LOVE HAPPENS: Episode 11-20

Love Happens

Episode 11

“Is there something going on between you and Kathryn?”.
“Why would you say that?”. He said frowning.

“Don’t deny it, i saw the way–“.
“Dude”. André said interrupting me.

“What”. I snapped at him.
“Need to borrow Axel, sweetheart”. He said tugging Axel’s arm.

Axel came to me. “Need to go and that thing about Kathryn, just trust me okay”. He said kssing me before leaving.

I was still worried as i thought of what happened now.
Axel staring at Kathryn.

Jessy words replayed in my mind.

“At least i don’t keep secrets from my friends”.

“And whats that supposed to mean?”.
“The thing going on between you and Axel”.
And also when she called me
“I want to tell you something, bes”.

“Axel is cheating on you with-“.

Axel can’t possibly do that and besides Kathryn’s been my friends for ages. I’ll just trust Axel.

I was so deep in thoughts until i bumped into someone falling back on my butt.

“You have me to thank, you know”. André said as we walk into our hangout.

“I could have handled it myself”.

Ryan came in. “Axel, you set for this night?”.

“He sure is”. André teased me.
“Where’s Miguel, we need to make sure no one gate crash”.

“He’s b@nging a girl in the janitor’s closet, i’ll go get him”. Ryan said walking out again.

“Adrian won’t come and Xander never shows up at parties”. André said lighting his cigarette.

“Better trash that thing or go do it outside”.
I went out of the class as i thought of the party this night.

G0sh!! I can’t wait
I’ll make sure i have Ashley this night.
I groaned. The thought of it makes me wanna go off.

I need something to calm down.
I saw Kathryn at her locker. I quickly dragged her to an empty class kissing her roughly.

She responded and we had s*x right here in the classroom.
“See you after school”. She said blushing as she left the class adjusting her skirt.

I just had s*x with Kathryn cheaply.
I’ve also had s*x with Sophie Burns, Adrian so called girlfriend.

I’ve had s*x with many girls countless times, both commoners and rich kids.

And i’ll make sure i have Ashley.
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