Written By Oluwatosin Ayomi Abolarin

Episode 1

Unknown pov

Go and Join Axel in the car, I will be there in few minutes too… Amelia told Arnold and tried heading back in to the house.

Why are you sending me off? We should leave together, we are already late Amelia… he snapped

Yeah I know. You know what? I forgot my diary at the dinning last night, I need to get it before anyone else could.

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Now stop questioning me and go. I will be back shortly. She answered and ran off.

What are you doing with my diary?? She questioned as she saw a maid tried leaving with it.

Sorry ma’am, I didn’t know it was yours, I saw it at the dinning while cleaning the table. So I thought of keeping it safe. I never knew that you left it there.. the maid immediately explained

Give it here….. now listen to me; when next you see things that doesn’t belong to you, you must not touch it.. understood??

Yes ma’am I won’t touch it… the maid replied and Amelia simply walked away. It was her luck that she got there on time.

After satisfying herself about the safety of the diary where she kept it, Amelia left the room and coincidentally bumped into Mrs Lee.

I thought you left for school already, why are you still at home?? Says by an early fiftieth woman standing on the way, With her hands by her side.

Mrs Lee who happens to be the head of all their caretakers and whom they consider their Aunty, cause of how long she’s been living with them asked Amelia as she bumped into her.

Aunt I came to return my diary, but I am leaving now Bye.. she rushed her words and left hurriedly.



The driving to school seems tensed as always, since they always have to drop Arnold and Axel first before finally dropping Amelia.

Luck ran out of their way as they bumped into traffic on their way to drop Amelia, Amelia feels frustrated having to adapt to the fact that she would have to face the wrath of the school Monitor once again.

She had sworn not to ever make herself his scape goat anymore and now knowing that she will be facing another punishment from him disorganized her system.

If not for the diary, well it’s a good thing she went back to get it. Who knows what that maid would have done to it? Probably reading it and found out about all her privacy.

Obviously that won’t be good for her or anyone else…

WE ARE ALREADY IN YOUR SCHOOL MA’AM..the driver said and jolted her out of her thought.

SORRY..… I meant to say Thank you…She immediately corrected her words.

PLEASE come pick me up Early after school, so we can pick my brothers too, I won’t want them waiting for us like yesterday… she said before leaving the car.

Amelia matched towards her class l, avoiding the stare from the students. She unknowingly collided with MINA.

Don’t tell me you’ve been here waiting for me?…. Amelia doubtfully asked

Who else will I be waiting for? I can’t believe it that you still have the gut to arrive late to school. Says by Mina

After everything you faced with the Monitor yesterday Amelia… Mina said and gave her side hug since Amelia hasn’t given her the chance to even say HI.

You should also know that I can’t be coming here late to school out of my own wish, at least not when I know what that monster is capable of doing to me.

We had to drop my brothers and while returning here. Traffic made everything worse, Everything is not my doing…. She explained hoping for Mina to believe her.

Well.. maybe I am not the right person that needs this explanation, just save it for the monitor because he asked of you earlier. I’m sure he’s already waiting for you .. Mina simply said and Amelia rubbed her forehead.

I knew it…. That little d’vil… I can only hope for the punishment not to be severe… only God knows what he wants from me…. She said worriedly

Definitely you are also aware of what he wants from you.. maybe you are just too hard to give him and now you are bearing the consequences.. mina teased her

Not today again Mina, at least you shouldn’t start now… I will go and see him just tell me where he is… Amelia requested trying to avoid the gaze she’s getting from the students. Probably because she was carrying her school bag with her.

I saw him at the boy’s quarter, you can go check him there while I help with your bag . Mina replied

Yeah thanks.… Amelia said and gave her the bag then they parted ways.

It’s improper going to the boy’s quarter but what will she do? Her so called school monitor is in there.

Roaming her eyes around in the building In search of Brad. She saw him in an improper way with a girl at the end of the building kssing.

Gosh!! She hate this sight she’s looking at right now.… She sluggishly walked up to him, making some loud sounds with the way she was walking and that made Brad to notice her presence.

He reluctantly stopped whatever he was doing with the girl and when he stood apart from the girl, Amelia finally saw the girl’s face and her mouth dropped.

Isn’t that the new girl that got transferred here last week?? And she’s here with Brad today … thought she was among the girls who he punished last week.

Well maybe she shouldn’t be surprised. If you want to escape the monitor’s buIIying you must give in to whatever he requested, it’s obvious that was what the lady did …..

Go away from here Binta, I will send for you later… he said and after adjusting her dress the lady left with Amelia’s eyes going out with her..

SHE WASN’T EVEN EMBARRASSED THAT I SAW HER THIS WAY… Amelia thought in her mind before returning her eyes back to him.

Brad kept quiet with his eyes just coldly staring at Amelia, after meeting up with his gaze once Amelia stopped trying to look at his direction. How much she hates seeing this face!!

She’s genuinely getting uncomfortable with how he’s been staring at her, he cleared his throat and made some fast moves towards her.

I warned you to stop seeking for my attention didn’t I? He asked coldly with his alcohol breathe filling Amelia’s nostril. If only she could step away from him.

I didn’t seek for your attention monitor, I only came late to school… Amelia said sternly.

I’m impressed with how you just replied me, seems you’ve grown wings now. That’s the reason for your stubbornness. He coldly said but Amelia kept mute any way. It’s obvious that she won’t be spared.

I won’t step out of here before giving you the punishment that you deserve… look properly at this quarter. Henceforth I want you to be the one arranging every single thing in here every morning. And you should only stop doing so when I spare you… he commanded coldly making Amelia to wonder if she heard the right word.

There are workers that are responsible for taking care of this things, why should I be doing it for them?

I’m a student and it’s not my job… this place is meant for only boys, I don’t have any right to be entering here.. she angrily said and Brad started walking towards the Exit.

I’m totally daring you not to be here arranging things tommorow morning girl .. he coldly said and finally left.

Thinking about everything that just happened Amelia angrily threw her butt on the chair…

FK THE DAY THAT SHE MET HIM.. must he always be so hard on her?? She looked around the quarter and yelled.. I CAN’T DO THIS!!!


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