“Is either you get up from that chair right now or i
will have you dragged out” I said to uncle mike
and the smile on his face faded immediately. He
only looked at me with a straight face. His facial
expression was blank and this made me doubt if i
had created enough fear in him or not. I did’nt
want to cause a scene on my own engagement
but i wouldn’t mind causing one by dragging
uncle mike out of the hall on my heels.
At that particular moment the engager was doing
her thing on stage and i was not needed on stage
but i knew i would be call upon soon. I bent
alittle closer to uncle mike with a fake smile and
said “Am sure the least you want right now is to
be embarrassed infront of all this camera.
Remember what i did to your wife? That part of
me is still so much alive. Now move it uncle”
My last statement created enough fear in my
uncle and he reluctantly stood up from the chair.
He looked at me directly for like a minute and
with my two inches heels, i was way taller than
him. I looked down at him and told him to make
himself feel comfortable in the crowd.
Mi mom who had been carried away by the
engager performance noticed the exist of uncle
mike. She gave me a questionary expression and
i replied with a smile, telling her to calm her
nerves. I knew it was the family’s arrangement for
uncle mike to sit with Mi mom, but i did’nt give a
poo about their arrangement. It was my day,
everything was suppose to be about me and
everything was suppose to go just the way i
The engager called on the groom’s men to
prostrate before the bride’s parent. This was the
time everybody noticed the bride’s father
absence. Before it got suspicious, i walked
graciously to where Mi dad was sitted and
ushered him to the sit vacated by uncle Mike. He
was not prepared for it but he accepted and acted
normal. Uncle mike and the family could rot in hell
for all i care.
Bridal rites were paid, prayers were said, i sat on
kelvin’s parent laps for prayer and vice versa,
everything was super fun.
At exactly 6:00pm, the engagement came to a
lovly end. Pictures were taken and many
memories were captured. I could not help but
notice the frown on my mom’s family throughout
the event but i cared less.
I looked everywhere for Lizzy but she was no
where to be found. I gussed i really bleeped up
when i delt with her mom and she might probably
be willing to take the grudges to her grave.
I returned home with my family and i was happy
to be traditionally kelvin’s braid. He was my
My foster parent invited me to their room after i
undressed. At first Mi dad was mad at me for
going against the family but at the end, after
expressing my feelings to the duo, they were both
proud of me and mi dad agreed to give out my
hand in the holy matrimony.
I went back to my room and with the girls with
me, the night was fun. Loud music, noise from
every angle, laughter, delicious aroma and get
together were all that filled my house because of
the huge number of guest.
I excused myself from the girls and looked
through my window. The moon was shinning so
bright and a broad smile spread across my face
when i thought of where i would be at the same
time, the next day.
It was a beautiful Saturday and it was the day i
had always anticipated MY WEDDING DAY.
I could not really sleep throughout the night
because all my thought was based on my
wedding. I thought about how everything would
go down well and i found myself going on my
kneels in the middle of the night. The night
seemed unnecessarily longer and this made me
eagerly open my eyes and watch the night has it
slowly passed away.I slept around 4:00Am and
woke up six.
The noise from the ladies in my room woke me
up. Khole jumped on me and gave me a peck. I
could see the excitement on her face. I was
practically dragged out of the bed by the ladies
and the day started with us taking ‘makeup free’
After the whole thing with the girls, i rushed to
my foster parent’s room. Mi mom was up and
doing already and so was mi dad. I went on my
kneels and they showered me with prayers. The
couple prayed whole heartedly and this got me
emotional. I could not hold back my tears when
Mi mom said “how i wish my brother is here. He
was always proud of you baby”.
“common mom, don’t make her cry” khole said
from the door and took me into her arms. I got
myself together and hugged my family before
going back to my room.
Me and my ladies dressed up and the whole
ladies section was been filmed for rememberance.
It was fun to have my makeup done while the
girls made nasty comments and we all laughed
With my gorgeous wedding gown, My bridal shoe,
My stunning jewelry and my pretty self, i was
ready to head to the registry for my prince
I was about to exist my room when kelvin called.
“Hey Wifey” he shouted. I only laughed into the
phone. “Thanks for agreeing to marry a punk like
me baby. I promise to build the world around you
and only you honey” Kelvin said and i told him we
would see about that. I was about to ask of
kelvin’s look when khole snatched the phone from
my hand and said “Wait till you put the ring on
her finger dude!” i could hear kelvin’s loud
laughter before he finally dropped the call.
I left for the registry with my family and my
beautiful bridal train at exactly 8:00Am. The order
of the cars was a sight to behold, anytime, anyday
and anywhere.
Though there were restrictions, the registry was
filled with mass media agents. I felt so proud of
myself when i saw kelvin and the men in suit.
Everybody looked breathe taking.
The legal marriage was done and i became
kelvin’s legal wife. Next up was the church.
The security cars were in front, followed with the
president’s roll royce, then kelvin’s Range rover,
followed by the men in suit G wagon and finally
the army .
After the groom’s family departure, i also made a
grand departure with my family.
I was in a white Limousine with my bridal train,
my foster parent followed in a brand new
chervrolet camaro 2015 and fleets of cars followed
Nothing felt more precious than walking into the
house of the lord, with your white pretty gown and
father holding your hand. It was a day i would
never forget.
All eyes were on me and i felt like an angel
among mortals.
Mi dad was called upon to give my hand in
marriage to kelvin and it was time to exchange
Vows were made and it got funny when kelvin
could not wait for the instruction to kiss me before
he tried to. My groom to be tried to kiss me thrice
and the reverend kept pushing him back, before
he was finally allowed to do so.
I saw nothing but love in his eyes, even his lips
tasted it. Everything went beautifully well without
the family reacting to me making Mi dad the
bride’s father and according to plan, my white
wedding was a huge success.
There was order of photo and we had to stay
behind to take a shot with all the important
personnel included. It was so overwhelming to be
the president’s daughter inlaw. Everybody loved
I was about to leave the church when Jordan
stopped me and asked for a minutes. Anxious
about what he had to say, i left my bridal train
and followed him.


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