Subtitled : Marriage war

By Author Joy

Episode 13

Danny arrived from work on a Friday without visiting his friends as usual. His wife has dressed very attractive waiting patiently for him. He was happy when he saw her, his butterfly thought overtook him because Anabel was not at work that day.

“Honey you came very early today ” she said in a serious tone but deep down her she was so happy.
“Yes dear I had to create time for my beautiful wife ” he said fondling with her hair.
“alright, as you can see I’m preparing launch ”
“wow can I help you at the kitchen? ”
“sure” he smiled and followed her to the kitchen.
They chatted while she prepare the food, he was so happy seeing his wife smiling unusually.

Soon lunch was ready, they ate together staring at each other often like new lovers. They went to the swimming pool and had fun together, they played games and even hide and seek.

That’s what Danny has ever wanted and hoped for. When they were done playing they watched movie together until it was dawn, both of them were tired already.

Edith took her bath and dressed on her night dress same as her husband. He laid on the bed not having anything in mind and doesn’t want to cause any drama. He watched as she gently placed her head on his chest. She played with the hair on his chest but did not speak because she was shy.

“Can I ask for something? ” he asked
She smiled and placed her hand on his lips “I’m ready” as if she knew what he wanted to ask her.

He was so happy to the extent he never knew when they engaged in a kiss, that night the truth was unveiled as Danny felt guilty. Edith was a v!rgin, he deflowered her that night.

He was surprised when he discovered she was just only shy and scared of s.ex.

(Danny’s Pov)

I woke up very early in the morning to make tea for my wife, when I was through making the tea I discovered she had woken up already so I took a glass to her, she was so happy and smiling. I looked at her….. She’s so amazing, she’s not what I really thought she was…… She’s the perfect thing that has ever happened to me…… Probably a blessing to me…… I’ll love and cherish her…… I promised to pay Anabel off and send her out of my office and life because I have a perfect gift.

We broke into a conversation then I asked her to tell me whatever she want that I would do it for her, her request was shocking to me…. She asked me to change Annabel’s position in the company that she’s not comfortable seeing her as my personal assistant….

“I’ll even sack the slut” I said out of guilt
“you don’t need to ” she said, I wished she knew what was going on she would have even sued her
“I sacked Gift ” I said almost in a whisper
“what? ” she asked amazed
“Obim, it was a mistake. It was never my intention ” I said pathetically
“don’t worry I’ll help you to call her then write and appealing letter to her with sum of money ”

I smiled she’s really smart I hope things work out well and I’ll drive away that harlot


Belinda visited the saloonist before going she washed her clothes and her husband’s clothes promising that she would take her clothes to orphanage home then change her wardrobe with fancy clothes.

The hair dresser fixed her hair in a bobbed style that looks perfect on her.
She visited a boutique immediately and bought fancy clothes. She wants her man by all means.

She cleaned the house and her usual friend the television, she washed unused kitchen utensils that looked dusty, the room smells fresh rose flower.

She took her bath and wore a jeans shorts with a crop top, she looks more than cute and promised to give her husband hot looks if he dares talk to her romantically.

(Raymond’s Pov)

When I got home I saw the changes….. My mum was right…. She was the one who brought the idea of divorce threats……


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