LETHAL BRIDE : Episode 1 – 10




She stamped her feet hard when she discovered he had disappeared, she moved quickly, her eyes were swift to scan the place; she aggressively ran her hands through her hair.
She has never disappointed Easton and she was not starting now. She felt someone touched her, she turned to see a beaming face of a lady.
“Good evening Miss Crystal”.
“Evening”, she tried to force a smile, d–n she
didn’t want any sort of delay whatsoever and this was beginning to annoy her.
“This is my first time in this club and I loved every word that came out of you, you sang
like an angel, and the way. you danced was angelic I must confess”.
Crystal was in no mood for flattery but tried not to disappoint the lady who seemed really excited to meet her in person”,
“Ermmmmm, I’m glad you loved my song, I hope you come here often. I’m really in a hurry now, trying to catch up with someone”.
The lady nodded and watched Crystal walk away.
She searched everywhere, she was already getting pissed when she saw the rear of a
man wearing a white jacket and walking towards the exit, she smiled and hastened her pace, she wasn’t going to lose him.
She got outside to see him leaning on a pillar, smoking a cigarette, one hand in his pocket, the other held the stick of cigarette between his lips, he exhaled so much smoke through his nostrils and little came out through mouth, he seemed distant. She walked slowly towards him like a lioness that just saw dinner. She got to his side and took the cigarette from him and placed it between her lips, pouted her lips and blew out smoke. He smiled.
“The famous Crystal, beautiful and elegant. This night is going to be great with you by my side.”
“Oh yea, I’m not going to make it just great, I would make it unforgettable”, she flirted with him for a while before whispering in his ears “Come, this night won’t be complete without you getting laid”, she pulled him by the collar, he drew in one last smoke and exhaled, threw the cigarette to the ground and stepped on it, the followed her, hoping for the best night in his life.
As she led him to where he hoped he would get bliss, the images of her mom came to her, she could hear her dad begging for his wife, she could feel the terror that engulfed the house, she heard men laugh without sympathy.


That night before the attack, her dad wasn’t himself, he behaved odd like he knew
something bad was coming.
While they were settled eating dinner, an unusual silence hovered around the house and it disturbed her, but she ignored it and kept eating, her dad barely touched his food.
After dinner there was a terrible bang at the door that seemed to shake the house.
Her mother looked at her dad in terror, “I thought they said they were coming next week”, he looked at his wife with so much guilt, there was so much apologies in them, he pulled her close and k!ssed her forehead, “Honey take crystal and hide, I will face them on my own and can’t risk your lives, I caused
this, let me handle it myself.”
Her mother took her arm and took her into the room and told her to roll under the bed and stay there, “but dad said we should hide together” she was already visibly shaking with fear, her mom k!ssed her cheek, “its our duty to protect you, just remain here, after everything is done, we will come and get you, promise me you would stay here please”, “I promise mom”.
Her mom stood up, she watched her mom’s legs as she left the room and closed the door.
After all went silent she waited for a long time before she realized her parents were never going to come and tell her everything was fine and it is okay to come out.
She crawled out from under the bed and went in search for her parents.
What she saw made her scream, suddenly she was orphaned by brutal men she never saw, she shook with terror, she touched the faces of her parents to see if there was any life remaining in them. She remembered crying
so intensely that day, she didn’t believe she had lost the only people she had in life, she ran outside and called for help, she got the attention of few people as they all got in and
gasped in horror simultaneously, an ambulance was called and they were taken to the hospital she went along with them and her parents were confirmed dead.
The next day, the bodies of her parents were missing. The doctors and nurses were thrown into confusion. She was devastated; she went
back home to grief and waited for a call that would tell her the bodies were found.
As she got closer to the house she saw two men circling the house, they looked suspicious and fierce.
That was the last time she went back home, she never got the call and never went back home. She was scared they would come for her too. That was a long time ago.


She led Hector to an alley. He looked confused, Is this where you want to do it?”, she smiled and pushed him against the wall, placed her lips on his and k!ssed him, he circled his arms around and pulled her closer, his breath already labored. She withdrew from his embrace; he wondered why she withdrew so quickly, when
he saw her looking into her purse he smiled thinking she was going to pull out a c0ndom. But her hand came out with a gun, he was shocked “What is that for?”
She had a devilish smile on her face “You really stressed me today, made me kill another person. Anyway it’s worth it.
I have you now”, she pulled the trigger, he fell to the ground, as blood gushed out from his chest.
She turned to go but she heard him say “b—h”, she turned round to see him trying to crawl, she took out her gun and this time aimed for his head. “You are the bigger b—h b@stard”,
she walked away feeling fulfilled, now she can face Easton boldly and regain her reputation for not missing a target.

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