LOVE HAPPENS: Episode 31-40

Love Happens

Episode 31

Just one hour left to go home
I had my cute yellow cheerleader dress on with a white canvas.

That was what others wore as well .. Including my best friend Samantha Greene.
We were practising new steps but i got tired.

“We have to end it here for today .. See you guys on thursday”. I announced and they cheered happily heading to the change room.

“Where are you off to?”. Sam asked as my groupies gathered around me.

“To watch Adrian play”.

We did some light makeup and i applied a fairy pimk lipgloss on my lips ..
Sam took my makeup and applied too

Being done, i snapped my fingers and my grupies were behind me.

“I love being the queen of this school”. I told Sam as we went towards the field where i saw Adrian.

His brown hair looked messy ..
But hd looked so cute.

“He’s so charming”. I giggled to Sam.

And all the girls agreed with me.

“Speaking of charming, Xander isn’t in school”. One of the girls said.

I looked around. “That’s true. Only J.R is over there”.

“J.R looks cute”. Silvia said staring.

I rolled my eyes. “Oh please”.

We sat at the backseat bench beside and watched him.
Adrian was playing really good but he looked tired.

Samantha groaned. “She’s back”.

“Who’s back?”. I ask.

Sam pointed to one of the benches and i saw her.
Audrey Harper.

“I thought Audrey left”. I said surprised.

Audrey was a typical tomboy.
A fighter.
A tigress.
A bada$$ girl.
The most dreaded.
She’s like the school’s bad girl.

She was the first girl to hang around Adrian, Xander and J.R before Lily came.

Thats why i hate her.
She’s too close to the boys.

Soon, the game ended and we walked over to meet Adrian.

“Hey babe. Nice game”. I told him pecking him.

He kssed me back on the lips.

“Yuck, can i please unsee this?”.

I rolled my eyes at that voice.

I pulled away from Sophie and saw Audrey standing with Lily.

“Big head”.

I smiled hugging her and she reciprocated before she pushed me.

“Remember. I don’t do hugs”. She said and high fives Lily as they laugh.

J.R ran over. “You going now?”.

I nodded. “Yep”.

“Where are you going? You said we are going to celebrate my return”. Audrey frowns.

“Ashley needs me”.

“Ohh”. She said. “I’ll stop by later with Lily”.

Lily groaned. “Do i have to?”.

“I’ll come too”.

I turned to see one of Ashley’s friends.
Will Audrey be a bad or good character?

What about Kathryn?

What will Ashley do if she sees her?

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