LIFE, ABOVE ALL : Episode 11 – 20

Episode 17

“The company you keep has an impact and influence on your choices.”



The next morning, I awoke to someone shaking me. I opened my eyes and looked around, for a second I was confused, I looked around me and I couldn’t remember where I was.
‘Earth to Tiya!’ Ivy clicked her fingers in my face.
I yawned loudly as the events of the night plagued my mind. We were arrested last night, so I wasn’t dreaming, it was real.
‘Stand up and let’s go,’ she said
When I stood up, I felt a carving pain around my neck the muscles in my upper body were aching & throbbing from spending the night on the cold floor.

Only three of the girls had managed to sleep on the small mattress in the cell, the rest of us had to sleep on the cold floor.
‘Hurry up I don’t have the whole day,’ the officer yelled at us.
We walked out and he locked doors then he led us down the corridor to the reception.

Ivy’s father was waiting for us, he looked at me then at Ivy, from the look on his face, I could tell he wasn’t pleased at all.

‘Thank you so much officer,’ he said.
‘You are welcome!’
They handed us back our shoes, jewelry and phones then we were free to go home.
We walked closely behind Ivy’s father till we got to the car park. He got in the front seat and we got in the back then he drove off.
On the drive back home her father was quiet and none of us bothered to make a conversation.
We arrived home a few minutes after ten we stepped out of his car and walked into the house.
Ivy and I were about to proceed to her room when her father stopped us.
‘Sit down, both of you,’ he said
Ivy and I sat on the couch next to each other.
Her father looked at us for what seemed like an eternity, he wasn’t saying anything he was just staring at me intently I could feel his gaze on my face. The way he looked at me kind of made me uncomfortable. I wanted to run out of that house but my legs felt too weak to move so I stayed in one place.
Finally he cleared his throat and looked at his daughter, ‘I am very disappointed in you,’ he hissed
‘I know,’ Ivy responded ‘but…,’
‘No buts,’ he cut her off, ‘You have the freedom to do whatever you want to do but getting arrested is out of the question.’
‘I am sorry daddy,’ she said
‘And you?’ He looked at me, ‘I thought you were a responsible child. What got into you?’
I chose not to respond.
‘Make this the last time I have to cut my vacation short to come and bail you out of the police cells,’ he said
‘It won’t happen again daddy.’
‘I hope so.’
‘Can we go and rest now?’ she asked
We instantly stood up and walked to her room. I was quiet tired and my head was pounding.
‘I am sorry for last night,’ I told Ivy when we got to her room.
‘It’s fine.’
‘Thanks. Your dad is cool,’ I said
‘I know right, many girls would die to have a father like mine, I know he is a little disappointed but he would never allow me to spend two nights in a cell.’
‘I see.’
She laughed, ‘He is totally cool.’
We str!pped off our clothes and went into the bathroom. After we bathed, we decided to sleep.
I slept almost the entire day, when I woke up it was almost 17 hours, I rolled out of bed and stretched while yawning loudly. I guess it was time to go home.
I walked out of the room and went to look for Ivy because she wasn’t on the bed anymore.
I was heading towards the living room to search for her when i noticed her father’s room slightly opened.
I don’t know what got into my head but I tiptoed across the passage and when I got near, I peeked carefully from behind the door and gasped in disbelief.
There was Ivy and her father exchanging a passionate open mouthed k!ss.

I rubbed my eyes with my hand, took a deep breath and looked up just to be sure my mind was playing games with me.

And lo and behold, this was really happening. I quickly walked away before anyone could see me.

In the kitchen I pulled open the fridge and grabbed a container of water. I took a gulp of water and placed the container back.
I was confused with what I had seen I started pacing back and forth in the kitchen.
‘Tiya,’ the maid called me startling me from my thoughts.
‘Are you okay?’ she asked
She shook her head, ‘You want me to give you some advice?’ she asked
I remained quiet.
‘You are a beautiful young girl, you have a whole life ahead of you, go back home and concentrate on school, Ivy isn’t someone you should be blindly following. Not all that glitters is gold,’ she said
I gave her a quizzical look.
‘What do you mean?’
‘A word is enough for the wise,’ she said before she walked out of the room.
‘You are awake?’ Ivy walked to me smilingly.
‘I woke up some hours ago I didn’t want to disturb you, you looked peacefully,’ she said
‘Are you okay?’ she asked
‘You look like you have seen a ghost.’
I looked at her contemplating weather I should ask her about what I saw or not.
‘I am okay,’ I responded
‘You are sure?’
‘I want to go home,’ I said
‘I thought you will leave tomorrow.’
‘Nah, I need to go, I miss my siblings,’ I said. That wasn’t a lie, I missed Thoko and Ganizani. I missed spending time with them.
‘You could go tomorrow,’ she said
‘No!’ I snapped
‘Fine,’ she raised her hands up in surrender. ‘I will ask dad to take you.’
I walked back to her room and packed my stuff in my school back. When I walked out, her father was standing at the door waiting for me.
‘I guess I will see you tomorrow at school,’ I said
‘Okay,’ Ivy responded, she wasn’t happy but at this point I needed some time away from her.
‘Shall we?’
‘Sure,’ I responded before we walked out of the door slamming it behind my back.


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