarm would let me sleep.

I decided to close my eyes and rest for a minute or two and that was the biggest mistake of my life. The next time my eyes went open, it was 5:48pm.
Holy Christ!
I’m dead.
I was definitely going to lose my job.

I sprang out of bed and got confused of what to do. I was supposed to be at work by 6 pm. How on earth am I going to make it?
Mr Franco has already deducted more than enough late coming fee from my salary and I wander if the salary id be receiving this time around would be enough to buy a bottle of water.

I ransacked my bag and looked for something suitable to wear.
Did I say suitable?
I’m not really sure it was suitable because I had no idea what I was doing. All I could think about was finding myself in ace of spade.

I just parked my hair carelessly, folding it twice.
Actually, my hair is quite lengthy and that is one thing people like about me – my hair and my eyes.
I put on my slippers and rushed out of the room with my small shoulder handbag and when I got there, I found my annoying elder brother there – Jake.
He was operating his phone and was smiling into it.

“Hey, little sis” he called immediately he saw me but I ignored him and ran out of the room.
“Could you lend me some money?” I heard his pesky voice from inside as I approached the gate.
I was about opening the gate when I noticed I was putting on two different footwears. What the heck?
Mr Franco was definitely going to fire me.

I rushed back into the house and corrected it and Jake shot me a glare.
“I thought you returned to give me the money?” He asked but I hissed at him and ran off.

I got to the main road and prayed for a cab to show up soon and lucky me, a cab arrived.
There were already two passengers inside and I joined them at the backseat.

It was a good thing I was sitting by the window because the lady next to me was plump and the other looked scary. I couldn’t imagine sitting in the midst of those two.

“Good evening, senyour. Ace of spade, please” I said to the cabby and he nodded with a smile.

On the way, another passenger had entered, sitting in the front seat.
Perfect! It’s a good thing the cab ws finally filled. I wasn’t ready for all the stop and move.
I checked the time- 06:15
Goodness! Lord, help me.
I sighed and relaxed my back, staring through the window.
Then the cabby turned on the radio, increasing my problems.

It was playing a stupid song at first and I felt like screaming out loud.
But after a while, the song stopped playing and an interesting programme came up.
Oh, my God! They mentioned Mico’s name!

Radio speaking:
“Mico Salvatore had attended senator Williams daughter’s birthday party and it was reported that the RCC had a short interview with him…”

“Oh, my God! Mico! ”
The ladies beside me giggled to each other.
“Hearing his name alone gladdens my heart.”.
“Oh, my prince charming!”

I gawked at them and took my attention back to the radio.

Radio speaking…
“In Mico’s interview with the city daily news, he revealed that his face mask would be taken off on his 21st birthday which was coming up next month…”


“Why does he keep putting on that mask?” One of the ladies asked.
“I have no idea. It covers his eyes and keeps us from seeing those pretty eyes of his. ” the average man in the front seat replied and I flinched.
Even a man?

“Well, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t stop him from being so cute. Oh, my Mico! Fillipinos most stylish. When am I ever going to meet with him?” The other lady said, placing her hand on her chest.
“And what makes you think he’d want to meet with you? Do you have what it takes? The other lady replied.
“And what’s that supposed to mean? Is that an insult or what? Do you think you’re prettier than I am?”
“Oh! And look who’s talking! Your hair alone smells like raw eggs”.
“And your face looks something that could send someone to the grave”

I stared at both of them with disbelieve.
Look who’s dragging my Mico with me.
Hm. Keep dreaming. Mico’s mine. Wait until my name’s announced on the radio – someday:
“Alyssa has been announced
as Mico Salvatore’s girlfriend.
He loves her so much and is ready to die for her.
Ladies back off.”

I giggled to myself.

“Enough of the noise else I’d change the channel” the cabby said in a hard voice and the ladies kept mute.
serves them right.

And back to the radio…
“Mico High School has just returned from the 2019 perennial braniac competition where they had emerged the winner. The competition is represented by Mico Salvatore and Samantha Chrislann and the school honored them for their amazing performance…

“Mico High School is getting ready for this year’s young miss beauty. It is the only school that has been qualified here in manilla and they’re getting read for the inter-school contest to select a representative…”

Hmm. Mico High School- the best in the city. My dream school.
It is owned by Mico’s parents and it ws named after him, being the only son. .

Mico’s family – Salvatore family – were the second richest family in the country. As a matter of fact, Mico’s grandfather was an ex president of the phillipine.
Mico’s dad was actually the only son of his father and now, Mico’s the only son of his own father.
His parents – Mr and Mrs Virigilio, loves him dearly, especially his mum. She treats him better than an egg.
She had given birth to three girls before him and his birth was like an answer to her prayers.
Now you can understand why Mico’s so fucking rich.
As for the mask he puts on his face, no idea. But I heard it was his mum’s idea. Seems she wants him to unique and he really is.
Even with the mask, one could tell he was handsome.
He had even won an award as flilipinos most stylish. What a fortune!

I took my eyes back to the window and…what the hell?
Oh, my God! Was today a cursed day for me or what?

‘Stop! Stop!” I screamed and the cabby screeched to a halt.
“I told you I was going to Ace of spade, but it looks like you’re taking me to Dubai. What the hell’s wrong with you?” I asked angrily as I opened the door.
“What do you think I am? A security or what? Please get off and give me my money’ he replied huskily.
I glared at him and squeezed the money into his hand, running off immediately.

Mico will not kill me.

I can’t believe I had been thinking about him the whole time and even lost focus of where I was going.

I kept running until I got to the gate and the security scrutinized me before giving me a pass.
I went through the back where the workers normally pass through and there I found my Co workers, or should I say, Co waiters and waitresses.

“Hi Alyssa” one of my Co workers greeted me with a wave and I ran to her.
She was kind of my friend.
“Hi Kate. Wats up?” I asked as she accompanied me to sign the attendance list.
“You’re late – again.
“Yes, I know”.


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