??K-POP MAID ? ? LICIA TIFE ON GOD Season 2(chapter 8) (not edited) ________________ JINA POV What She is Jin-Hyuk daughter This is not possible This can’t be possible ‘daddy meet my doll aunt’ she said as she dragged her dad towards me ‘hello’ he said ‘hi Mr jin’ I replied proudly ‘you know each … Read more

K-POP MAID SEASON 2 (Chapter 1 – 7)

BY LICIA TIFE Season 2 (chapter one) (short episode of season two) ___________________________ AUTHOR POV Four years has passed since the tragic separation between jina and Jin-Hyuk Jina travelled to USA with fatty and no one heard of them since then ‘be fast, four important people are coming to Seoul today we have to make … Read more