JODA : Episode 1 – 10


By Amah’s Heart

Episode 8

“So we have been married for four months now, when will you finally change my name from the company’s general manager to director, and also your father’s other assets? When am I going to be the sole owner because I’m legally your husband and you are under me and also under my roof…I own you now Joda… So you will have to do according to my biddings… I dictate for you now and I’m your Lord…so what your father had before he died was given to you. And now that you are married to me, what you have is equally mine… You can no longer claim anything as yours because you have a husband that is Lord over you… And if you disagree with me it will only mean that you are not a submissive wife but stubborn one. I hate women who are never submissive to their husbands. It means you choose your wealth over your husband, it also means you never love me like you claime. I really need to be the head over you and that includes everything your father left for you. I want you to start now, call your lawyer let him start processing the papers I really need to know my stand darling. I need to know it quick, I can’t be intimidated by your money, is not right at all… I endured earlier because I wasn’t yet married to you but now, that I am, I need things to change as soon as possible. If you truly see me as your crown, your glory, your love and your husband and also the father of our unborn children.

And that reminds me, you also need to be pregnant as quick as you can, so that we can start making babies. This is the fourth month of being married, no sign of pregnancy you really need to visit your doctor again. He needs to prescribe something for you, because I don’t want delay in having children. Do the needful and come to me when you have something positive to say… I hate disobedience.. You are under My roof remember that Joda…

“Why so much in a haste to take over everything my father entrusted to me…I’m not under your roof Denis, this house was built by my father and was handed over to me…

“Why do you have chicken brain… Or is there no sense left in your skull Joda… I’m sorry if you feel insulted but you just insulted me by reminding me that this house is built by your father, which automatically makes you the owner after his death.. You handed this house over to me before we got married, when I constantly ask you to do so. It took you so Long before you finally decided to call your lawyer who processed all the necessary documents making me the real owner of this house…have you forgotten…

“No..I haven’t.. But is still My father who built it. His hard sweat built this place and many others. Despite the house is yours, I’m not dragging it with you but acknowledge him…give him some respect and stop trying to take over everything he owns as yours. We are still very new in this marriage… So why the rush… My money is equally yours Denis, stop trying to be hard on me.. Knowing how much I cherish you, let’s enjoy our marriage first before we start talking about property and money… Everything will eventually fall into place with time…Please don’t start this now is too early..I will see My doctor as you have suggested concerning making babies, but relax my love let’s be happy together, is too early to be having issue over irrelevant things….

After the quarrel with Denis, I wasn’t happy, how could he ask me to hand him all my father laboured for when he was alive? How could he even be saying that when we are just few months into the marriage? Talking about getting pregnant, I planned conceiving immediately after marriage, he also wanted that too, but it hasn’t worked as planned. It hasn’t being easy for me, but he was really making me to feel bad over changing his name to the assets. I know he loves m. But what has gotten into him of recent? Is it possible that Binta was right all along about the reason Denis got married to me? No, it can’t be. Is not possible, I loved him and I knew he also loved me too.

Later, I began to notice that I was sleeping too much, usually I loved taking BlackBerry juice even before I slept. My girls served me the juice every evening before sleeping. But recently, Denis sometimes brought the drink to me in the room. I’m always happy when he did tha, it looked so romantic. He sometimes sent Vanessa to bring the drink. She was always full of smile and friendly as she did that. Vanessa had being moving from her place to mine, she sometimes came to spend the weekend. The house was big and I didn’t have any problem with her staying ove, but with time it became annoying because Denis would rather spent time gisting with her than having time for me. I was always jealous when I saw both of them laughing and talking. Whenever I joined the, I would feel like a stranger in thier midst. They would change topic and start talking about some other boring thing that I hate. I wanted Vanessa to go and stop coming over more often as if she owned the house. Sometimes, I thought I was over reacting or being too jealous because I wanted Denis all to myself. I loved Denis and I loved it when he talked with me like he did with Vanessa.

I started noticing that I over slept anytime Denis or Vanessa served juice. I would sleep from 7pm to 8am the following day. It was unusual, I called My doctor and told him about it. He said I should come over that I’m probably pregnant. On getting ther, it wasn’t pregnancy, I wasn’t pregnant but he said he noticed some hard drugs in my system. I told him I didn’t take hard drugs except what he prescribed. He asked me to watch my intakes, no damage was done yet but more of the sleeping substances would cause a huge damage to my body system. I thanked him and Left.
I drove to Binta’s place on my way home. Someone was putting hard substance in my food or drink which caused me to sleep like that. Something was definitely wrong somewher. I knew it couldn’t be my Denis, it would probably be Vanessa. Why would she do that? I didn’t trust that girl not even her friendship. She was very cunning, might be she wanted to take my Denis away. What of if she was innocent?
What if….my head was full with “what if” I needed to talk to someone and Binta was the only friend I could trus. Although we haven’t been so closed like we used to after my wedding, but she remained my bestie. I didn’t agree with everything she’s said, but she had been a good friend to me and I couldn’t just discard her because she didn’t like my husband. Denis didn’t like her too, so they were even with each other.
A lot of things were running through my mind as I drove down to Binta’s house. After doing a little shopping for her, I knew she would never say no to her favorite stuffs, which I bought for her.
I wanted to pay her a surprise visit and to apologise for bring a bad friend, but she wasn’t around. I was told she went out with James who came to pick her up that evening.
I dropped all the things I got for her with her people at home before driving out to look for her at the only place that came to my mind,
Kuria’s place.

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