IT’S OKAY TO CRY SEASON 2: Episode 11-20


Season 2. Episode 11.

Palesa went home and the party preparation began,
Her hair was beautifully made and she was dressed with the gown..

The invited guests started coming and was welcomed and attended to.
“Hey baby, happy birthday once again, Kim said giving Palesa a peck.

“Glad you made it and he must be the one I guess? Palesa asked.
“Yes he is, she replied and he gave his hand for a handshake.

“Nice to see a beautiful African lady, happy birthday, Brian said.
“Thank you, please relax and have fun, I’ll be back, Palesa replied and left looking for Jason.

“Looking for someone? She heard a voice and turned to see Jason behind her with a rose..
“Where have you been? I was thinking you won’t come, she said and he touched her chin..

“You’re so beautiful, he whispered giving her the rose and she got it smiling.
“Is this a proposal? She happily asked.

“Proposal? He asked confused.
“Yes the rose, I normally watch in movies it means something like love, She said and Jason smiled.

“You’re right……. “You love me? Palesa cut in.
“Yea I do……”and I love you too, Palesa said and hugged him before he could say anything.

“Ermmm Palesa dear, its time to cut the cake, her nanny said.
“Alright, I’ll be back okay, Palesa said waving at Jason and left with the nanny while Jason shook his head wondering what’s making her that happy………….

That night Hope slept off and the door of her room opened.
She opened her eyes to check who it was but Math switched on the lights before she could ask,

“Dad? What’s wrong? She asked sitting up and he went to her.
“I forgot I didn’t give you a gift, and ermmm… I was totally confused of what to get for you, so I got this, he said showing her a case.

She took it from him, opened it saw a gold chain,
“Wow! Its beautiful, thank you, Hope said and he nodded putting the chain on her neck.
“Do you love it? He asked.

“Yes of of course, she replied and hugged him but she noticed he held her tight while his hand was caressing her back..
She wanted pulling off but he held her back tight,

“Dad what’s wrong? Hope asked feeling uneasy and forced herself from his grip but his eyes was filled with desire.
“Are you okay dad? Hope asked scared and he sat down on the bed facing her which Hope quickly covered herself with her blanket..

“I miss your mother, he replied.
“I miss her too, but what’s wrong with you? She asked.

“I need comfort, its been 2 months okay, he replied.
“Dad you do get this comfort outside and mom is clearly aware of it. Why can’t you get it outside now? Hope asked.

“That’s the problem. Why should I get it outside when you’re Here? He asked.
“I’m your daughter dad……. “You’re no daughter to me Hope, besides you don’t bear my name! Math shouted and Hope gasped.

“You refused when mom wanted to, not that I didn’t agree to it, dad why are you doing this? Hope asked with tears in her eyes.
“Oh just stop it and stop playing emotional. I only accepted you because of Monica, not that I really loved her a lot but because she wanted me, she wanted some comfort and as a desperate lady I decided to help her empty life, Math said.

“Dad! Do you realize is mom you’re talking about? Hope shouted.
“And do you realize a horny man is staring right at you! Common, you can take in the place of your mother and do just what you suppose to do as a grown up lady, Math said taking off the blanket.

“Dad just stop it, if you’re drunk I’ll understand but just stop before you go far! Hope said standing on the be.d to jump down but he held her and threw her on the b.ed.
“Where are you going to? He asked.

“No dad please stop! Hope shouted struggling with him..
“Ssssss don’t even try to shout because that won’t work, safe your little strength baby, I can over power you if I want to and you know that, Math said pressing her down..

“Dad please let me go I beg you, Hope cried.
“Let you go? You’re so selfish Hope. You think I’ll let your boyfriend enjoy you alone huh? He asked.

“I have no boyfriend dad and still a vrgin please believe me, she said.
“Still a vrgin? That’s why I should have it, consider it as a pay for all I’ve done for you. Don’t worry I’ll take care of you as a queen and you won’t regret it, Math said kssing her neck with his hands going to her b00bs while Hope shook.

“Please dad no! She struggled but he got angry and drew her legs tearing it apart.
“You want it the hard way right? He asked bringing down his boxers.

“Mommy! Mommy please help me! Dad please no I beg you in the name of God, just let me go and I won’t come back! Hope shouted and he covered her mouth.

“Safe your screams for the main deal, I haven’t entered yet, he said using the other hand to pull off her skirt but she held the hand he used on her mouth and bite it hard.
He screamed leaving her and she ran away,

“Get back here Hope! He shouted running after her and met her in the sitting room as she was trying to open the door.
He gave her a hard sl@p and threw her on the sofa,

“Where do you think you want to run to! He shouted pressing her on the sofa.

“Dad please, she whispered choked with tears.
“What’s difficult for you to give it out after all I’ve done for you Hope, why are you this dumb when am all you have in this world, he said breathing hard.

“Dad if you do this, I’ll never forgive you and I promise I’ll make sure you pay for this in a hard way. Let me go and I’ll let this slide, Hope seriously said and he looked at her for a while and slowly got up.

“Take your f!lthy self out of my house this minute and never come Back, he said.
“Okay, can I please take my things? She asked.

“Monica met you empty, and empty you shall return. Now get out! He shouted pointing at the door.
“Please dad, how will i survive without a dime or clothes? She asked.

“And why should i care when you can’t do Me this one favour? Go see the world and survive if you can, I don’t bl00dy care, he replied opening the door and pushed her out.
“Dad please no, its late, Hope cried hitting on the door.

“You tried running out yourself, if i see you near my property you’ll hate me, Math said and angrily left for his room.
“Dad, dad please just this night, Hope cried hitting the door for a while but didn’t get any response.
She slowly went to the car garage, cuddled herself there and cried herself to sleep………….

Ditebogo was already married with 2 kids,
That night she noticed her baby girl was feverish and she stayed awake taking care of her.
That moment Hope flashed in her mind as she wondered how she is doing now.

Mpho couldn’t hide the truth from her after Hope left, she was so mad with them when she came down from the capital to Pretoria.
Mpho took her to the hospital Hope was but Monica already left with Hope.

“Please do you have their contact or something I can reach them with? Dite asked.
“Honestly that was my mistake, immediately she drove off I remembered that, am sorry, the doctor replied.

“What did you do brother to a little girl? Dite asked in tears.
“I did nothing okay, she bluntly refused to follow us home and besides i don’t steady at home to know if she was maltreated and she never reported. Am i a spirit to know what’s going on with her? Mpho asked.

“Mommy, Dite daughter called out when Dite was lost in thought remembering the past.
“Sorry Darling, how are you feeling now? She asked checking her temperature.

“Am fine, you’re not sleeping yet? Her daughter asked.
“i was worried about you, alright baby let’s sleep together, Dite replied kissing her.

“Goodnight mommy, her daughter said.
“Goodnight love, Dite replied……………….

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