My step became slow, i saw two women trying to hold Nelly’s mom, i saw the guy nelly was betrothed to and i saw nelly’s dad sitted in a chair in the reception, two men were patting him on the shoulder. Without been told, i knew nelly was gone, far away from this world, far away from where i could see her again, far away from everybody that loved her. My mind went blank as tears started running down my cheek. I felt dizzy and I leaned on the wall of the reception, something struck my heart and i felt a great pain. I felt like a part of me had left me, i felt like i had lost something very important to me. I allowed the tears roll freely down my cheek as i remembered all about nelly. She came to me like a rushing wind and she left me like a burning fire. She burnt a part of me down and went with the ashes. I wept like a baby as the memories of Nelly flashed through my brain. It was a great loss, i did not want to cry but i ended up weeping.
“Nelly!” i heard someone scream her name, i looked up and it saw Nelly mom. I could see the state of pain she was and i could feel her loss. Less than 48hours ago, she was a happy woman, but the woman that stood infront of me then was a sad mother. Nelly’s mom rushed at me and gripped my arm, she looked up at me and said “Nelly, is this you? Is this you my baby? Are you back to me? I knew you will never leave me, the doctor said you were dead but i never believed him. I knew you will come back to me my child. Promise me you will never leave again, i need you to promise me you will never make me cry, promise me Nel, i need you to promise me” she shouted and brooke down in tears again. I was so confuse on what to do. “How will i console this mother that just lost her only fruit? How will her tell her i am not the daughter she lost when she choose to ignore the truth? How will I tell her that Nelly will never come back to her? How will i tell her that she should weep for her child and give her a final respect?” all this thought ran through my mind and i could not stop my tears. If only tears could wake the dead, nelly would have woken up. I knelt on the floor beside Nelly’s mom and took her into my arms. I ran my hand over her hair and said “Mom, don’t be sad. I am here for you”
My words comforted her a bit and she stopped to weep. The other women around came to her and took her away.
I stood up and went to Nelly’s dad. He was stronger than his wife and he was quiet but lost in thought. I offered my condolence and he said “Thank you my daughter” i could feel he was trying to find a daughter in me. I moved closer to him and hugged him before going in search of Jordan.
I met Jordan in a corner of the hospital, the place was quiet and i could tell he was trying to avoid the public. I tapped him on he shoulder and he raised his head. His eyes were blood red and for the first time in my life, i saw Jordan cry. I took him into my arms and he wept like a child, calling nelly’s name every five minutes in the middle of his tears. I consoled Jordan and told him to be strong, he only noded without uttering a word.
We heard wailing in the hospital and we rushed inside. We met Nelly’s mom weeping and screaming her child’s name on top of her voice. Nelly’s body was been discharged and was been taken to the burial ground for a final burial. I understood how Mrs. Stanley must have felt. She rushed to the front of the ambulance and stood there, stopping the driver from moving the car. All she kept shouting was “My child is not dead, give her to me!”. Her reaction made me remember my mom’s death and i could compare the pain she was feeling with the pain i felt when my mom died. Mrs. Stanley was practically dragged away from the ambulance and she was taken to her car.
Jordan could not drive,so i did the drive to the burial ground. Nelly’s mom was stopped from witnessing the burial of her child and Jordan was also too fragile to see Nelly been lowered to mother earth but i withnessed everything.I felt it was necessary to stand by Mr. Stanley like a daughter,i held his hand throughout the final right.
Dust they say will always be dust.Nelly was lowered six feets below the ground and just like a bad dream, she was gone and never to come back.I hid my face in my face towel and wept for my belove friend.Tho we had our differences she was one in a million.Again i was happy i forgave her and i spent alittle time with her before she finally died.
After the burial i could not witness all the weeping again, so i took Jordan home and went home as well.
Immediately i got home, i went into Mi mom’s arm and said “She is dead, my look alike is no more” she took me into her arms and allowed me to cry. I cried for a long time and when i had no strength to cry no more i went into my room. Dad and mom also went to offer their condolences to the stanleys.
I called Khloe and broke the news to her.


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