LOVE HAPPENS SEASON 2: Episode 31-The End

•Love Happens•
Written by Authoress Kamara
Season 2
Episode 31
The driver finally arrived at the venue and we got down. I was surprised at the crowd here, most of them were his fangirls. It was as if the whole city came to watch him.

“Fuck. Ashley look at the crowd”. Jessy gawped. “They must have heard about Jayden Roy revealing his identity”.

“But he said he would do that at the after-party”. She added.

“Come on, Jessy lets go”.

She dragged me back. “Wait a minute”.

I groaned. “What?”.

“Lets get one of those”.

I looked over at where she pointed and noticed that customized items were sold there, they all had Jayden Roy’s picture on them.

Girls were wearing shirts with Jayden Roy’s face on it, there were large posters of his face everywhere. I noticed hairbands, watches and other items with his face on it. This guy is really something else.

“Hey guys”.

I turned to see Audrey. “Audrey? You came for the concert”.

“I told you everyone loves Jayden Roy”. Jessy said.

“We are kinda friends”. Audrey replied.

Jessy squealed. “So awesome, cant wait to meet him”.

“You guys should follow me”.

I arched an eyebrow. “Why?”.

“Both of you have VIP tickets so you don’t need to wait in a line like them”. Audrey explained as we walked through the crowd. This place is damn too rowdy.

We jostled through the large crowd before getting to the main hall where the concert was taking place but Audrey bypassed it and headed to the back instead.

There was a huge bodyguard.

“Sup Marco. They are friends”. Audrey said.

The guard left the entrance and allowed us to pass through. We went through the backdoor and finally got to the VIP area. There were decorated chairs and table at the VIP area, i had not expected this.

I saw Lily at a table, she was dressed really cool. I was about to go meet her when a guy walked over and kssed her.

I faced Audrey. “Did you know Lily had a boyfriend?”.

“She said they met at a skate park yesterday”. Audrey replied staring at them too.

“There’s my twin sister”.

I looked back to see Adrian, he was wearing some kind of microphone attached around his head.

“You look fab”. He hugged me.

I pulled away. “Thats the first thing you say after seeing for the first time other than this morning?”.

He shrugged. “What? I’m not your boyfriend”.

I shook my head negatively and hugged him again. “I missed you too”.

“Where’s J.R?”. Jessy asked all of a sudden.

Adrian pulled away. “Well he’s around and he’s kind of not around”.

I furrowed my eyebrows. “Huh?”.

“Sorry. Gotta go”. Adrian said and left with Audrey holding hands.

Well thats a shocker. He and she.

I faced Jessy. “Just relax, maybe he’s with Xander”.

“I’m really worried. Ashley”.

“J.R is fine, he will call you later”.

She nodded. “You are right, we should probably go sit”.

We went over and sat down with Lily.


They unlocked from the kiss.

Lily smiled. “Ashley, you came, how nice. Hey Jessamyn”.

I waved at the guy next to her.

“I’m Luke”. He said.

“Nice to meet you”. I replied.

He smiled standing up, he pecked Lily on her cheeks before leaving.

“So Jessy, excited to see Jayden Roy?”.

“I’m so happy right now”. Jessy replied.

“Okay then. I better go”. She said and left hurriedly.

“Do you think they went to__”.

I cut Jessy off. “Hey stop thinking bad things”.

In about 30 minutes, the show started and the lights became dim.

We had a clear view of the stage from where we sat. I noticed Girls shouting as soon as Jayden Roy stepped on stage.

I quickly covered my ears with my hands because of the screams and shrieks. His fans were really something else.

? Jayden Roy
?Jayden Roy

People were shouting his name in one accord. They were girls calling out to him but they couldn’t see him. The fog on the stage was covering him.

Suddenly the lights were not longer dim and the spotlight shone on Jayden Roy. Everyone yelled immediately and it seemed like the hall was vibrating because of the noise.

He was putting on dark jeans, with blue shirt. His sleeves were rolled to his fore arms showing off his muscles. His shoe was decorated flashily along with the jewelries he wore bringing out sparks.

He had blond hair which was curled and swept to the back, sharp green eyes and clearly soft pink lips. His decorated mask covered his face but his eyes and lips were shown through the mask. All these seemed visible from where I sat watching him.

Jessy was kinda right about him. He was extremely handsome and looked so young.

Jayden Roy went to the standing mic and the screams increased.

Girls were wearing his T-shirts and flashing lights all this while shouting his name at the top of their voice.

He removed the microphone. “How y’all doing? People”. He talked into the microphone.

Screams followed.

His voice was really familiar but I shrugged it off ignoring it.

He smiled and girls went bonkers in the crowd. He really has a charming look.

“This new song is for my girl”. He said and immediately the crowd went bonkers.

“I thought he didn’t have a girlfriend?”. I asked Jessy.

“Maybe he just kept it secret from the media”. Jessy said not looking away from the stage.

The stage lights went dim and the spotlight beamed intensely on where Jayden Roy stood.

A soft beat came up immediately and a guitar sound was heard followed by a soft sound from the keyboard.

The beat played for a while before he started singing. And G0sh!! His voice was really something else.

The crowd went silent as he sang the song, the lyrics was about being rejected by love and how he fell in love unexpectedly. Why do I feel like he was telling a true story?

The song was really emotional as I noticed some girls sniffing.

I watched as he sang the song perfectly and the rhythm was just flawless.

? She don’t realize
? How those eyes hypnotize
? And those lips never tell me lies
? Hey girl, you got me twisted
? I’m hung up to dry
? And you resisted

He continued singing and I watched him intently. He really is a great artiste judging from what i’ve seen.

“He’s awesome”. I whispered to Jessy.

“I feel his songs”. Jessy said dreamily.

When Jayden Roy finished, the whole crowd applauded loudly.

Then a fast beat came sounded on stage, it was like a dance song or hip hop. The speed and rhythm of the song was really fast.

“He’s back in action”. Jessy said dancing in her seat.

Jayden Roy moved around freely on stage along with other dancers as he jumped around to the song.

He had sang about two more songs before a girl came on stage dancing, i noticed it was Teen Pop star Andrea Young.

“Its a collaboration song. They both sang it together”. Jessy explained.

Andrea Young was really a diva as I watched her moved her body swiftly to the beat while singing.

“She’s the only girl to ever sing a duet with him and to also climb on stage with him”. Jessy explained.

Jayden Roy and Andrea Young. I wonder whats going on between them.

They both sang together and it was just amazing. Everyone was singing along, the crowd went cr@zy and was dancing freely.

He concluded the song finally and the most unexpected happened. Andrea kssed him.

The whole hall went on fire as people screamed the more. The building felt as it was vibrating because of the standing ovation.

Jayden Roy pulled away immediately, it was obvious he didn’t want the kss. He waved at the audience and dropped the mic on the stand angrily.

He stormed out followed by his coordinators before Andrea left the stage.

His music began playing in the background.

“His songs are really great”. I told Jessy.

“Told you”.

“But that doesn’t mean I’m crushing on him or anything like that”.

“That was awesome, Ashley”. Jessy squealed. “I wish it could__”.

She was interrupted by her phone ringing.

“J.R”. She mouthed.

I stood up. “Talk to him while I go use the restroom”.

I left deciding to give her privacy. I looked back and saw her all smiles talking on the phone.

I faced my front and bumped into someone.

“I’m so sorry”.

I looked up. “Xander?”.

He held my arm and quickly took me to a private room. We got in and he closed the door behind us.

I quickly hit him in the chest.

He moved backwards. “What the hell was that was?”.

I crossed my arms. “Not a single call from you since this morning”.

He smiled. “How sweet. She missed me”.

“I thought you left or something”.

He laughed. “I’ll never leave you”.

“Where were you?”.

He sighed. “My Mum”.

I furrowed my eyebrows. “Huh?”.

He sat on the couch. “My Mum and I don’t have a great relationship together, i’m not close to her at all and …”. He trailed off.

“Was that what you were talking to Adrian about?”. I asked curious.

He nodded not saying a word.

I walked over to the couch and sat beside him, i held his palm intertwining our fingers.

“Is it that bad?”. I asked softly.

“I lost my Dad at a young age, My Mum couldn’t take the pain so she would always date other guys so as to wash away the pains”. He explained. “But those relationships never lasted, My Mum would always be left out, dumped or cheated on”.

I squeezed his palm softly. “Sorry”.

He continued. “I had lost count of how many stepfathers I had because of My Mum always getting remarried. My last stepfather was the worse, he hated me for no reason, he would beat me up and maltreats me”.

I caressed his cheeks. “Did your Mum know about it?”.

He shook his head negatively. “I never told her all I could say was that she married a bad person besides she never believed me for once”.

“Is she still married to him?”.

“They got divorced after he had beaten her up like a week ago. She finally realized what I’ve been talking about so she filed for a divorce case”.

“Is everything okay between both of you now?”. I was really concerned.

He faced me. “Yeah everything is working out. I missed you so I came to see you”.

I giggled. “I missed you more”.

He drew closer to kss me when the door opened immediately.

Oh My G0sh!! Jayden Roy stepped in. He was still wearing his mask and few buttons of his shirt were open and I could sight a tattoo.

But still Xander was more handsome.

“I’m so sorry. Did I intrude?”. He asked.

Xander frowned. “What now?”.

He clenched his fists. “Andrea keep getting on my nerves”.

“I’ll just excuse you both”. I said.

Xander held me back. “Will you be at the after party?”.

I nodded in response and he kssed me softly before letting me go.

I walked of the private room and I heard Jayden Roy lock the door behind me. I guess whatever they want to talk about is so private and secret.

I went to the VIP area and met Jessy.

“Hey. Did you talk to him?”.

“Do you think J.R might be keeping something from me?”. She asked all of a sudden.

I shrugged. “I don’t know. Why would you say that?”.

“When he called, I heard Andrea Young voice in the background calling him baby and all of a sudden, he cut the call”.
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