IT’S OKAY TO CRY SEASON 2: Episode 11-20

Season 2. Episode 12.

Very early the next morning, Hope heard the gate open and stood up to see who it was, but rather she saw Stella entering.
She ran to her and Stella was surprised to see her,

“What are you doing here? Stella asked.
“Please aunty help me beg dad please, Hope replied.

“I just asked a simple question, what are you still doing here? I thought you left already? Stella asked and Hope was surprised to hear that. Before she could reply Math came out from the house,

“What are you still doing here? Didn’t I ask you to leave? Math shouted.
“Aunty please……. “I’m not your aunty baby girl, I don’t know you from anywhere. Look here, wherever my sister picked you from, she is dead now. If you know what’s good for you, just take yourself back to wherever you come from, Stella interrupted her and Hope eyes was filled with tears already.

“Okay, can I at least take my things? I can’t walk on the streets with a night wear, Hope said and she looked at her for while.
“Just let her take a few things okay, Stella said to Math.

“She is not stepping her foot in my house, I’ll go throw to her anything I see, she won’t pick any costly thing out of here because its mine, Math replied and went inside while Hope looked at Stella and saw she was holding a portable traveling bag.

“I should have known, you didn’t wait for mom to die for even 3 months and you’re already packing in to warm to her husband bed, Hope said and Stella looked at her.
“Did you just said that to me? She asked.

“You’re so shameless! Mom loved you so much and is this what you can repay her with? Even if mom had her biological child, no doubt you will still throw her on the street to have her husband bed, Hope said and Stella sl@pped her.
“Get out! Get out now! Stella shouted pushing her of the gate but Hope proved stubborn.

“Let me get my things and I’ll leave, Hope said.
“You won’t take a dime here, just imagine a girl my sister picked to help is talking trash now to my face, Stella replied.

“So what? At least your sister did a reasonable thing and what have you done? i guess you pray for wives to die so you can take their husbands, Hope replied and Stella went mad throwing her slippers on Hope and dragged her outside the gate.

“Get out ba$tard! She shouted and Math came out with a small bag of Hope.

“What’s wrong? Math asked.
“No you are not giving her that, she just insulted me when you went in, Stella replied.

“But I said the bitter truth, just give me my bag and I’ll leave! Hope shouted.
“Come get it, Stella said locking the gate and went in with Math while Hope angrily looked at them not knowing what to do next.

Her phone was in and she couldn’t make a call for help.
To make things worst she doesn’t know where any of her classmates stays as Monica made it a duty to take and pick her up from school.

She thought of going to her musical school but the distance is far and its weekends which they won’t open for rehearsals.
The thought of that made tears stream down her face, just then she saw the gold chain Math put on her neck.

She quickly dried her tears knowing she could get some money from it. She stretched her hand into the gate and picked the slippers Stella threw on her and was glad her night wear wasn’t that bad, then she took to her heels thinking Math or Stella may come out to get their things………………

Dite found out her daughter fever was gone and her phone began to ring,
“Honey good morning, she greeted.
“Morning dear, how is Angel health now? Are you still taking her to the hospital? Her husband asked.

“She’s fine now and I was checking her before you called, she replied.
“Are you serious? Give her the phone, He said and she gave the phone to her daughter.

“Hello daddy, Angel said.
“Honey how are you feeling now? you gat daddy scared yesterday, He said.

“Daddy I’m fine, I told mommy I was fine but she kept worrying, she replied.
“Alright baby, be strong for daddy okay, he said.

“Okay daddy, take care, Angel said.
“Bye darling, give the phone to your mom, he said.

“So dear don’t worry anymore okay, Dite said.
“Sure I won’t, I miss you all, he said.

“We miss you too, be careful okay, she said.
“I will, I’ll cal you back later, bye, he said and dropped the call.

Dite did the necessary house chores, fed her kids and took them to her shop……

Hope already went to all the Jewelries shops she saw to sell the chain but the pay she was offered was too small.
“Okay let me help you, I know of a big shop but its far away from here. She might get the chain in a more better pay because this is so costly, a woman told her.

“Ma the problem is I don’t have a dime on me to take me there, can you help me please? Hope pleaded and she shook her head.
“Though I haven’t sold anything yet but I’ll help with your transport fare down there, I just hope she agrees to buy it, the woman said giving her money and Hope was happy.

“Thank you ma, I really appreciate, Hope said and the woman told her the location of the shop.
Hope stood there and stopped a cab, few minutes later she arrived and she paid for the drive.

She saw the billboard and was happy the place is big enough to give her a reasonable pay for the chain.

She looked at herself and shook her head as she saw a guy staring at her che$t.
She sighed and went in and saw jeweries of all types,

“Hello can I help you? A lady asked and she nodded.
“Sorry good morning, please can you buy this chain from me? Its still……….. ” if you don’t want to buy anything please kindly leave, the Lady interrupted her.

“No you don’t understand, take a look at it……. “And why should I? Wherever you got the chain from, go return it back to the owner. We don’t buy stolen things to be sold here, Now leave, she said.

“I’m not a thief, please its not stolen trust me, Hope said almost in tears as that was her last hope.
“What’s going on here? A voice asked entering the shop, and Hope turned and saw a face that looked familiar.

“Ma she brought in a chain asking me to buy it, I simply told her we don’t buy things that way but she’s still insisting, the lady replied.
“Let me see that, The woman said and took the chain from her.

“This chain was bought from me yesterday, young lady where did you get this from? The woman asked.
“Aunty… aun….Aunty Dite? Hope stammered looking at her and Dite was surprised.

“Sorry have we met? Dite asked.
“Its me aunty, Hope said with fresh tears coming out of her face.

“Hope? Hope is that you? Oh my baby! Dite screamed and hugged her and Hope cried on her.

“Look at how grown up and beautiful you’ve become, what happened to you? Dite asked taking her to a place to have a seat.
“Aunty where have you been? I stayed so long waiting for you to come back or give me a call but you didn’t. Did you dump me too? Hope asked.

“Honey I’ve been calling but your dad said you left with your mother and you’re doing fine. The next thing i heard was your disappearance and when i came back, you have already left the hospital. I never dumped you dear, i just had to go and plan for my life, Dite replied.

“Mommy, Hope heard and saw two kids running to Dite,
“Are they yours? Hope asked and Hope nodded.

“Say hello to aunty, Dite said to them.
“Hello aunty, they said waving at Hope but Hope only smiled not knowing what to say.

“but why is aunty crying? Dite son asked and Hope sniffed cleaning her tears and Carried them.

“Aunty is just happy seeing your mother after so many years. You know your mom took care of me when i was small and i owe her a lot, Hope replied and kssed them both but couldn’t help but cry, and Dite stood fighting back her own tears as she thought of all Hope went through in the hands on Anastasia..

“OK kids, go stay with her I want to discuss with aunty alright, Dite said to the kids and they ran to the sales girl.
“Hope what happened to you? Dite asked and Hope cleaned her tears and told her everything.

“What rubbish! He wanted raping you? I’ll tell this to the authority, Dite angrily said.
“What for aunt? Just let it go after all he didn’t succeed in doing it, Hope replied and Dite pitifully looked at her.

“Dear your dad told me how you rejected your family……. “I have no family! Hope shouted.
“You do, and family will always be family. Okay the late Monica loved you no doubt, but here you are on the streets again, what if I didn’t meet you what would have been your fate? Dite calmly asked.

“I would have found a way, Hope replied.
“With a night wear and a chain you have which you haven’t sold out yet? Common dear, you need to go back to your parents, Dite said and Hope looked at her.

“What! How am I going to face them when dad told me never to come back, Hope replied.
“Forget about what he said, he was angry and you were a small girl. I’ll take you there myself don’t worry, Dite said touching Hope hair while Hope was uncomfortable.

“But aunt can’t I stay with you? Hope asked.
“Sweet heart you know i will gladly do that, but you need to reconcile with your family. you need your parents blessings, you don’t need to be mad at them anymore or live lonely when you gat parents and siblings. Family will always be family no matter what, and you need to patch things up with them to cover the years you’ve been apart, Dite replied and Hope nodded.

“I pray they take me back and things will be different now, Hope said.
“They will have no choice than to take you back and they may not welcome you back immediately, but please just calm down and fight for that unity back among yourselves. You’re a big girl now, Anastasia may try to test you with some things knowing you grew up with a stranger, but you have to humble yourself and prove her wrong. Things will be alright I promise you, Dite replied.

“Okay aunty, thank you, Hope said.
“Don’t mention please, I’ll take you home now so you’ll change up and get something to eat, Dite said getting up with her.

“Mommy going out? Her son asked.
“I know you won’t stay here, but am going to the house to drop aunty, Dite replied but Angel was already putting on her shoes to follow immediately and Hope laughed at that.

“Take care of things here, I’ll be back, Dite said to the sales girl and left with her kids and Hope………….

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