JODA : Episode 1 – 10


By Amah’s Heart

Episode 3

Denis has finally returned back to normal him that I used to know, not the over demanding bully he wanted to turn himself to. He is so loving and less demanding now. We have a normal healthy conversation not the unnecessary argument.

Binta is still not lively like she used to be, when we are together. I spent much time with Denis, don’t really have time for anything or anyone. And even if Denis and I are sitting out or hanging out, and I ask Binta to sit with us or go with us, she sometimes decline if Denis is there. She is never comfortable around him.
Today Denis decided to ask me about her behaviour which is also pissing me off.

“What is wrong with your friend, Binta?… Do you notice that she never likes me, only pretending because of you…

“Don’t mind her… I really don’t know what is wrong with her. I know she doesn’t really like you…she even told me that herself, she also said you can be over demanding and annoying too. But I don’t care what she says, you matters more to me than anybody…

“Oh really…she said all that, she is very stupid for saying that. I’m happy you never listens to her. Maybe you should change her from being your Chief bride maid to any of your friends, or even Vanessa. Vanessa is even more beautiful than she is. You can’t have somebody that hates your husband around you. Binta is just jealous of you, she wishes she has your kind of money or man, and she will never be you. You are beautiful, smart, rich and intelligent. You also have me to compliment all your uniqueness…and I love you…

“I love you more, but I have already picked Vanessa as one of the bridal trai. Binta has being my friend for long, and I can trust her because she has always being trustworthy. I don’t know what got into her, I don’t know why she doesn’t relate well but I don’t think is Jealousy, or probably you are right. She maybe jealous or something but Vanessa is not as close as Binta is… Since you want Vanessa…fine by me, I will just dismiss Binta..

That night as I slept, I had a dream, I saw myself walking down the aisle in my flowing wedding gow. I was all smile as I walked to where Denis stood, and the priest asked “is there anyone seated here that will not want this couple to be husband and wife, speak now or forever hold your peace”.
As he said that, everywhere became silent, so silent that you can even hear if a pin drop. I scanned through the crowd, they were unknown faces. I didn’t see Nobody that I know seated among them, and they were looking so sad, why are all this strange faces sad on my wedding day, where did they even come from? As I was still wondering about the strange sad faces, a man stood up from a distance, an elderly man, he was moving towards me but he wasn’t walking. As he got closer and I saw his full face. I screamed in terror, “Dad” and woke up.

It was my father that stood up to stand against my wedding with Denis. My Dad has being dead for three years, he can’t oppose my wedding with Denis who was his P. A. Even the day he died in his office it was Denis that discovered his cold body lying in his office and raised alarm. My dad had a lung cancer which after his visit to his medical doctor abroad, he was fine, he got better, and was back to work in his usual active mood. Eating and doing what he loved to do as before, he still took some vitamins and supplements just as he was prescribed to take, and was also warned to stay away from certain drugs, food and some other things. He followed every rule given to him not until that day, he never showed any sign of sickness in the morning or afternoon only to be discovered dead in the evening, during the close of work, right in his office. Autopsy showed that he was overdosed. How can dad overdose himself, I thought he was taking his drugs according to prescription. Why did he have to take a killer drug to die, living only me, how would I have coped if not for Denis. Mother died when I was still a little girl, father refused to remarry, he wanted to give me the best parenting. He said I’m like a million children to him. He also wanted to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day and hand me over to a good man who will cherish me like him. He wished to see me happy and I have looked forward to making him proud until death snatched him away. I cried and couldn’t eat for days. I wanted to die with him,life was so lonely without my loving dad, who toiled day and night just to give me the best.

He can’t possibly say that I shouldn’t marry his Personal assistant, who was among his close staffs. Also among the people he trained and paid off their tuition fees when they were in school. My Dad loved Denis like his son and made him his P. A, after he graduated. Denis sometimes traveled with him. My dad changed Denis car twice, he was very kind to him and also other of his staffs. He will even be glad I’m getting married to him, Denis made me fall in love with him. He was so caring and loving after my dad’s death. I was not dating him when dad was alive, but we started dating after his death. Denis had being so cool, if not of recent he changes to some strange being. But he is back to his normal self and I’m glad, I know it was a bad dream because dad will be happy I’m getting married to his P. A, who was like a son to him when he was alive.

I didn’t tell anyone about the dream not even Denis. Although I wanted to say it to him because I don’t hide anything from him but something kept me from saying it.

Binta and I drove out to get something and I decided to tell her to go because she’s not happy with Deni. And Denis wasn’t comfortable with her aroun. I told her Vanessa will take her place, I said in a way that shows how remorseful I was to let her go and surprisingly she wasn’t angry.

“Hey….Joda…you have just saved me from a big stress…I have being thinking how I will be there…watching you marry that gold digger of a man…I’m sorry but this is not an insult and I know you will still tell him what I said because you are blindly in love. But I don’t care…Joda…but your Denis doesn’t love you but your money…. Don’t think because he was your father’s p. A and your Dad took him as a son and he was also the last person with your dad before he died and he has being so caring since then….Don’t think because of that makes him the man for you. I dislike him and I just couldn’t hide it… Please I ask of this one favour from you because you are my best friend and I wanted to be a sister you never had…Please don’t ever allow Denis to manipulate you in changing any other properties or your father’s hard earned assets into his.. Don’t let him do that even after you are both married because I see you are so sold out to him. Nobody can change your mind in settling with him. You are smart Joda, don’t allow Denis to outsmart you, if not your parents death will all be in vain, most especially your father who built an empire for you. All his sweat will go down the drain if you allow Denis manipulate you. He doesn’t suppose to be in the same house with you, why can’t he wait after the wedding before moving in…Anyway what is my own…I’m proud to say he isn’t the man for you …perio. Tell him I said that if you get back home…If he has liver he should come and ask me and I will be glad to tell him to go to hell. I’m sorry, but I just have to say my mind, please before you finally dump me, let’s go to that vegetables and fruit shop. I want to pick something that will at least be your farewell to me…

I was angry with Binta because of the things she was saying about Denis, were not true. Denis is a nice person and doesn’t love me because of my money and properties. Binta is entitled to her own opinion so I can’t hate her, maybe Denis was right in letting her go. As much as I was angry, I still manage to drive her down to the shop.
The fine young man who owns the place was around… I guess that was why Binta wanted us to come down here.

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