JODA : Episode 1 – 10


Written By Amah’s Heart

Episode 1

My phone rang again as I step out of the bathroom, I quickly rushed to it, I smiled as I see the caller “Denis”

“Joda, where have you being…I have being calling you for long…

“ah ah, this was just the second time, I was actually in the bathroom, I even rushed out of bath knowing you are probably the one calling…sorry my love..

“what do you mean is just two times..i said i have called you severally… Do you want to start arguing with me over that or do i need to call you hundred times before you pick my call…I’m not one of your chykers, all those small small boys running around you…I’m your husband to be…hope you got that straight into your skull..

“I said i was sorry for missing your call, next time i will go to the bathroom with it…I’m sorry my one and only super hero..please don’t be angry with me..

“whatever…anyway..I’m coming over to the house later in the day and i will be spending the weekend there, and i want you to buy chocolate Ice cream mix with vanilla, buy shawama and also Chapman drink, store it in the fridge for me, that’s what i will be eating tonight, I don’t want to eat anything else..

“okay..but i can actually make something good for us.. Since you will be here through out the weekend… Binta will also help out since she’s around….we can eat home made food and go out tomorrow to Your favorite eatery…an..

“what home made food are you talking about Joda..? Your cooking is terrible and you know how much i hate your are not a good cook..I told you that before…and I have also told you what i want tonight and also tomorrow we will still eat out…why are you trying to be stingy…you have the money…and don’t ever argue with me over my demands….i don’t like it…that’s not right for a wife to be…

“alright..I’m sorry again…I will do as you ask..

“good..and before I forget tell the gateman to open the gate at my first horn I hate to horn twice…see you later…bye

The line went dead, and I just stood there looking at my phone in my hands, all I can think off is Denis constant demand and being so difficult to me, he was sweet and loving in the beginning, he was my father’s P. A. Before he passed on,
everything was willed to me, being his only child, I gradually fell in love with Denis after dad’s deat. He was always there for me, comforting and supporting. He also told me how much he has always loved me for a very long time, and with time I fell for him because he was my companion. We dated for some time and Denis was so nice and he became the air that I breath and after which we started planning for our wedding. Denis changed gradually after our introduction and I got him his dream car on his birthda. He demand I put my house in his nam. He said I should put the house that dad willed to me in his name because he cannot live in the same house with m, knowing that I own the place that he won’t be comfortable living in it. And being that I love him so muc, I called my lawyer and the paper was processed. I handed it to him and he was happy and our big wedding is coming up next month. He will be moving in next week, which I have looked forward to. But as much as I love hi, he says and does things that hurts me. I’m ready to do anything for him but he throws my every mistake to my face. Nothing I do seems to make him happy this days, it worries me and I pray and hope he changes if we get married. It will be difficult living with him if he continues this way.

I dressed up and drove out to get all we will need, my girlfriend stays with me and I also have house help, who cleans up the big house.

I drove out with Binta my friend we stopped at the fruit and vegetables shop. I have being shopping there for years and I have never met the owner of the place. But the workers there were so nice that always make me to tip them gladly. As I was picking things with Binta and one of the worker, the owner appeared from inside, he introduced himself to us. He was a young handsome man, he greeted me warmly and told the staffs to attend to me very well. After getting all I wanted I waved them good bye.

“Joda, that guy is so cute but he only fixed his eyes on you, he likes you do you notice that…

“Shut up Binta, I’m almost a married woman, he saw my ring probably that’s what he was looking at and I have being a good customer. Probably his staff told him about me that was why he was so cordial with us.

Denis warned me never to take off my engagement ring, and it has helped in putting guys far away. Within a month, I will be married, so stop playing with my head and let don’t let Denis hear that from you or I have to explain myself. If you like the gu, why not say and stop robbing it to my face ….I only love my Denis and no one can take his place in my heart…

“Yes, I know but I don’t really like that Denis, he can be so controlling I don’t even know what you saw in him before falling in love with him. Anyway, my own is to be Chief bridesmaid, even if I talk from now till tomorrow you will never listen.. And yes I like that guy but he didn’t really look at me, he only got eyes for you…

“Thank God you know I won’t listen, so zip up your mouth…Denis is all I want, nothing will change that…

We drove down and got all Denis asked for before going back home.

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