Written By Oluwatosin Ayomi Abolarin


???? unknown pov????

I asked you something Amelia… Why are you Busy staring at Dean…. Mina questioned

Ignoring what Mina just asked, Amelia looked at Dean once more, seeing it that he wasn’t looking at her anymore.

I discussed about Arnold’s lesson teacher right? She asked almost stuttering

You told me your parents wanted to get a lesson teacher for him. How is that related to the question that I asked?? Mina questioned

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Dean is Arnold’s lesson teacher… She replied and Mina scoffed giggling

Hold on… Are you ¢razy now? Are you probably aware of what you are saying? Don’t you know who Dean is, how on Earth can he be a lecturer not to talk of your brother’s lesson teacher for goodness sake…. Mina said almost yelling and assumed Amelia to have lost her mind.

Just allow me to explain… The first day that he came to our house I didn’t get to meet him. Yesterday I was watching movies when he came and Arnold introduced him as his lesson teacher:

Do you know something Mina? Yesterday he introduced himself as Dean Stewart. Do you understand me now?? She asked and Mina instantly shook her head

Actually I think my confusion is cleared already because they are both bearing the same name … I’m sure that can’t be a coincidence apart from them looking alike… She explained

But… How is this possible? I meant why will someone as wealthy as he will be a lesson teacher. It just doesn’t sounds right to me… She insisted

Nothing here seems right to me also… I’m sure he recognized me…. Amelia talked

What do you mean? Did he talk to you??

He didn’t… He was also staring at me and I could see how shock was written over his face… She concluded

Ops!!! Everything just doesn’t seem right.. it doesn’t… Mina ranted.

Amelia remained quiet for some times before finally speaking.

I will just clear this confusion by going to him… You wait here… I’m going to ask him… Amelia stated and left without hearing for another word from Mina.

She got to her seat and turned to Mina giving her an eye gesture.

HI…. She said to Dean and got his attention because he raised his head to look at her.

HI…he simply said and tried returning his concentration back to his phone.

I want to ask you something… And I don’t know if you can spare me little moment… She asked and got a nod from him.

Do you remember meeting with me somewhere? Actually yesterday I got to meet my brother’s lesson teacher and he look so much like you… Amelia tried explaining.

I was the one that you saw… And yes I remembered meeting you at Arnold’s house yesterday…. He replied and rested his hand on the desk.

Amelia stared surprisingly at him, So she was right! She tried talking to him furthermore but she got interrupted by the arrival of His seat partner.

She returned back to her seat and tried thinking everything all through.

Obviously she’s not confused but it’s cleared that she’s not satisfied.. Why will he be a lesson teacher?

She got interrupted in her thought when Carol hit her shoulder.

Is there something you want to share with me? You seem tensed after speaking with him.. did he reject your offer? Carol teased and winked at her.

Amelia angrily rolled her eyes and finally decided to go and speak with Mina and just then a teacher entered.



So how was the conversation? He’s not the same person right? Mina questioned

I will surely say everything to you Mina, let’s just go and find him first… Amelia answered and started walking ahead of her.

Hold on… Who are you looking for? Where are you going? Mina asked and ran after her

I’m searching for Alfred.. have you seen him for me? She asked and took her eyes to the crowd

Why are you searching for Alfred… What’s wrong? Mina stuttered

I want to pay his groom’s price… She replied sarcastically but it didn’t come as a joke to Mina

What!! Why are you doing this? You know that I love…. I meant you know that I am crushing on him and I always…..

HI ALFRED…Amelia waved when she spotted him in the crowd and that made Mina to stop talking.
Alfred stopped walking and waited for her. She increased her steps towards him and dragged Mina also with her.

Hey… I just wanted to say sorry for what happened earlier. Please don’t be upset…

What can I say? I told you then. I wasn’t upset since I saw how you were hurrying so it’s okay… Alfred answered and smiled.

She nodded her head and pinched Mina who quickly muttered Hi and almost lost it when Alfred replied her.



What just happened there now? Why are you apologising to Alfred? Mina impatiently asked

Relax Mina… Why are you tensed? I didn’t kss him you know.. Amelia teased

I’m not tensed: I was just surprised seeing you talking with Arnold. That alone is making me anxious to know about everything… She denied and rubbed her head

I bumped into him while I was rushing to the Quarter today, unfortunately I ruined his shoe… I was surprised because he didn’t get upset.

I just feel the need to apologise to him again, That’s why we are here… She explained rushing her words

So it’s not like you have something else to do with him.. She asked smirking And stressed Amelia just nodded her head.
I’m glad now.. now tell me about what you discussed with Dean.. what did he say?

Well he confirmed it, he’s Arnold’s lesson teacher… She stated

Seriously… But how? He has a wealthy father and he’s the heir of his father’s company also. Do you think he’s telling the truth?

After everything I have heard and seen… I don’t doubt him.. I’m just bothered about what could make him one… She stated

I can’t think less of that too… Do you think Tiana is actually his sister? They seemed almost age mate to me.. Mina asked

I can’t remember knowing someone bearing that name with Him… Amelia scoffed

Yeah… Because Brad has ruined your sense of reasoning. Isn’t she the new girl that got transferred here from Germany.. she came yesterday together with Dean… She explained rolling her eyes

Well I didn’t cram her name on my head.. that means I don’t know if they are siblings. She replied nonchalantly and closed the chapter of their conversation.



I seriously don’t know why you insisted on coming home with me.. what actually is your mission? Amelia complained as she entered her room with Mina trailing behind her.

Meeting Dean is my mission. Honestly I find it difficult to believe you when you were explaining to me back there in school. Mina replied and sat down on Amelia’s bed

Maybe luck wouldn’t be on your side, today is the last day of the week. I’m not sure if he’s coming or not. Amelia scoffed

I will see to that by myself. Please stop questioning me and get me a bottle of water. I’m thirsty… She demanded roaming her eyes around in the room.

Go downstairs Mina and sort yourself out in the kitchen. Or maybe tell a maid to attend to you… Amelia said and started undressing.

Mina stood up in anger before marching out of the room. Amelia laughed and continued anyway.



Mina gibbered as she walked down the stairs. She was going around in search for the kitchen probably to get the water by herself, since she couldn’t find any maid…

She satisfied her throat and tried returning back to the room when she saw Dean going towards the stairs . She ran up to Amelia and immediately told her.

I thought I told you that he’s Dean… Did he see you?? Amelia asked not really surprised

No he didn’t… But I saw him… I think my mission is completed now. We will talk better at school tommorow.



Waiting anxiously for Damon’s visit. Dean thought about everything that happened all through the day

How can he find himself in this weird coincidence:: while he was trying to get the proper description of her, because he could remember bumping into her at the restaurant.

It became clear to him that he got a job of lessoning her brother, in addition with her being in his school, in his class. What the hell!!

Tiana walked in and sat down beside him on the couch. Seeing her Dean got inconvenient but it’s impossible for him to leave.

I saw one of those noisy girls discussing something with you at school earlier. What was she telling you? Do you mind sharing it with me? Tiana spat

Hearing that alone made Dean fed up of her presence already.. why is Damon not here yet??

It has nothing to do with you, you shouldn’t bother knowing it….. she recognized me to be her brother’s lesson teacher and came to me for confirmation… He answered rudely and texted Damon.

Actually I was almost upset when I saw her talking to you, I didn’t know she came to discuss something as senseless as that… Tiana replied rolling her eyes

Dean furrowed his brow since he doesn’t like how rudely she talked and just when he decided to text Damon again.

Damon entered and his appearance alone increased Dean’s mood. After little introduction with Tiana who was sounding upset for some reason known to only her.

Damon concluded that she’s rude in his mind. Just then Dean and Damon both made their way upstairs leaving Tiana alone In the sitting room..

The fk…. She muttered hissing


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