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“Mr. Brown you said you were on a business trip in Texas Right?” A lawyer asked

“That’s correct,” he replied

“And that you have never beaten your wife?” The lawyer added

“Are you ¢razy? She’s my wife,” He said angrily

“Mr. Brown answers the question,” the jury said

“Yes I have never h!t my wife, not even by mistake,” he replied

“Can you explain to us who is in this video?” The lawyer asked

“Objection your honor, this is misleading,” his lawyer said

“Sustain,” the jury replied

“That’s not me,” Mr. Brown replied

Someone opened the door and entered

“Am sorry to interrupt your honor but this case has been closed here and it will be opened in the supreme court,” Mrs. Brown said

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“That’s not possible and it can’t happen,” the female lawyer said

“Mrs. Brown am afraid that can’t happen, you don’t give order in my courtroom,” the jury said

“With all due respect your honor this is a direct order from the supreme court,” she said and handed a file over to the jury

After going through it

“This case is dismissed here,” the jury said

Mr. Brown was very happy and surprised at the same time, like they said she was in a coma then how come she’s standing here


“Not now,” Mrs. Brown said walking out with him

“What happened?” He asked

“I told you but you didn’t listen, are you done with the work now?” His wife asked

“Listen, I promise to fix this,” he said

“Not to me, tell them that,” His wife replied

“Them who?” He asked


They are now in the car

“The kids, I don’t think they will take it lightly,” she replied

He noticed that she wasn’t driving through the way that lead to their house

“Where are you going?” He asked

“To keep you in a better place,” she replied

“What? I thought we are going home,” he asked

“The case is not closed, if I take you home they will think maybe you threatened me cos you’re a suspect, you have to stay here till I solve this, and I need to see my kids I haven’t seen them,” she replied

“How can this be happening? Did you think I did this?” He asked

“No,” she replied simply

“Then what? Why then are you taking me to jail? Am your husband and you have to know that I can never do that, have never h!t you before scarlet and……”

His wife stopped the car by the road side and face him

“What’s your problem?” She asked

“My problem? Are you seriously asking me that? You are taking me to jail instead of taking me home and you’re asking me that question. I was arrested at the airport, and the last place I wanted to be was in jail. Okay fine you get me out from court and instead of you to take me home you’re taking me to jail, I need to see my kids, I need to go home,” he said all in one word

“How did you want me to explain this, you have two charges against you. I have no power here. I can only do what I can and leave the rest for the people it’s meant for, you are facing rappe and htting a woman, okay let’s keep rappe case aside, am a crime fighter I stand with the law and fight against people that goes against it. The case you’re facing is big, my team will never allow this case to be close without bringing the culprit down, you have to stay here until I can prove that you’re innocent,” she replied holding her head

“You don’t believe me?” He asked

“I do, the doctor said I shouldn’t shout so can we go now,” she asked

“That didn’t sound convincing?” He said

She smiled lightly then leaned over and kssed him gentle

“I will get you out from there, okay? you don’t have to worry and I believe you,” she replied

“And the kids,” he said

“I haven’t even seen them, I just came from the hospital down here cos I get information that your trial is today so I came as fast as I could before you will go to jail for a crime you did commit, and also Am going to see Alexander,” she said

“Are you kidding? What for?” He asked

“Oh, don’t be dramatic, it’s payback time,” she replied

“I don’t like this idea, allow the cops to do their job,” he said

“Don’t worry, I got this, you worry too much… Just allow me,” she replied and drove off




“What you’re telling me to do is impossible,” Adam said pacing around

“We had an agreement remember,” the invisible man said

“What if she refused?” Adam asked

“Convince her,” he replied

“You think it’s easy?” Adam asked

“You only have 14 days left, I can’t stay with you forever,” the person said


“No, but, you told me to heal her mother and I did now it’s time for you to fulfill your….”

“Wait a minute, wait a minute,” Adam cut in

He stopped and looked at Adam

“We are even now, remember when I told you to take me to my brother and it took you for like forever, and now because of that he didn’t even recognize me,” Adam said

“It’s like you don’t understand, what that girl has is a great power that was meant for you, she’s keeping it for you because her soul was chosen. If you didn’t take it back soon, a time will come when she can’t control it anymore and am afraid of what will happen but don’t say I didn’t warn you,” he said

“What will happen?” Adam asked

“I can’t tell you that,” he replied

“Why you said that you’re my guardian then why can’t you talk,” Adam asked

“Am only a messenger, I don’t make rules… I follow and obey them. I went against the rules to heal her mother as you requested and the punishment is still waiting for me, am trying to help you. Just know that someone else will die soon, and if the person dies just know that you’re a mvrderer, and also know that your mother will soon wake up from her sleep and if you’re not free by then, I can’t imagine what will happen to this city,” he added walking away

He stopped and looked back

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” he added.




Alexander was in his office when Mrs brown entered without knocking, he stopped what he doing immediately

“Scarlet,” he called shocked and surprised to see her in his office


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