For good 3months have been away from home.
I came back and met my household healthy and doing fine as if my absence didn’t affect them.

I walk straight to my room and saw how the kids turned everything upside down.
I discovered also that my personal perfume and other things were used.

The food stuffs in the kitchen were not in the kitchen cabinet. Wow they were all busy enjoying while am risking my life on the highway, sea, and air.

At midnight when they were all asleep, I sat down on my bed and had a deep thought about life and those around us. I mean our loved ones whom we risk our lives for to put smiles on their face.

Indeed like “Na per head”. I wonder why people take their life.

My partner and the kids didn’t even starve a day to protest my absence for 3months.
Haba, they didn’t even wait for a year before using my personal items.

The kitchen was empty, and they were all looking healthy without me.

I can remember how I refused to shop, eat good food, join my colleagues to go for outing just because I want to return home with cool cash to assist my partner in making life comfortable for the kids.

Little did I know I was only punishing myself for people who were doing fine and will always be fine without my presence.

I thought of death, and had a clear picture of how things will look like without me.

It was at this point I told myself that, life is all about you, and you alone. Those we call loved ones will definitely be fine when we are no more.

Have had stories of women who didn’t make it from the labour room, but their babies did, and today they are great men and women.

Life indeed is personal.

We kill for money to satisfy or impress those who don’t really care if we live or not.

We betray, loot, get involved in illicit business to impress or satisfy those who won’t keep our memory forever.

Take a deep breath friends, what if I didn’t return back home?

Don’t you think life would still have continued for / with my family?

Now I Know why the preacher keeps saying all is vanity.
Do your little, don’t go extra mile contrary to the will of your Creator to impress or satisfy those whose destiny won’t stop the day you kick the bucket.

Rather be yourself, do your little, and appreciate your effort even when the world don’t commend your effort.

Your life, integrity, dignity, isn’t worth sacrificing for anybody under the Earth.
Be conscious of your dealings, and put your conscience and Creator first when taking decisions.