“My late mom?” I asked as my heart beat
I did’nt get a response to my question and the
line went quiet for awhile. It was surprising and
shocking to receive a call from an unknowing
number, telling me she had some vital news from
my mom.
I did’nt know what the caller was up to but i was
eager to hear the news. Anything from my late
mom was important.
“Hello? Please go on. What about my mom?” I
asked all tensed and in anticipation.
The caller from the other end cleared her throat
loudly and said “Am sorry it’s not to be disclosed
this way. Not to worry, i have the whole plan laid
out and this is just an introduction, so sorry am
doing this over the phone. Take good care of
yourself and the baby”
The line went dead immediately the unknown Mrs.
Berry ended her speech and I froze. For the first
time, I was scared of the stranger i did’nt even
know. For the unknown caller to know about my
pregnancy, something even my family knew
nothing about, I was more than scared.
If my late mom’s lifeless body was not buried
right before my eyes, i would have doubt my
mom’s death. Thinking she would resurface just
the way it do happen in movies, but the attorney
saying she had been keeping the news for years
got me overwhelmed with anxiety.
“What news, could she be keeping for years?”
I asked myself as i paced the livingroom.
Kelvin must have noticed the worries on my face
from the diningroom. He walked up to me and
said “Are you okay?”
I noded and settled in a chair. I narrated my
conversation with the unknown Mrs. Berry to him
and he suggested we call the line again.
We tried the number consecutively without luck
and we eventually gave up after lots of fruitfuless
effort. Kelvin concluded that he would hand the
number over to the state security service and
track down whosoever it was if any problem
should erupt.
“With me no harm will come close to you and my
Kelvin said as he gently kissed me on my
I forced a smile and made kelvin believe i worried
less, but deep down i was dieing to hear the ‘Vital
Kelvin tried to make me forget about the call by
making dinner and acting all romantic. He made
me feel special and i was happy with him, even
though the thought of my mom and the ‘vital
news’ cropped in occasionally.
We eventually retired into eachother’s arm after a
delicious meal of plantain and egg. (courtesy of
After breakfast the next day, kelvin dropped me
off at my foster parent’s before he left for a
I was happy to see the lively khole when i
arrived. I did’nt know the magic Mi mom
performed but i was proud of her.
Mi dad also took a week break from work, inorder
to be with khole and this left us with a full house.
Myself and khole had fun gisting and rearranging
the house before we eventually fell asleep.
At exactly 12:00am, Mi mom woke us up and she
instructed us to join her in the kitchen, for lunch.
With dull eyes, we lazily went to the kitchen.
After the first five minutes of gisting and preparing
the ingredients for the meal, the kitchen became
lively and fun filled.It was a blessing to be
together again,making a meal together.
We laughed alot and had times we playfully hit
Inbetween it all,I felt the joywould increase if i
should open up about my pregnancy at that
I turned to Mi mom and khole before i said “Mom,
Khole, Am pregnant!7”.
At first they thought i was joking,until they saw
the seriousness in my eyes.
“Oh My God! Seriously?”
Mi mom asked and i noded.
She rushed at me and took me into her
arms.Khole also jump on me and decided to pay
back for what i did to her when she first
announced her pregnancy.
Mi mom asked me questions based on the
morning sickness before she eventually ran to the
livingroom to inform Mi dad.
Mi dad who was happy at the news, danced to
the kitchen and he lifted me off my feet
immediately, without minding my condition.
It felt good to have people to share my joy with
and most importantly ‘Family’.
With loud music and excitement,we made lunch
and had the meal together as a happy family.
My foster parents prayed for me after lunch and
we spent time chatting,mostly about pregnancy
At exactly 5:00pm, A driver picked me up and i
left with a free mind.I was happy because i was
able to disclose the only secret i was keeping
from my family.
After the long ride, Iwas about to step out of the
car when my phone started to ring.The caller I.D
displayed Mi dad and i gussed he wanted to ask
about my ride.
I accepted the call and said “Hello”
“Nancy,I just received a call from one Mrs.Berry
who claimed to be your late mother’s private
Attorney. She said she have a vital news for the
entire family and it’s from your late mom.She
even knew that you were here today.Baby,I think
you are been followed” Mi dad said into the
phone worriedly.
“what?!” I asked in a high tone.
“What?!” i asked in a high tone.
“I just received the call few minutes ago. Though
the caller did not seem harmful but the fact that
you are been followed is dangerous.
Do you know anybody by that name?” Mi dad
I became scared of the unknown caller and the
fact that the unknown attorney and her mission
was something i could not wrap my head around
made me weak in the kneels.
I told mi dad to give me some minutes and i
walked into the house.
I bestowed on kelvin to come closer immediately i
entered the room
I placed the call on loud speaker and said “Dad
actually a female voice called me, claiming the
same name yesterday”
Mi dad let out a loud breathe and said “really?
Tell me about your conversation with her”.
I explained all that happened the previous day to
mi dad in details, without skipping the final
conclusion myself and kelvin drew.
“Okay,but that is not good enough. Is kelvin
there with you?”
Mi dad asked and i replied yes.
Mi dad instructed me to hand over the phone to
kelvin and kelvin said
“Goodevening sir”.
“Evening son and accept my congratulations on
your wife’s condition.
Concerning this strange phone call from the
unknown Attorney,I want you to get Nancy
secured.Probably a body guard or force agent.
It’s obvious shes been followed and we need to
act fast until we find out what this is all about”.Mi
dad said.
“I will do just that sir”Kelvin said.
Myself and kelvin agreed to Mi dad’s suggestions
and decided to get security.
Mi dad ended the call after we had a brief talk
with Mi mom.
Kelvin placed a call through to the DSS of Kwara
state security service because He had preference
for force angencies that has no uniform.
Been the president’s son, his request was granted
and the DSS promised to send some of his boys
the next day.
At first we wanted to inform the president about
the strange call but we eventually decided to wait
for the unknown Attorney’s next move.
The day ended with me panicking about the
unknown vital news and kelvin trying to make me
feel safe.
After a week of having security following me
around, I grew tired of been secured. Even
though we did not receive any call from the
unknown Attorney,Mi dad and kelvin thought it
was necessary to be secured in case of any funny
move from the unknown caller.
On Friday afternoon,i went to my foster parent’s
apartment in company of kelvin and our security
Josh was also present and we all decided to have
lunch as one big family.
The meal was made my Mi mom and after taking
a long time to dish out the meal,we all gathered
round the table.
I was about taking my first spoon when I received
a new message alert on my phone.
I ignored the message and continued with my
I was about to take another spoon when mi dad’s
phone also vibrated,signifying a new message.
“Father and daughter.You better get rid of your
phones” Mi mom said jokingly as Mi dad picked
his phone.
“What?!”Mi dad screamed, after going through his
phone and we all asked what the problem was.
“I don’t believe this,its from the attorney”
Mi dad said and Mi mom quickly collected his
phone from him.
Mi mom was yet to read the message when her
phone also started to vibrate.
“What is going on?” Mi mom asked rhetorically
after reading the message on Mi dad’s phone and
The rest of us was left in the dark for for a
moment and it strucked me that i also received a
new message earlier.
I took my phone and clicked on the new
“OMG!” I murmured after reading the content of
the message.
“I’m ready to disclose the vital news. Let
everybody gather at the late Mrs. William’s
residence on Sunday by 12:00pm.
I will be there and you can come along with your
security agents.
(Attorney Berry)”
I read out the content of the message.
All the messages had the same content and from
the same number. Everybody was lost on what
was going on.
“Who is this Attorney Berry?” was the question on
everyone’s lips.
Kelvin held my hands and told me not to worry. I
faked a smile and gazed into an empty space.
We were still in a confused state when Mi dad’s
phone started to ring. The room went quiet and
we all surrounded Mi dad, thinking the call was
from the Attorney.
“Its Mike” Mi dad said disappointedly after
checking the caller’s I.D.
He accepted the call and placed the phone on
speaker before he said “Hello”.
“Inlaw, there is a problem. I received a call from
an unknown number few days ago claiming to be
my late sister’s Attorney. I ignored the call
thinking it was all this 419 but now i received a
message from the same unknown Attorney saying
that the whole family should gather at my late
sister’s house, (which is now my house) on
The line has not been going through and I’m a bit
confused. Did you receive any message?”
Uncle Mike said and Mi dad exclaimed
“Haaa!” Mi dad screamed and so did everybody
in the room.
Uncle mike let out a loud breathe and said
“I just want to know if you have received any
message from the so called Attorney. I personally
do not believe because my late sister told me
nothing about having a private attorney.
Moreover, i have been running her business and
everything she left behind ever since she died.
Where was the so called attorney all this while?.
And please my inlaw please inform Nancy of this,
you know her husband is the president’s son. He
will be able to track down this unknown Attorney
with just one phone call, you know….”
“Mike, this is oyinkan, can you just call other
family members and find out if they’ve heard from
this attorney Berry” Mi mom interupted my uncle
My uncle greeted mi mom briefly and said
“If you say so, i will do that after hiring enough
body guard for myself and my wife. My life is at
risk now and the attorney already talked about
security in her text, I gusse that’s what i need
Mi dad told uncle mike to hurry up and he hung


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